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30Seven Heated Ski Mittens
  • Keep your hands warm during outdoor activities
  • Specially designed protection and grip for skiing
  • Waterproof membrane with windblocking materials
  • Feature Novaheat technology for all-day warmth

Winter Cycling Comfort Kit
  • Winter cycling kit designed to keep you safe and warm
  • Weatherproof features protect you from the worst of the weather
  • Includes the Ejendals 517 Winter Cycling Gloves
  • Also features an LED light, thermal undershorts and winter insoles

Gloves In A Bottle - 240ml Bottles (Pack of 5)
  • Helps stop the 'itch scratch cycle' contributing to dry skin
  • Supplied in a pack of five for long-term protection
  • Ideal for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • Revives dry hands in just one month

Techniche HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Hi-Viz Baseball Cap
  • Cooling baseball cap
  • Evaporative technology absorbs and releases water
  • Keeps user cool for 5 - 10 hours
  • High-visibility ideal for construction workers, cyclists and runners

Fitness Mad Core Fitness and Weight Training Gloves
  • Training gloves designed for a range of fitness activities
  • Padded leather palms for excellent comfort and grip
  • Cut-off fingers for full dexterity
  • Easy-pull tabs for quick removal

Fitness-Mad Weight Lifting Support Belt
  • Sturdy neoprene weight lifting belt
  • Conforms to the lower back for comfort in use
  • Velcro closure and metal buckle for a secure fit
  • Available in four different sizes

Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves
  • Ideal for weight lifting and general fitness training
  • Faux-leather palm with soft padding
  • Half-finger design with pull-on/pull-off tabs
  • Breathable two-layer stretch spandex back

Fitness-Mad Women's Pink Cross Training Gloves
  • Ideal for weight lifting and general fitness training
  • Faux-leather palm with soft padding
  • Half-finger design with pull-on/pull-off tabs
  • Breathable two-layer stretch spandex back

Gripeeze Fingerless Sports Grip Glove
  • Fingerless sports grip glove for support and rehabilitation
  • Ideal for sports injury recovery or physical/neurological conditions
  • Patented Gripeeze strap improves grip for better performance
  • Supplied as a single glove only

Sissel Black Fingerless Workout Gloves
  • Pair of anti-slip exercise gloves
  • Ideal for Pilates, yoga and weightlifting
  • Dotted palms provide extra grip when working out
  • Fingerless design ensures full dexterity

Sissel Cotton Non-Slip Pilates Socks
  • Pair of black Pilates socks
  • Ideal for boosting Pilates performance and safety
  • Dotted soles improve tactile perception
  • Available in 2 sizes for universal wear

Sissel Non-Slip Yoga Socks
  • Pair of black yoga grip socks
  • Ideal for adding precision and control to yoga
  • Rubber soles create traction and grip on mats
  • Available in two sizes

Fitness-Mad Mesh Fitness Gloves
  • Padded leather palm for a comfortable and effective grip
  • Fingerless design, allowing improved dexterity and tactile feel
  • Improved safety and comfort during weight lifting or fitness training
  • Breathable cotton mesh back for improved comfort

Ejendals Tegera 517 Winter Cycling Gloves
  • Pair of insulated winter cycling gloves
  • Offer superb protection during winter weather
  • Windproof and waterproof shielding for bad conditions
  • Grippy design and hi-vis theme perfect for night cycling

Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Handwraps
  • Professional-quality stretch cotton
  • Integral thumb loops for easy thumb positioning
  • Secure Velcro fastenings for a reliable fit
  • Helps prevent a variety of boxing injuries

LP Neoprene Fitness Gloves
  • Provide protection, grip and control during workouts
  • Suitable for use during weightlifting and rowing
  • Feature a rubberised palm to increase grip strength
  • Protect the hands from bruises, burns and blisters

Ultimate Performance Reflective Running Vest
  • High visibility vest for running 
  • Ideal for people who enjoy evening runs
  • Scotchlite material for great visibility
  • Adjustable fit with Velcro and elastic straps

Pro11 Yoga Gloves and Socks
  • Non-slip yoga socks and gloves
  • Made from breathable organic cotton
  • Improve balance, traction and safety
  • Protect feet from foot fungus

Ultimate Performance Runner's Ear Warmers
  • Performance ear warmer for running
  • Ideal for people with active lifestyles in cold environments
  • Designed to cover just the ears, providing targeted warmth
  • Breathable fabric for improved comfort

Page 1 of 1:    19 Items