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One Week Plus Today Deluxe Pill Organiser
  • Easy to use at home and when travelling
  • Dispenses four times a day
  • Medication information card slides
  • Compartments hold up to 30 pills each

PivoTell Large Weekly Pill Organiser
  • Dossette box with an innovative easy-to-open roller shutter
  • Designed with 28 compartments, four for each day of the week
  • Smooth opening action for those who lack dexterity
  • Each section has a volume of 7.5ml (12 - 14 tablets)

Tabtime Tapestry Wallet Pill Organiser
  • Daily and weekly pill organiser for better management
  • Stylish tapestry case for storing seven days' worth of medication
  • Trays clearly labelled for morning, noon, evening, and bedtime medication
  • Easily portable - compartments can be removed 

Homecraft Medi-Dispenser Pill Organiser
  • Organiser for segmenting daily medication
  • Plastic wallet features seven plastic containers
  • Each container features the day name and number
  • Can contain a week's medication with four daily doses

Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser and Reminder
  • Automatic pill dispenser to deliver correct dosage of medication
  • Emits a visual and audio alarm to remind you when it needs taking
  • Can dispense pill up to four times a day for a week at a time
  • Ideal for the elderly, mentally or visually impaired

Tabtime Replacement Tray for Medelert Pill Dispenser
  • Replacement tray for the Medelert Pill Dispenser
  • 28 compartments which can hold up to 18 pills
  • Comes with clip-on lid
  • Ideal for use when cleaning original tray, or to load with spare medication

AM/PM Pill Box
  • Ideal for travel;
  • Convenient pill storage box;
  • Morning/afternoon compartments;
  • For easy medication management.

Bristol Maid Dispensing Tray Trolley, Double Door with 24 LP Trays and Code Lock
  • Keep medication for patients organised and safe
  • Trays supported on adjustable, removable shelves
  • Electronic push button lock with a 4-digit code
  • Push handles fitted to both ends

Daily Pill Reminder Box
  • Choice of blue or white;
  • Easily plan your medication;
  • Lids have lips for easy opening;
  • Morning, noon, evening & bedtime.

Large 7 Day Pill Box Organiser
  • Easy-open lids;
  • Raised letters and braille;
  • Lids snap securely closed;
  • Ideal for multi-pill daily needs.

Medinizer Pill Organiser
  • Seven individual boxes for storing a week's worth of medication
  • Each box has four compartments for separating daily dosages
  • Easy-opening lids ideal for people with arthritis or limited strength
  • Includes a soft nylon bag for convenient storage

One Week Plus Today Pill Organiser
  • Comes in white/blue/teal;
  • Dispenses four times a day;
  • For easy medication management;
  • Ideal for elderly medication programs.


  • Pill Pod and Pill Box Value Pack
    • Lids snap firmly shut;
    • Great value for money;
    • Round pill pod (1 compartment);
    • Kidney shape pill box (3 compartments).

    Pill Splitter, Crusher and Pill Box
    • Easy to operate;
    • Split and crush pills;
    • Convenient daily pill box;
    • For easy medication management.

    PivoTell Daily Pill Organiser
    • Dossette box with an innovative easy-to-open roller shutter
    • Small and portable design with eight compartments
    • Each section has a volume of 7.5ml (12 - 14 tablets)
    • Perfect size for carrying in your pocket or bag

    Round Decorative Pill Box
    • Sturdy metal;
    • Lids snap firmly shut;
    • Assorted cover designs;
    • Round with three compartments.

    Seven-Day Pill Organiser
    • Pill organiser with separate columns for all seven days of the week
    • Each column includes four compartments for separating dosages
    • Each compartment is clearly labelled for efficient pill segregation
    • Ideal for anybody requiring frequent and daily medication

    Small 7 Day Pill Box Organiser
    • Easy-open lids;
    • Raised letters and braille;
    • Lids snap securely closed;
    • Convenient size for out of home use.

    Tabtime 4 Daily Pill Reminder
    • Daily pill reminder to alert you when to take medication
    • Extra large compartments can store nearly 100 pills each day
    • Up to 4 alarm reminders can be set
    • Both audio and visual alarm signal

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