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Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents 2024

Buying presents at Christmas doesn't have to be a painful task. Here at Health and Care we have a growing range of products that can educate, entertain, comfort and make your life easier – all perfect for a Christmas gift. Grandparents can be difficult to buy for, so we have selected the top products that we believe make the Best Christmas Gift for Grandparents.

Top 7 Yoga Accessories 2024

If you're a beginner thinking that using a block or a strap is a sign of weakness, or an indicator of your lack of flexibility to perform the full pose without any help, you're missing out. Yoga accessories are tools, used by new and experienced yogis not only to perform a pose but also to develop and deepen the dimensions of their asana practice, and even help with certain transitions in vinyasa yoga. Without further ado, here are our Top 5 Yoga Accessories that will help you take your yoga practice to the next level.

Best Ankle Supports for Football 2024

When choosing an ankle support for football, there are some key points to consider. Our team of product specialists has collaborated with ankle support experts to bring you our comprehensive Best Ankle Supports for Football guide. We've highlighted our top picks that protect your ankles and still provide you with freedom of movement, touch and control.

Health & Care - Sports Supports, Healthcare, and Mobility Specialists

Health and Care aims to provide top quality products for the mobility, sports, and healthcare market at affordable prices. Our quality range of over 20,000 products is designed for both indoor and outdoor use to assist your improved mobility, health and quality of life. As a leading independent distributor of sports supports, healthcare and mobility products with a combined 15 years experience within the market, we pride ourselves on our growing reputation for supplying quality products at an affordable price, alongside excellent customer service. Our customer care team are just a phone call away if you ever need any help with our products or services.

Supports & Braces

Health and Care stock a huge range of supports and braces to help people move with confidence. The world-renown DonJoy Knee Braces are incredibly popular, including high-grade supports such as the DonJoy Armor, Donjoy 4Titude, Donjoy Armor with Fourcepoint and Donjoy Playmaker, which all provide knee stability and support in the most testing physical situations. Other notable knee braces we provide include the Ossur CTi Brace and the Actimove Everyday Support.

We also have Procare slings and Donjoy shoulder immobilisers alongside our extensive range of Donjoy walkers and Aircast walker boots. The Thermoskin range also provides compression and heat, and the Thermoskin hip supports, wrist supports and knee supports, w ankle supports are an excellent choice where soothing warmth and supportive compression are required. We also retail Thermoskin arthritic supports such as the arthritic knee supports and knee wraps, and Thermoskin arthritic gloves.

Aids for Daily Living

Our Aids for Daily Living range includes various useful products that improve the quality of life for vulnerable people everyday. We've got amplified telephones to help the hard of hearing communicate with their loved ones, talking watches for the blind and visually impaired, as well as bath lifts, grab bars, wheelchairs and wheelchair ramps for those with limited mobility. Our extensive incontinence care section features commodes, bedding and underwear to help people live life on their terms.

Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs and evacuation transit chairs play a vital role in the evacuation of disabled or injured people from a building in an emergency situation. Evacuation chairs can transport a passenger down stairs safely and quickly. Evacuation chairs are often required where lifts are not in use during an emergency, and where staircases must be used to transport a disabled person to safety. Evacuation chairs can help meet the requirements of risk assessments and disability discrimination assessments.

Foot Care

We have many foot care products that will ensure that your feet are well supported and looked after. The foot care products we have range from memory foam insoles, orthopaedic footwear, arch support insoles, and many other shoe insoles that promote comfort and posture. We also stock many foot care items that prevent and help with the treatment of corns, bunions, weak arches and broken or fractured toes, as well as foot odour solutions and verucca treatments.

Back & Neck Care

We are constantly adding new products that aim at protect and support both the neck and back. Our supports include neck supports and back supports, including lumbar supports, neck braces, back braces and lumbar braces. Many of these supports allow protection without compromising mobility. The supports assist with vulnerable, strained or damaged muscles and many take preventative action to ensure that you do not suffer further neck or back pain. We feature massage products and cold / heat rubs that help manage back pain and neck injuries.

Aches & Pains

Bodily aches and pains can cause much discomfort. But to help you overcome them, we've stocked up on several back pain, neck pain, and limb pain management products. Our limb pain management range includes products that deal with arm pain, joint pain, leg pain, ankle pain, knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain and more. Our medically approved muscle rubs, oils, heat sprays, cold sprays and liniments all provide fast and effective pain relief. Our selection of pain relief and pain management products also includes more unique methods of pain treatment, such as electro, laser and magnet therapy.

Medicine Management

If you or a loved one struggle to manage medications, we have several accessories that can help with everyday tablet and pill management. This includes pill splitters, thermometers, pill boxes, weekly tablet boxes, and first aid kits.

Smoking Alternative

Our range of smoking alternatives includes an impressive selection of vape pens and e-cigarettes that may help you quit smoking or to give up smoking and kick the habit. These alternatives to smoking include electronic or e-cigarettes. As an authorised reseller of electronic cigarettes and vape products, we have a wide selection to choose from including notable brands such as OK Vape, 10 Motives, Elf Bar, Lost Mary and many more!