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Commode Cushions

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Commode/Bath Hoist Cushion
  • Provides even weight distribution;
  • Fits most commodes;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Helps prevent risk of developing ulcers.

Commode Cushion Cover
  • Cover for use with the U-shaped Commode Cushion
  • Ideal for improving comfort of commode
  • Autoclavable for improved hygiene
  • Can be purchased as a spare or replacement

Commode Cushion
  • U-shaped cushion for use with commodes
  • Ideal for improving comfort of commode
  • Provides pressure relief and distribution
  • Washable at 40°C for optimal hygiene

Commode Ring Cushion
  • Ring-shaped cushion for use with commodes
  • Enhances comfort while seated
  • Waterproof cotton can  be wiped clean
  • Flame-retardant filling for improved safety

Soft Toilet Seat
  • Convenient and comfortable;
  • Increases height of the toilet seat;
  • Easy to attach and adjust, wipe clean;
  • Provides comfort, minimises pressure.

Circular Pressure Reducing Commode and Toilet Cushion
  • Circular commode cushion for pressure relief and comfort
  • Hollow fibre filled core for reduced pressure and discomfort
  • Ring shaped cushion is suitable for use on toilets and commodes
  • Fits most commodes/toilet seats thanks to universal design

Hollow Fibre Padded U-Shaped Commode Cushion
  • Hollow fibre filled U-shape cushion for use with most commodes
  • Essential commode accessory for elderly and disabled users
  • Hoop and loop ties hold the cushion in place for safe and secure use
  • Vapour permeable wipe clean cover allows for wipe clean sanitation

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items