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Bunion Treatment

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Bauerfeind ValguLoc Bunion Splint
  • Stabilising splint for big toe alignment correction - ideal for bunions
  • Great for conservative or postoperative treatment of hallux valgus
  • Continuously adjustable, to ensure a comfortable, personalised fit
  • Designed to be worn at home while resting

OrthoSleeve BR4 Bunion Relief Socks
  • Effective pain relief therapy for symptoms associated with bunions
  • Patent pending split-toe design prevents friction and relieves rubbing 
  • Soft, moisture-wicking fabric for additional comfort
  • Cushioned sock provides effective treatment for issues relating to bunions 

Hallux Valgus Corrector
  • Moulded big toe splint for abduction
  • Provides correct positioning to correct bunions
  • Easy to adjust for best fit and correction
  • Also suitable for pre/post-op stabiilisation

Silicone Gel Bunion Shield
  • Soothing gel protects bunion area
  • Conforms to bunion shape to reduce sheer
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Ideal for pre and post bunion surgery use

Silipos Gel Bunion Pad
  • Anatomically designed to comfortably conform to the shape of the bunion;
  • Mineral oil gel pad cushions, protects and reduces pressure on the affected area;
  • Helps to reduce scarring after surgery;
  • Supplied in packs of 5.

Silipos Bunion Care Gel Sleeve
  • Anatomically designed to comfortably conform to the shape of the bunion;
  • Mineral oil gel pad cushions, protects and reduces pressure on the affected area;
  • Helps to reduce scarring after surgery;
  • Superb comfort and pressure relief.

Darco Toe Alignment Splint
  • Elastic metatarsal band with soft toe straps for post-operative alignment
  • Ideal for conditions including hallux valgus, hammer toe, and tailor's bunion
  • Fits easily into most footwear and helps to reduce slippage
  • Free from latex to reduce the risk of skin irritation

Hallux Valgus Bunion Night Splint
  • Semi-flexible plastic construction
  • Adjustable Velcro fastening straps
  • Available in four sizes for a comfortable fit
  • Provides excellent protection and support

Neo G Bunion and Night Splint
  • Completely immobilises the hallux valgus for uninterrupted healing of bunion protrusions.
  • Universal size - one size fits all;
  • Fully adjustable for fit and comfort;
  • Available for the left or right foot.


GelSmart M2-Gel Toe Bunion Guard
  • Cushions and protects hallux bunions
  • Prevents friction and pressure sores
  • Straightforward and easy to apply
  • Slim design to fit into any shoe

Toe Alignment Splint
  • Helps maintain position of the soft tissues of the toes
  • Made from comfortable soft cotton and elastic
  • Washable and reusable
  • Includes four adjustable lesser toe straps and one larger big toe strap

GelSmart S-Gel Bunion Relief Sleeve with Gel Metatarsal Pad
  • Protects bunion joint to allow healing
  • Cushions and supports the metatarsal pad
  • Reversible for continuous use
  • Comfortable and easy to wear

Bunion Corrector
  • Promotes big toe alignment
  • Foam padding for extra comfort
  • Breathable fabric for excellent ventilation
  • Available in three different sizes

Silipos Gel-Fit Bunion Pad Sleeve
  • Elastic bunion sleeve with gel pad for comfort;
  • Gel pad shields painful and sensitive bunion;
  • Helps to reduce shoe pressure, friction and shear forces on the bunion;
  • Thin, compact and discreet for every day use.

