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Align-Pilates Sitting Box
  • Maple veneered marine ply box with EVA padding
  • Makes seated and prone exercises more comfortable
  • Covered with abrasion resistant vinyl upholstery
  • Suitable for use with most brands of Pilates machines

Sissel Soft Blue Pilates Foam Roller
  • Blue foam roller with soft construction
  • Great for support during Pilates and Yoga exercises
  • Softer design is perfect for those with poor balance
  • Comfortable and stable design for simple use

Pilates-Mad Studio Pro Mat (180cm)
  • 15mm-thick studio exercise mat
  • Ideal for Pilates and therapy sessions
  • Double-sided to prevent sliding on floor
  • TPE construction for hygiene and safety

Sissel Pilates Foam Roller Pro
  • Hardened blue foam roller for Pilates
  • Suitable for all levels of Pilates exercises
  • Expands your exercise options 
  • Provides support for your back

Sissel Non-Toxic Pilates and Yoga Mat
  • High-quality foam exercise mat
  • Ideal for use during both Pilates and yoga
  • Anti-slip surface creates traction for safer training
  • Free of toxins for reduced user irritation

Yoga Mat with Carry Bag
  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and aerobics
  • Durable, non-slip surface holds up to repeated usage
  • Suitable for home or gym use
  • Includes a stylish carry bag

The Copper Heeler and Dyna-Band Foot and Ankle Rehab Kit
  • Rehabilitation kit for ankle and foot pain
  • Includes the Copper Heelers and the Dyna-Band Resistance Band
  • Heelers improve foot comfort while the Dyna-Band lets you exercise
  • Items sold in a bundle pack at a discount, helping to save you money

Happy Feet  Dynamic Base, Effortless Posture Book by Eric Franklin
  • Paperback exercise book by Eric Franklin
  • Ideal for encouraging body awareness, movement and coordination
  • Contains exercises for feet, knees and lowers legs
  • For use with Franklin range of products e.g. Frankin Exercise Roller

Sissel Pilates Circle Resistance Ring
  • Universal Pilates exercise ring
  • Helps develop upper and lower body strength
  • Improves core stability and muscle control
  • Assists with exercises 

Yoga-Mad Chakra Patterned Cotton Yoga Rug
  • Cotton yoga rug with seven chakra design
  • Ideal for Ashtanga or power yoga practices
  • Excellent grip that increases with sweat
  • Made of 100% cotton that's absorbent and breathable

Roller Centre Stand for Sissel Pilates Rollers
  • Display stand for Sissel Pilates Rollers
  • Ideal for making your Pilates area safe and efficient
  • Holds up to five rollers for optimal storage
  • Prevents your rollers from being damaged or lost

Fitness-Mad Align-Pilates Pro Ring 14''
  • Practical Pilates ring that adds intensity to your floor exercises
  • Perfect for targeting problem areas, such as inner and outer thighs
  • Double handle design provides extra comfort
  • Made from quality sprung steel rings for durability

Sissel Head Align Dynamic Pilates Neck Support
  • Rubber tool to align the head during Pilates exercises
  • Designed specifically for use with Pilates foam rollers
  • Prevents hyperextension of spine and increases user safety
  • Encourages optimum body alignment for overall health

The PSOAS, Integrating Your Inner Core Book by Eric Franklin
  • Exercise book to complement the Franklin range
  • Ideal for encouraging body awareness, movement and coordination
  • Helps you balance and condition your lower PSOAS spine muscles
  • For use with Franklin range of products e.g. Mini Roller

Franklin Method Ball and Imagery Exercises Book by Eric Franklin
  • Exercise book by Eric Franklin
  • Illustrated easy to follow guidelines for Franklin Method exercises
  • Encourages body awareness, movement and coordination
  • For use with Franklin range of products e.g. Franklin Roller

Yoga-Mad Deluxe Yoga and Pilates Kit Bag
  • Kit bag for yoga and Pilates equipment
  • Ideal for use at Iyengar yoga classes
  • Extra wide zip for quick and easy access
  • Waterproof lining to protect your items

