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Sissel Balance Board
  • Wobble board for balance exercises
  • Improves coordination, motor functions and concentration
  • Helps build muscle strength
  • Durable lightweight construction

Theraband Rocker Balance Board
  • Unstable, sensory stimulating surface for balance training
  • One plane of instability at a time for better control
  • Great for propioceptive and postural development
  • Angle of deflection at 30° for more effective use

Togu Dynair Ball Cushion Red (36cm)
  • Helps train back muscles – great for physiotherapy
  • Enables body's natural vibrations to continue to train muscles
  • Helps to optimise posture for better back health
  • Larger 36cm diameter, great for wider seats

WobbleSmart Adjustable Wobble Board
  • Easily develop balance and coordination
  • Six levels of difficulty for progressive training
  • Level indicators clearly show progress
  • Adjustable design great for both therapy and fitness training

Wooden Wobble Board
  • Ideal for athletes and advanced rehabilitation
  • Wooden construction for extra durability and weight load capacity
  • Tilt angle of 16 degrees to encourage stronger recovery
  • Weight load capacity of 160kg (25 stone)

66fit Multi Functional Exercise Board
  • Diversify your exercise routine with this revolutionary 'all in one' exercise board
  • Improve balance, strength, coordination & flexibility
  • Made from PVC making it sturdy and long lasting
  • Thick rubber grips keep your feet in place and enable you to maximise your stretches

Activity Disc Wobble Cushion
  • Easy to use design great for helping posture
  • Nodules massage feet and aid grip for comfortable use
  • Soft design provides safer alternative to wobble boards
  • Includes needle pump for fast use out of the box

Ankle Arc Plus
  • Ideal choice for rehabilitation exercise follow-up at home
  • Made from cross-linked polyethylene foam for extreme robustness
  • Unique shaping enables triplanar motion to allow exercises in most positions
  • Available in two versions for people above or below 79kg

Balance Bench
  • Made of high quality beech wood for durability
  • Fitted with rubber buttons to avoid damage
  • Highly versatile, suitable for gyms, schools or sports halls
  • Available in two sizes, 183cm and 335cm

Balance Bubble
  • Ideal for older rehabilitation patients
  • Comfortable, solid vinyl construction
  • Rounded points for tactile stimulation
  • Weight load capacity of 454kg (1000lbs)

Balance Disc Wobble Board
  • Curved base aids balance and coordination
  • Strong and lightweight for durable use
  • Non-slip surface maintains safety
  • Wide 40cm diameter great for most people

BOSU Balance Trainer Elite
  • Unique balance, core and proprioception training tool
  • Much firmer dome to spring-load movements and intensify core exercises
  • Power zone for precise alignment of the body
  • Supplied with owner's manual and pump

BOSU Balance Trainer Pro Bulk Package
  • Commercial-level package containing an extra-durable BOSU
  • Unique balance, core and proprioception training tool
  • Can be integrated with all types of fitness training
  • Supplied with a pump and owners manual

BOSU Balance Trainer Pro Complete Package
  • Commercial-level package containing an extra-durable BOSU
  • Unique balance, core and proprioception training tool
  • Can be integrated with all types of fitness training
  • Supplied with pump, instructor training DVD and instructor manual

BOSU Balance Trainer Pro Home Package
  • Unique balance, core and proprioception training tool
  • Can be integrated with all types of fitness training
  • Designed for home users and includes two workout DVDs
  • Supplied with pump, owner's manual and eating plan

BOSU Balance Trainer Sport
  • Unique balance, core and proprioception training tool
  • Sleek, compact design for easy storage and transportation
  • Can be integrated with all types of fitness training
  • Supplied complete with dual action hand pump and owner's manual

BOSU Powerstax Riser
  • Allows the BOSU Balance Trainer to be elevated
  • Improves the versatility, intensity and usability of your trainer
  • Can be filled with water for unpredictable resistance challenges
  • Fully stackable to allow progressive elevation

Disc ‘O’ Sit Dynamic Air Cushion
  • Versatile air cushion helps develop balance
  • Suitable for both standing and sitting for dynamic use
  • Seating use mimics a ball for more active seating
  • Suitable for oral inflation for easier set up

Fitness-Mad 40cm Adjustable Wobble Board
  • Easy and simple to use;
  • Offers angles between 19 and 23 degrees;
  • Can help improve balance and core strength;
  • Can improve proprioception through balance.

Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2
  • Use as a wobble board or "half" Swiss ball/stability cushion
  • Can be used for almost any bodyweight exercise performed on a step/floor
  • Adds an extra level of intensity to your exercises
  • Resistance tubes can be clipped through eyelets

Fitness-Mad Balance Pad
  • Made from high-quality nonslip closed-cell EVA foam
  • Forces the user to constantly compensate to maintain balance
  • Designed for balance, coordination and reaction training
  • Also suitable for posture stability and motor skill exercises

Fitness-Mad Stability Cushion
  • Verstaile and durable;
  • Adjustable stability level;
  • Can be used standing or kneeling;
  • Improve balance, posture and core strength.

Gymnic Movin’ Step Balance Trainer
  • Unique design - great for therapy and fitness
  • Combined dynamic base and air step for balance or cardio exercises
  • Easy to use design for fast workout switching
  • Exercise booklet included for instant workouts

Mambo Max Balance Board Freeman
  • For balance training
  • Suitable for rehabilitation exercise
  • Strengthens ankles and muscles
  • Handles for upper body exercise

Mambo Max Balance Trainer
  • Designed for balance training
  • Improves your coordination
  • Easily adjustable
  • Available in two different sizes

Plastic Wobble Board (36cm)
  • Ideal for people in delicate condition, children, elderly
  • Weight load capacity of 100kg (16 stone)
  • Easy to use design with a 14 degree angle
  • PVC construction for robustness and comfort
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