Elbow Pressure Relief

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Silipos Gel Heel and Elbow Slip Over Sleeve
  • Can be positioned anywhere on the foot, heel or elbow;
  • Aids in the healing and skin conditioning of dry cracked heels and elbows;
  • Effective in helping to prevent pressure ulcerations;
  • Softens and moisturises the skin.

Donjoy Spider Pad Elbow Support
  • Designed with breathable Lycra for use during intense activities
  • Contours to your elbow so you remain comfortable throughout
  • Made with a unique honeycomb design for added cushioning
  • Crafted with impact-resistant foam for improved protection

Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support
  • Designed with epicondyle inserts for further support
  • Provides support and compression to the elbow
  • Ideal for tennis or golf elbow and osteoarthritis
  • Helps you resume activities following an injury

Gelbodies Heel and Elbow Protectors
  • Provides superior relief from bedsores
  • Suitable for long-term hospital care
  • Pressure relief gel conforms to joints
  • Sleeve is machine washable up to 40°C

Lambswool Elbow Protector (Single)
  • Prevents rubbing and relieves pressure at the elbow
  • Minimises the occurrence of pressure sores
  • Can be worn on either the left or right elbow
  • Secures with a velcro strap for a professional fit

Real Sheep Skin Elbow Protectors
  • Washable;
  • Hook and loop fastening;
  • Gives maximum protection;
  • Held in place with soft strapping.

Rehband Core Tennis Elbow Support
  • Adjustable neoprene support
  • Eases pressure and pain on tendon
  • High freedom of movement
  • Suitable for Golfer's and Tennis elbow

Wheelchair Pressure Relief Arm Covers
  • Pair of black foam wheelchair arm covers
  • Comfortable support of elbows and forearms
  • Effective in preventing the formation of sores
  • Lightweight and easily fastened on wheelchairs

Aircast Cryo Elbow Cuff and Automatic Cold Therapy IC Cooler Unit Saver Pack
  • Cooler provides up to eight hours of cryotherapy
  • Helps minimise swelling and reduce pain
  • Includes the Elbow Cuff and IC Cooler
  • Helps you return to your daily routine

Aircast Elbow Cryo Cuff with Cold Therapy Gravity Cooler Saver Pack
  • Includes the Elbow Cryo Cuff and Cooler Unit
  • Cooler provides up to eight hours of cryotherapy
  • Helps minimise swelling and reduce pain
  • Provides cold therapy and compression

Bed Back Rest with Arms
  • Sit correctly while in bed
  • Back rest with chair style arms
  • Makes sitting in bed more comfortable
  • Simulated lambs wool cover and a pocket

Donjoy Arcticflow Elbow Wrap and Cold Therapy Gravity Cooler Unit
  • Combines the Arcticflow Elbow Wrap and Gravity Cooler
  • Provides a combination of cold therapy and compression
  • Help to reduce pain and swelling in the elbow
  • Increases the speed at which you recover

Donjoy Cold Therapy Arcticflow Elbow Wrap
  • Designed for use with the Gravity Cooler or IC Cooler
  • Aids rehabilitation so you can get back on your feet
  • Combines cold therapy and compression
  • Dramatically reduces pain and swelling

Donjoy IROM Elbow Brace
  • Allows for supination and pronation of the forearm and wrist
  • Integrated straps provide full-circumferential compression
  • Helps treat a wide range of elbow conditions
  • Ideal for fixed or controlled range of motion

Donjoy Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace
  • Provides a static stretch of the elbow in flexion and extension
  • Designed with a calibrated control knob to monitor progress
  • Ideal for a wide range of elbow injuries and surgeries
  • Features a lock/unlock mechanism to switch settings

Harvest Pressure Relief Elbow Padding
  • Offers a high degree of patient comfort and protection
  • Protects the elbow area from pressure damage
  • Filled with a generous amount of fibre padding
  • Edges are fixed with Velcro strapping for secure support

Repose DermisPlus Pressure Redistribution Heel Pads (Pair)
  • Ideal for protecting heels, soles of the feet and elbows
  • Easily washed and reused on the same patients
  • Latex-free, non-irritating and skin friendly
  • Available in two sizes: Standard and Large

Rolyan Elbow and Heel Protectors with Shock Absorbing Pads
  • Protects elbows and heels from pressure sores
  • Made from a stretch material for the perfect fit
  • Heavy duty Akton pads that absorb shock
  • Ideal for sedentary or bedridden patients

Rolyan Standard Elbow and Heel Protectors
  • Relieves pressure on bony prominences of the skin
  • Protects elbows and heels from pressure ulcers
  • Made from a stretch material for the perfect fit
  • Ideal to use in hospitals and nursing homes

StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Elbow/Wrist Kit
  • Provide stability and support to injured muscles and joints
  • Stretchy and breathable to allow for full range of motion
  • Pre-cut specially for elbow and wrist taping
  • Official kinesiology tape of IronMan Triathlon Series

Systam Half Moon Micro Bead Postural Cushion
  • Relieves pressure on elbows
  • Adapts to patient's morphology
  • Can be used with a wheelchair
  • Two covers, one is removable

Systam Positioning Wedge for the Upper Limbs
  • Features a memory effect for comfortable support
  • Reduces or prevents oedema
  • Well adapted for perfusions
  • Good for hemiplegic patients

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