Sissel Pilates Core Trainer
  • Versatile core trainer for Pilates workouts
  • Ideal for boosting the intensity of your Pilates programme
  • Improves core strength, mobility and coordination
  • Targets problem areas, like tense legs and shoulder

Yoga-Mad Extra Large Mandala Patterned Teacher's Kit Bag
  • Extra large mandala patterned teacher's kit bag 
  • Available in green or purple for yoga and pilates instructors
  • Two large A4 pockets to store documents and essentials
  • Full length durable zip and sturdy carry handles

Yoga-Mad Extra Large Black Teacher's Kit Bag
  • Extra large black cotton teacher's kit bag
  • Ideal for yoga and Pilates instructors
  • Two large A4 pockets to store documents and essentials
  • Full length durable zip and sturdy carry handles

Yoga-Mad Yoga and Pilates Kit Bag
  • Kit bag to carry a wide range of equipment
  • Ideal for yoga and Pilates enthusiasts
  • Long handles to carry over shoulder or like a rucksack
  • 100% cotton with showerproof polyester lining

Pilates-Mad Resistance Ring
  • Designed to add intensity to floor exercises
  • Speeds up toning by targeting specific muscles
  • Ideal for problem areas, such as thighs or upper arms
  • Foam padding provides extra comfort

Sissel Pilates Band
  • Stretchy Pilates band to support your workout
  • Ideal for intensifying your Pilates exercises
  • Resistance increases strength and stability
  • Available in 3 different colours

Sissel Cotton Non-Slip Pilates Socks
  • Pair of black Pilates socks
  • Ideal for boosting Pilates performance and safety
  • Dotted soles improve tactile perception
  • Available in 2 sizes for universal wear

Sissel Pilates White Foam Roller
  • White foam roller for Pilates, yoga and more
  • Ideal for stretching out and rehabilitation
  • Improves balance and core stabilisation
  • Available in 4 different sizes to suit all users

Yoga-Mad Mat Carry and Stretch Strap
  • Carry strap for yoga mat
  • Ideal for yogis on the go
  • Doubles as a stretching strap
  • Available in 3 colour options

Pro11 Foam Trigger Point Yoga Roller
  • Self-massage roller with flexible massaging bumps
  • Releases muscle tension and increases circulation
  • Ideal tool for yoga, pilates and sports training
  • Suitable for treating sports injuries

Sissel Soft Pilates Ball
  • Soft exercise ball for Pilates
  • Complements Pilates and yoga exercises
  • Aids spinal and abdominal exercises
  • Available in two sizes

Yoga-Mad Knee Mat Pad
  • 15mm-thick knee pad for yoga
  • Provides extra cushion for kneeling poses
  • Made from super lightweight NBR foam
  • Can also be used under hands or elbows

Pro11 55cm Yoga Ball
  • Inflatable 55cm exercise balance ball
  • Use for yoga, Pilates or weightlifting
  • Fantastic alternative to an office chair
  • Available in either black or orange

Pro11 Yoga Gloves and Socks
  • Non-slip yoga socks and gloves
  • Made from breathable organic cotton
  • Improve balance, traction and safety
  • Protect feet from foot fungus

Yoga-Mad Organic Cotton Eye Pillow
  • Delicate lavender-scented eye pillow
  • Ideal for unwinding and meditating
  • Washable organic cotton cover
  • Choice of 6 exciting colours 

Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band
  • Workout resistance band available in four different strengths
  • Enhances exercise regimes with toning and body sculpting
  • Suitable for rehabilitation, muscle repair, yoga, and Pilates
  • Cost effective, easy to use, and requires minimal space

Physioworx EVA Foam Exercise Roller
  • High-density EVA foam roller in a choice of sizes
  • Great for yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation
  • Helps with stretching and balance training
  • Ideal for home fitness routines or in classes

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