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BeneCare CMC Comfort Thumb Splint
  • Targeted support for the thumb CMC joint
  • Neoprene fabric for comfort and breathability
  • Padded strap to stabilise the thumb
  • Suitable for a range of conditions

BeneCast Polyester Casting Tape
  • Provides rigid casting for primary and secondary;
  • Lightweight and breathable;
  • Vast range of colours.

BeneCare Neoprene Wrist Support 9''
  • Stabilises and supports the entire wrist
  • Adjustable stay for tendon relief
  • Full finger movement for rehabilitation exercises
  • Neoprene retains heat to encourage healing

BeneCare Neoprene Wrist and Thumb Wrap
  • High-quality neoprene gently compresses whole wrist
  • Additional support to the first CMC and MCP joints
  • Stabilises wrist with a double neoprene wrist wrap
  • Closed thumb ensures firmly abducted position

BeneCare BeneFoot Original Post-Operative Shoe
  • Post-operative wound shoe
  • Suitable for diabetic ulcers
  • Fully tested for strength and quality
  • Supplied as a single shoe only

BeneCare Neoprene Thumb/Wrist Support (Open Thumb)
  • Open thumb for flexibility and movement
  • Removable and adjustable stays for immobilisation
  • Suitable for a range of different conditions
  • Supports and stabilises the wrist and thumb joints

BeneCare Neoprene Abducted Thumb Wrap
  • Supportive brace holds the thumb in a natural abducted position
  • Neoprene material for ultimate comfort
  • Suitable for a number of conditions
  • Removable stay for best support and immobilisation

BeneCare Neoprene Thumb/Wrist Support
  • Supports the joints by holding thumb in abduction position
  • Aluminium stay to immobilise thumb and palm
  • Optimum comfort due to neoprene construction
  • Suitable for a range of different conditions

Physicool Large Cooling Bandage for the Knee, Thigh and Shoulder - Money Off!
  • Treats swelling and pain for a quicker recovery
  • Ideal for use on knees, thighs, and shoulders
  • Clinically proven to outperform use of ice
  • Reusable bandage ensuring it can be at hand for immediate use

Confidence Nitrile Powder-Free Disposable Gloves NPF
  • Versatile design for a range of medical applications
  • Made with tough nitrile – ideal alternative to latex gloves
  • Griptech textured grip for superior control
  • Beaded cuff improves tear resistance

Covidien TED Black Knee Length Anti-Embolism Stockings for Continuing Care - Money Off!
  • Post-operation compression stockings that reduce thromboembolic diseases
  • Suitable for users at high risk of developing blood clots and DVT
  • Closed-toe and latex-free design reduces comfort level
  • Thin construction makes for discreet wear

BeneCare Universal Wrist Brace
  • Suitable for either the left or right hand
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Breathable and fresh fabric
  • Easy to apply with a single hand

Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs (Pack of Seven Pairs) - Money Off!
  • Earplugs for reducing background noise
  • Great for sleeping, relaxing and studying
  • Easy to mould to the right shape
  • Made from high quality medical grade silicone 

10 Lung/Mouth Protection Bags

Actimove Talocast Air Functional Ankle Splint - Money Off!
  • Pre-filled air cell cushioning;
  • Semi-rigid, lightweight shells;
  • Low-profile, anatomically shaped;
  • Easily adjusted.

Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace - Money Off!
  • Supportive brace to improve patellar tracking
  • Stabilises the knee cap and relieves associated knee pain
  • Breathable knit for improved comfort
  • Ideal for use during sporting activity

Bauerfeind ManuTrain Wrist Support - Money Off!
  • Comfortable, protective active support for the wrist
  • Great for tendon conditions, arthritis and strain injuries
  • Helps to relieve pain and discomfort and accelerate healing
  • Relieves strain and stabilises during movement

Confidence Latex Powder-Free Disposable Gloves LPF
  • Versatile design for a range of medical applications
  • Made with 100% natural latex for premium flexibility
  • Griptech textured grip for superior control
  • Beaded cuff improves tear resistance

