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Slips, Trips and Falls Online Health and Safety Training With Certification
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Slips, Trips and Falls Online Health and Safety Training With Certification

  • Comprehensive online course on work injuries
  • Suitable for all employees and employers
  • Comprehensive information on preventative measures
  • Offers 1 hour of continued professional development credit
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Slips, Trips and Falls Online Health and Safety Training with Certification

Slips, trips and falls make up thousands of workplace injuries per year. The Slips, Trips and Falls Online Health and Safety Training with Certification not only educates users on health and safety laws, but provides invaluable information on how accidents can be reduced with various preventative measures to make the workplace a safer environment for everyone.

How Does This Affect Me and My Business?

Up to 10,000 injuries occur in the workplace annually as a result of slips, trips and falls. This online course is designed to help your business meet health and safety legislation, while keeping your staff safe with indispensable advice on how to reduce the risk of such an accident.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone can be in an accident at work, so the Slips, Trips and Falls Course is designed to be undertaken by all employees. The course provides invaluable information for staff of all levels to help keep them safe moving forward.

Key Features and Benefits

  • CPD accredited course
  • Suitable for all employees
  • Offers 1 hour of CPD credit
  • Low-cost training solution
  • Introduces preventative measures
  • No ongoing costs after purchase
  • Takes approximately 1 hour to complete
  • Printable certificate available upon completion
  • Accessible at home or at work for convenience
  • Includes various educational scenarios and questions

What Is the Aim of the Slips, Trips and Falls Course?

Upon completion of the Slips, Trip and Falls Online Course, users will have furthered their understanding of how common workplace injuries are and how easily they can occur. The course will present information on how slips, trips and falls can be reduced through various preventative measures to create a safer workplace for everyone.

What Is the Content of the Course?

The course consists of:

  • Why slips, trips and falls are an issue for everyone
  • Details on the law regarding workplace accidents
  • How slips, trips and falls can occur
  • Preventing accidents through various measures
  • Safety precautions
  • How to make the workplace safer for everyone

How Many People Can Use the Course?

With your purchase, you will receive a singular licence once the course has been completed. This course is assigned under the single user, which can be used repeatedly within one month.

However, if it is under a company account, then the account has 12 months, with one user per licence per course. Once the activation code has been activated, there is no reason why you can't repeatedly activate the course under that singular account.

How Long Does the Course Last?

This Health and Care Online Health and Safety Training Course lasts for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, but can depend on the individual user.

Is this Course Continual Professional Development Accredited?

Health and Care's certified and approved online training solutions help you to comply with your mandatory health and safety training requirements. Most of our online health and safety courses are continual professional development (CPD) accredited, which means that on successful completion, 1 hour of CPD credit will be provided in addition to a certificate of achievement.

What Is CPD?

CPD is the aim of professionals to develop their skills and enhance their abilities through various workshops and online courses. Rather than being passive learners, those committed to being CPD-compliant develop as proactive individuals.

How Is the Course Assessed?

There is a simple test at the end of each course tutorial. However, some courses such as DSE or Manual Handling have a separate Risk Assessment Module. In order to complete the risk assessment module, simply click on the separate ‘Risk Assessment’ button within the course.

If you have completed a tutorial and test paper, you will be given the option to print your certificate out if you have passed your course test paper. Simply print the certificate and keep for your records.

What Does the Course Look Like?

Please see below some screenshots from the demo version of the Slips, Trips and Falls Online Course:

Slips, Trips and Falls Course Introduction

Online Course Objectives

Slips, Trips and Falls Course Modules

Where Can I Access the Course?

You can access the course at home or at work on any PC or Mac with an internet connection as the training portal is accessible at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides you with the flexibility to complete the 45 minute to 1 hour course at your own convenience. 

What if I Don't Pass the Test?

Don't worry! If you don't meet the 80% pass mark on the first try, you can retake the test as many times as you need at no extra cost.

How Do I Activate the Online Course?

When purchasing the course, we will email you with an activation code and full instructions on accessing our e-Learning portal. Simply follow the instructions provided, enter the code and begin the course. Please note that the activation codes are sent through to you by our e-Learning Team and, therefore, codes are only available during normal working hours.

If you require any further information about activation, or regarding the purchase of multiple activation codes, please call our Customer Care Team on 020 7720 2266. Please note that as this is a software agreement, we cannot process refunds on activation codes provided. Therefore, this product is excluded from the Health and Care returns policy.

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