GelSmart M-Gel Bunion Relief Sleeve
  • Soft and flexible pad to cushion the foot
  • Provides pain relief and support for bunions
  • Absorbs shock and shear forces to protect the foot
  • Available in two sizes as individual sleeves

Hallux Valgus Night Splint
  • Promotes big toe alignment to help reduce hallux valgus
  • Foam padding for protection and additional comfort
  • Available in three sizes for the left or right foot
  • Adjustable Velcro fasteners for a secure fit

GelSmart M-Gel Digital Strip
  • Digital strip to reduce friction between the toes
  • Ideal for conditions such as corns and bunions
  • Helps to alleviate toe pain and irritation
  • Available in three different sizes

GelSmart M-Gel ExerFeet Toe Stretcher
  • Suitable for aiding bunions and metatarsalgia
  • Helps to restore circulation and flexibility
  • Provides relaxing therapy for your toes
  • Stretches the toes to a natural position

Silicone Last Toe Shield
  • Soothing gel protects fifth toe joint
  • Reduces pressure and helps calluses heal
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Ideal for fifth toe bunions and more

  • Pamper, stretch & refresh feet;
  • Spa therapy for tired, aching feet;
  • Hot/cold gel soothes cramped feet;
  • Ideal for a number of toe conditions.

JuraGel Silicone Gel Hallux Valgus Protector
  • Ideal for treatment of bunions and bursitis
  • Reduces pain of the first MP joint
  • Pad helps to distribute pressure
  • Supplied as a single pad

Pro11 Big and Little Toe Straighteners for Bunions
  • Lightweight and breathable bunion sleeves
  • Cushion big and little toe bunions to relieve pain
  • Straighten toes to prevent further deformity
  • Can be worn with most closed toe shoes

Pro11 Gel-Lined Bunion Sleeve (Pair)
  • Fabric sleeve with a gel pad
  • Protects and cushions bunion
  • Washable for good hygiene
  • Supplied as a pair of sleeves

Silipos Deluxe Gel Bunion Sleeve with Pressure Relief Hole
  • Comfortable, elastic sleeve with a soft gel pad
  • Soothing mineral oil gel pad
  • Absorbs pressure and friction
  • Aligns, cushions, and protects

Fleece Web
  • 100% cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Protects & cushions
  • Ideal for friction relief, corns, callus & bunions.

Pro11 Bunion Toe Corrector and Spreader (Pair)
  • Two-in-one bunion protector and toe corrector
  • Made from soft gel that moulds for a custom-like fit
  • Reduces friction between shoes and bunions/hammer toes
  • Realigns the big toe to reduce pressure on the joint

Universal Soft Hallux Valgus
  • Easy to apply; 
  • Fully adjustable;
  • Soft padded splint;
  • Keeps big toe in neutral position.

Active Gel Bunion Shield
  • Clean and discreet;
  • Washable and reusable;
  • Immediate relief for bunions;
  • Soft for added comfort during wear.

Pro11 Double-Looped Gel Toe Spreaders
  • Single pair of soft gel toe separators
  • Stretch and realign the big and second toes
  • Relieve pain, tension and discomfort
  • Double-looped for a more secure fit

Pro11 Gel Toe Spreaders (Pack of 2)
  • Two gel toe spreaders
  • Increase space between big and second toes
  • Relieve discomfort caused by bunions
  • Ease pain caused by overlapping toes

Pro11 Silicone Little Toe Straighteners (Pair)
  • Medical-grade silicone toe straighteners
  • Straighten and separate the little toes
  • Provide relief from bunion pain
  • Reduce friction in overlapping toes

GelSmart M-Gel Toe Spreaders with Fabric
  • Reduces the irritation felt between the toes
  • Fabric ring makes application easy and reliable
  • Comfortable to wear in different types of shoes
  • Supplied in pairs in two different sizes

Silipos All Gel Hallux Bunion Cushion
  • Provides relief from bunions;
  • Soft and flexible;
  • Reduces scarring after surgery;
  • Latex free. 

Silipos All Gel Tailors Bunion Cushion
  • Provides relief from bunions;
  • Soft and flexible;
  • Reduces scarring after surgery;
  • Latex free. 

GelSmart M2-Gel Toe Separators
  • Suitable to assist with a number of different conditions
  • Comfortable toe separators to stop toes overlapping
  • Helps to relieve pain caused by corns and bunions
  • Supplied in pairs in three different sizes

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