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Chair & Bed Raisers

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DreamMaster Light Mattress Elevator
  • Converts slatted or divan beds into elevating beds
  • Gives greater independence to elderly or infirm in their home
  • Easy to install and use
  • Elevates from 5° to 85°

Homecraft Comfortable Pillow Lifter
  • Lifts and lowers one person in any size bed
  • Operated with an easy-to-use hand control
  • Available with or without side guards
  • Holds a maximum weight of 254kg (40 stone)

Homecraft Mattress Elevator
  • Ideal for patients confined to bed for long periods of time
  • Provides the user with a high degree of independence
  • Width adjustable, suitable for single, double and queen-sized beds
  • Holds a maximum weight of 254kg (40 stone), suitable for bariatric patients

Ultimate Healthcare Mattress Elevator
  • Versatile design fits single and double beds
  • Provides effective postural support for sitting up unaided
  • Intuitive handset for easy control and adjustment
  • Can be adjusted from 10° to 70° for multiple seating options

Homecraft Linked Bed Raisers
  • Perfect for anyone with limited strength or mobility
  • Suitable for single, double, queen and king-sized beds
  • Width and height adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Hold a maximum load of 318kg (50 stone)

Furniture Raisers Set of 4
  • Clever, double-sided furniture raiser;
  • Stable, load up to 500 kg on 4 raisers;
  • Raise the height of beds and armchairs; 
  • Adapts furniture height at several intervals.

Leg X Raisers
  • Economic way to adapt your furniture legs;
  • Variable height by adding internal blocks;
  • Flexible internal fins grip the chair leg;
  • Allows furniture to be moved easily.

Homecraft Wooden Bed Raisers
  • Designed specifically for beds to provide maximum stability
  • Suitable for bed legs of various sizes, up to 75mm in diameter 
  • Made from bamboo for sturdiness
  • Hold a maximum load of 380kg (60 stone)

Homecraft Wooden Chair Raisers
  • Ideal for people with limited strength or mobility
  • Compatible with different chair leg widths
  • Made from bamboo hardwood for durability
  • Hold a maximum load of 380kg (60 stone)

Elephant Feet 9cm Bed and Chair Raisers (Pack of 4)
  • Supplied in a set of four feet to suit a range of furniture pieces
  • Symmetrical design helps prevent furniture becoming uneven
  • No tools required so you can remove whenever necessary
  • Lifts beds, chairs or tables by 9cm for added comfort

Wooden Bed Raisers
  • Made from hardwood;
  • Black lacquer finish;
  • Screw fitting;
  • Replacement for original castors.

Homecraft Stackable Cone Raisers
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong moulded for durability
  • Featuring a broad base and anti-slip pads for greater stability
  • Come in two heights, compatible with both beds and chairs
  • Hold a maximum load of 222kg (35 stone)

Page 1 of 1:    21 Items