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Spinalite Brace
  • Suitable for a range of back and spinal conditions;
  • Maximum immobilisation;
  • Washable, removable liner;
  • Available in 6 sizes.

Hyperextension Brace
  • Spine immobilisation for kyphosis and more
  • Lightweight aluminium construction for comfortable use
  • Suitable for sitting or standing
  • Swivelling sternal pads reduce pressure

ErgoKneeler Kneeling Support Stool
  • Profiled kneeling pad and stool for working at a low level
  • Encourages a natural and good posture
  • Relieves pressure on the muscles and joints
  • Promotes frequent movement to reduce stress

Affinity Saddle Stool AFSAD for Posture
  • Perfect for massage therapy practice
  • Corrects posture and back problems
  • Available in three different colours (Navy, Black or Biscuit)
  • Wide, comfortable seat

Thuasne LombaxDorso Posture-Correcting Corset
  • Has sub-axillary cushioning for improved comfort
  • Back support section adapts to spinal curve
  • Effective adjustment to your morphology
  • Posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset

Beurer PC100 Posture Control Trainer
  • Posture trainer to prevent poor posture 
  • For anyone who sits or stands for long periods
  • For use with the '8Sense' app 
  • Recommended by physiotherapists and physicians

Chairback Brace
  • Suitable for post trauma and spinal fusion;
  • Lightweight spinal orthosis;
  • Anatomically shaped;
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Ottobock Dorso Carezza Posture Back Support
  • For kyphosis, muscular imbalances, and thoracic spine pain
  • Suitable for supporting abnormal posture in the spine
  • Easy-to-use design with adjustable straps
  • Breathable material for maximum comfort

Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt
  • T-shirt that promotes proper posture as you wear it
  • Helps to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Ideal for use during work and exercise
  • Works to correct posture through muscle memory

Harley Power Plus Back Support Belt
  • Ideal for heavy tasks;
  • Additional side pulls for extra support;
  • Provides compression to the lower back;
  • Removable back protection pad.

Posture Brace and Orthopaedic Neck Pillow Posture Alignment Pack
  • Brace and pillow to correct both active and sleeping posture
  • Posture Medic Brace helps to correct posture with just 30 minutes a day
  • Mediflow Orthopaedic Pillow provides neck support and corrects posture
  • Ideal for those who suffer with back, shoulder and neck pain

Lumbar Sacral Support
  • Suitable for lower back conditions;
  • Spinal support;
  • Eight stays;
  • Available in 14 size options.

Gymnic Movin' Sit Air Cushion
  • Dynamic cushion helps you support your spine
  • Activates trunk muscles to give the spine greater support
  • Wedge shape encourages better posture
  • Can also be used upright as a back support

Harley Correcting Shoulder Support
  • Helps correct round shoulders
  • Relieves upper back pain
  • Sits discreetly under clothing
  • Provides gentle, flexible support

Harley Universal Back Support Belt
  • Stabilises the hips and pelvis;
  • Provides uniform compression without restricting mobility.;
  • Detachable side pulls for added support;
  • Great value. 

TPN 200 Plus TENS and Harley Sacroiliac Belt for Lumbar Support Saver Pack
  • Lumbar support saver pack for pain relief and improved posture
  • TENS 200 Plus tackles the pain directly after work or before bed
  • Harley Belt can be used outside of the house to stabilise and reduce pressure
  • Use together to provide lumbar support and lumbar pain relief

Elasticated Spinal Support
  • Suitable for Sciatica and lower back pain;
  • Mouldable shaped back;
  • Sliding buckle strap;
  • Available in 6 waist sizes.

Saunders Posture S'Port
  • Elastic straps pull shoulders, spine, and lower back into a neutral position
  • Helps to decrease back and shoulder pain with correct posturing
  • Adjustable elastic waistband secures around the waist
  • Comfortable and adjustable for optimal support

Harley Gentle Forme Back Support Belt
  • Slim and effective compressive support;
  • Discreet design;
  • Removeable back protection pad;
  • Comfortable & easy to use.

Harley Sacroiliac Back Support Belt
  • Belt to provide gentle and flexible support to the sacroiliac joints
  • Ideal for stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine to relieve pain
  • Offers stabilisation of the sacrum alongside added pelvic support
  • Helps to re-establish the natural movement of the sacroiliac joint

Elasticated Lumbar Sacral Support
  • Suitable for lower back pain;
  • Lighthweight, ventilated mesh elastic;
  • Two touch and close fastening;
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Posture Medic Extra Strength Posture Brace
  • Extra-strength posture Medic posture brace helps to improve posture
  • Can be worn while sitting at a desk, in the car, or relaxing
  • Versatile brace suitable as part of an exercise program for posture
  • Available in a choice of sizes for the best possible posture support

Posture Medic Standard Strength Posture Brace
  • Posture Medic posture brace helps to improve posture
  • Can be worn while sitting at a desk, in the car, or relaxing
  • Versatile brace suitable as part of an exercise program for posture
  • Available in a choice of sizes for the best possible posture support

Pro11 Magnetic Back and Posture Corrector
  • Posture-correcting back brace
  • Reduces muscle pain and fatigue
  • Contains magnets to relieve pain
  • Comfortable and unrestrictive

Neo G Light Clavicle/Posture Support
  • Effective, convenient support for improving poor posture
  • Helps combat rounded and/or slumped shoulders
  • Adjustable straps for adaptable sizing and fit
  • Unisex, supplied in a choice of three sizes

Sacro Lumbar Support
  • Suitable for lower back conditions;
  • Ventilated mesh;
  • One piece touch and close;
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Pro11 Premium Elastic Posture Corrector
  • Lightweight and discreet elasticated brace
  • Pulls the shoulders back and realigns the spine
  • Corrects posture to prevent fatigue and injury
  • Fully adjustable for a more comfortable fit

LP Clavic Brace
  • Promotes healthy posture and reduces shoulder slump
  • Applies subtle pressure as a reminder to maintain good posture
  • Allows normal movement without cutting or binding the skin
  • Immobilises area, ideal for treatment of clavicle fractures

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