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Underlay Mattresses

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Harvest Pressure Relief Kinetic Air Static Foam Replacement Mattress
  • Suitable for patients at high risk of developing pressure sores
  • Combines air displacement and static foam technologies
  • Foam is breathable preventing overheating and moisture
  • Waterlow score: 20+ / Braden scale score: 9

Harvest 50mm Underlay Mattress
  • Suitable for use under an existing active pressure relief mattress
  • Designed to be placed directly on the bed base
  • Depth of 50mm helps to reduce the patient's bed height
  • Available in two versions (white foam and chip foam)

Alerta Sensaflex Foam Mattress Underlay
  • Underlay mattress for support under pressure relief mattress overlays
  • Ideal for hospital, nursing and care home environments
  • Provides support and comfort in the event of air mattress failure
  • Supplied with a protective machine-washable cover

Ultimate Healthcare Mattress Underlay
  • Provides mattress stabilisation on uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for use on slatted, profiling and divan beds
  • Thin design to comply with bed rail height regulations
  • Includes waterproof cover for protection

Supaflex PRO67 Foam Mattress Underlay
  • Provides a supportive base for a client's existing mattress
  • Underlay is constructed from a single block of foam
  • Designed so it's able to turn two different ways
  • Purple waterproof, PU-coated fabric cover

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