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Rehab TENS Machines

Welcome to our range of Rehab TENS Machines. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines administer small electrical impulses through the adhesive electrodes attached to an individual's skin. These impulses interrupt pain signals and encourage the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. They can be used to treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, back pain or even labour pain. Find a broad selection of TENS machine here, sourced from top brands like Beurer.

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Magneto-TENS Electromagnetic Therapy and TENS Unit
  • Machine with combined TENS and EMT therapy
  • Treats various forms of pain
  • Portable design perfect for use on the go
  • Can be used to treat PTSD-related problems

Rehab 400 Muscle Stimulator
  • Combines TENS and NMES electrotherapy for effective treatment
  • Includes 35 programmes for pain relief, rehabilitation, fitness, and massage
  • Two separate channels for treating two body parts simultaneously
  • Compact design for easy transportation and handling

Nocturno Sport Electromagnetic Therapy Device
  • Used in electromagnetic therapy (EMT)
  • Treats various forms of pain and physical stress
  • Perfect for athletes and highly active people
  • Portable and easy to use

Flexistim IF TENS Therapy Unit
  • Powerful and versatile electrotherapy device
  • Choice of preset programmes and manual settings
  • Enhance and accelerate healing and pain relief 
  • Fully portable for greater convenience

StimSonic Combined Ultrasound and TENS
  • High performing & ergonomic;
  • 15 preset programmes;
  • Ultrasound/TENS/Combined
  • Includes electrodes and gel.

Beurer EM59  Heated Digital TENS/EMS Device
  • Heated EMS/ TENS Device
  • Ideal for pain relief or muscle regeneration
  • Easy-to-use massage function
  • Doctor's function for consistent treatment

Smart TENS Machine

 The Smart TENS is a state-of-the art, drug-free pain reliever. This powerful digital TENS machine is smooth, sophisticated and simple to use.

Beurer EM80 TENS, EMS and Massage Device
  • Provides nerve and muscle stimulation, as well as massage
  • Four separately adjustable channels with eight self-adhesive electrodes
  • Offers 30 pre-programmed applications and 20 customisable programmes 
  • Has 'Doctor's Function' for coordination with your personal therapy programme

Sports TENS 2 Muscle Stimulator Machine
  • TENS machine designed to stimulate muscles
  • Ideal for relieving pain and toning muscles
  • Simple and portable in design for use wherever you are
  • Designed to assist with all stages of training and recovery

Ultima Tone
  • Compact and easy to use;
  • TENS and EMS;
  • Intensity Lock;
  • 3 TENS and 5 EMS programmes.

Beurer EM50 TENS Menstrual Relax Machine
  • TENS machine for treating period pains
  • Ideal for period cramps or endometriosis
  • Rechargeable battery for reliable use
  • Ergonomic shape fits to your stomach

TENS itouch Tone
  • Compact and easy to use;
  • One touch memory start;
  • Comfort strength control;
  • EMS and TENS.

Beurer EM26 Shoulder TENS Machine
  • Shoulder cuff with TENS pain relief technology
  • Ideal for those suffering from chronic shoulder pain
  • Four pre-programmed patterns for different purposes
  • Easy application electrodes for convenience

Well-Life WL 2502C EMS/TENS Digital Unit
  • Combined digital muscle stimulator and TENS unit
  • Strengthens muscles and relieves pain
  • Ideal for patient use by therapists and individual use by athletes
  • Includes patient leads and self-adhesive electrodes

Beurer EM49 Digital TENS and EMS Device
  • Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) for muscle training and regeneration
  • Two separately adjustable channels with four self-adhesive electrodes
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief
  • Massages and improves your general wellbeing

Beurer EM39 Abdominal and Back Muscle Belt
  • Provides electronic stimulation of abdominal and back muscles
  • Comes in one size that fits waist sizes from 75cm to 130cm
  • Has five training programmes (from 22 minutes to 31 minutes)
  • No contact gel or replacement electrodes are required

