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Posture Chairs

Relieve back pain and encourage the proper alignment of your spine with our Posture Chairs. Many of our posture aids utilise materials like memory foam to pad and support your back, while helping you to sit up straight. We have chairs and aids for your car or office, including high-backed kneeling chairs, kneeling stools and positioning supports.

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Medi-Plinth Ergo Deluxe Chair
  • Integrated multi-positional lumbar support to promote good posture
  • Alleviates fatigue, improves productivity
  • Ergonomically-shaped drop-down PU-padded armrests for arm support and comfort
  • Self-adjusting headrest for ideal head support

Medi-Plinth Ergo Chair
  • Designed for comfort and ergonomic relief
  • Promotes good posture, alleviates fatigue, improves productivity
  • Ergonomically-shaped armrests for arm and wrist support
  • Variable height and tilt to meet user positional needs

Nessie Paediatric Positioning Support
  • Nessie postural support aid for assistance during therapy
  • Ideal for supporting babies and toddlers with disabilities
  • Encourages physical development and postural movement
  • Enables up to seven sitting and lying positions for versatility

ErgoKneeler Kneeling Support Stool
  • Profiled kneeling pad and stool for working at a low level
  • Encourages a natural and good posture
  • Relieves pressure on the muscles and joints
  • Promotes frequent movement to reduce stress

Affinity Saddle Stool AFSAD for Posture
  • Perfect for massage therapy practice
  • Corrects posture and back problems
  • Available in three different colours (Navy, Black or Biscuit)
  • Wide, comfortable seat

BetterPostureSolace Plus Kneeling Chair
  • Classic kneeling chair with memory foam
  • Gas lift adjustable seat function
  • Encourages correct posture alignment
  • Max user weight 280 lbs/127 kg

BetterPosture Solace Kneeling Chair
  • Classic kneeling chair improves posture
  • Gas lift adjustable seat function
  • Encourages correct posture alignment
  • Max user weight 280 lbs/127 kg

Sissel Posture Support Saddle Stool
  • Saddle stool to provide relief from back pain
  • Encourages natural correct posture
  • Reduces strain on the spine
  • Height adjustable for suitability for more users

BetterPosture Saddle Chair
  • Keeps pelvis in aligned position
  • Maintains natural curve, increases blood flow
  • Stylish and durable construction
  • Adjustable height and tilt

BetterBack Deluxe Back Care Seat System
  • Encourages correct seating posture
  • Moulded design with quality comfort foam
  • Removable cushion, carry strap
  • Three colours available

Pro11 Balance Ball Posture Chair with Wheels
  • Balance-ball chair with backrest and casters
  • Realigns the spine to its natural position
  • Relieves back pain caused by poor posture
  • Engages and strengthens the core muscles

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