Well-Life WL 2407C Pre-Programmed TENS Machine
  • TENS therapy for providing pain relief with electrical current
  • Ideal for patient use by therapists and individual use by athletes
  • Includes leads and self-adhesive electrodes
  • Features eight pre-programmed options and an integral timer

Electrotherapy i-belt
  • Fast, effective, drug-free pain relief;
  • Improves mobility;
  • Reduces back ache;
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

TensCare TENS One Pain Relief Machine
  • Accurate, intuitive TENS relief system
  • Ideal for treating rheumatism or other painful conditions
  • Capable of treating two different areas at the same time
  • Adjustable pulse rate, width and frequency for targeted treatment

TENS itouch Easy
  • Compact and easy to use;
  • One touch memory start;
  • Comfort strength control;
  • 8 medically proven programmes.

Beurer EM37 Stomach Toning Belt
  • Provides stimulation of front and side abdominal muscles
  • Comes with four wear-free electrodes that require no contact gel
  • Uses EMS for muscle training and regeneration
  • Fits waist sizes from 70cm to 140cm

Beurer EM28 Wrist and Lower Arm TENS Brace
  • TENS brace for combating pain in the wrist
  • Suitable for wrist circumference of 14cm to 36cm
  • Comfortable due to body-fitting ergonomic shape
  • No contact gel or replacement electrodes required

Beurer EM29 Tens Machine for Knee Pain and Elbow Pain
  • Tens machine for knee pain relief and elbow pain relief
  • Comes with two wear-free water contact electrodes
  • Treat tennis elbow, knee arthritis and other joint conditions
  • Supplied with four pre-programmed applications

Two Channel TENS Machine
  • Easy to use with 12 pre-set programs.
  • 2 channel user defined programs for individual needs.
  • 4 re-useable treatment pads included.
  • Uses 4 x AAA batteries (not included).

Pain Gone Easy Gentle TENS Therapy for Effective Pain Relief
  • Easy, fast, effective TENS pain relief
  • For dealing with pain on-the-go
  • Simple operation with no wires or gels
  • Invisible under clothes for discreet use

Beurer EM30 Abdominal Toning Belt
  • Provides training and regeneration of abdominal muscles
  • Extremely flexible, ergonomic design with Velcro fastening
  • Suitable for people with waist sizes from 70cm to 130cm
  • Two wear-free contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material

Perfect TENS Pain Relief System
  • Fast, effective TENS pain relief machine
  • Lets you manage acute or chronic pain
  • Straightforward operation for ease of use
  • Eight pre-set programmes for varied stimulation

Neck Pain Relief Bundle
  • Includes a TENS machine and neck support to relieve pain
  • Machine is compact enough to use while you're out
  • Neck collar offers mild control of the cervical spine
  • TPN 200's level and intensity can be controlled

Arthritis i-Glove
  • One size fits all;
  • Universal for left or right hand;
  • Suitable for arthritis,RSI, Carpel Tunnel and more;
  • Washable.

Knee Arthritis Pain Relief Bundle
  • TPN 200 allows you to control the level and intensity of your treatment
  • Brace warms the knee joint to offer pain relief in the affected area
  • Includes a TENS machine and knee support to relieve pain
  • Support reduces the risk of new or recurring injuries

TPN 200 Premier+ TENS Machine
  • Simple to use analogue operation for pain relief
  • Flip down covers to protect the unit and controls
  • Supplied with everything required for immediate use
  • Integrated belt clip for easy portability

Tensogrip Tubular Support Bandage
  • Provides even support and pressure;
  • 2/3 cotton, 1/3 rayon yarns;
  • Washable and autoclavable;
  • Minor tissue and joint injuries, and wound dressing retention.

Patient Lead for TPN 200 Plus and Premier Plus TENS Machines
  • Patient lead for compatible TENS machines
  • For the TPN 200 Plus and Premier Plus
  • Black and red patient lead wire
  • Ideal as a spare or replacement

Pack of Four Spare Pads for the Arthritis i-Glove
  • Replacement or spare pads for your Arthritis iGlove
  • Pack contains four high quality pads
  • Allows you to connect your glove to a TENS machine
  • Get the most out of your glove for its entire lifespan

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