Confidence Latex Powdered Disposable Gloves LPP
  • Versatile design for a range of medical applications
  • Made with 100% premium latex for flexibility
  • Griptech textured grip provides superior control
  • Beaded cuff improves tear resistance

Confidence Wall-Mounted Apron Dispenser
  • Easy apron or sack access for fast infection control
  • Anti-microbial finish aids hygiene maintenance
  • Simple design makes use and refilling easy
  • Wall-mounted for easy out-of-the-way placement

Confidence Wall-Mounted Single Glove Dispenser
  • Easy glove access for fast infection control
  • White finish aids hygiene maintenance
  • Designed for Confidence gloves for easy compatability
  • Wall mounted for easier access and storage

Coverplast Barrier First Aid Dressing - Money Off!
  • Waterproof bacterial & viral barrier;
  • Allows the wound to breathe;
  • Skin-friendly adhesive;
  • Wide range of sizes.

Disposable Medical Aprons (Pack of 200)
  • Single roll of 200 disposable medical aprons
  • Tough design provides greater tear resistance
  • Larger size provides improved protection
  • Five colours available ideal for colour-coding

Disposable Medical Aprons (Pack of 5000)
  • Total of 25 rolls (with 200 aprons each) for medical use
  • Tough design provides greater tear resistance
  • Larger size provides improved protection
  • Five colours available ideal for colour-coding

Drive Medical Ultra Narrow Large Walking Frame with Forearm Platforms - Money Off!
  • Ideal if you prefer to bear your weight through your forearms
  • Velcro straps wrap around forearms for improved security
  • Sturdy but lightweight aluminium frame to keep you safe
  • Comfortable padded armrests disperse your weight

EXO2 StormWalker 2 Heated Jacket XX-Large with Power Pack (Money Off!)
  • Provides heat in kidney, pocket and abdomen areas
  • Lightweight, breathable and waterproof
  • Ex-demo model available at discounted price
  • Battery pack and charger supplied

Flat End Grab Rail
  • Economical, strong grab bar
  • Flat end surface with two fixing holes
  • Epoxy-coated steel
  • Supplied with four screws for easy installation

Full Finger Leather Wheelchair Gloves
  • Made from real leather for extreme comfort and durability
  • Full-length thumbs for additional protection
  • Padded palms for extra comfort during use
  • Available in size Medium only

Gutter Arm Supports With Vertical Handles Only For Rotunda Transfer Platform - Money Off!
  • Gutter arm supports for Rotunda Transfer Platform
  • Compatible with Rotunda products only
  • Ex-demo model - discounted price

Gypsona BP Plaster of Paris Bandage - Money Off!
  • Interlocking leno weave gauze minimises plaster loss
  • Smooth plaster formula for improved moulding properties
  • Nicked bandage edge for minimal fraying and loose threads
  • Available in 5-ply slabs and packs of rolls

Height-Adjustable Folding Crutch Handle Walking Stick
  • Ideal for everyday mobility support
  • Adjustable for a good fit
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Wrist strap included

JOBST UlcerCARE Black Zip Compression Stocking with Liner - Money Off!
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Helps prevent the recurrence of ulcers
  • Stocking and liner for 40 mmHg compression
  • For venous ulcers and after oedema reduction

Magnifico 360° Tilt Desktop Magnifer
  • Hands-free magnifying stand
  • Rimless lens for clear viewing
  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • 360° swivel for precise positioning

Matrx Flo-tech Contour Lo-Back Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion  - Money Off!
  • Pressure care cushion for those at high risk of pressure sore development
  • Available at a discounted price to clear for a limited time only!
  • Lower rear contour allows the user to sit further back in seat
  • Contouring and support under the thighs provides stabilisation

Medi Genumedi Knee Support - Money Off!
  • Provides superb stability and compression
  • Massaging affect of the fabric and silicon insert improves circulation
  • Suitable for osteoarthritis and arthritis of the knee
  • Suitable for patellofemoral pain syndrome

Medi Levamed Active Ankle Support - Money Off!
  • Provides superior stability and compression
  • Features an individual, adjustable and removable strap system
  • Massage effect from the integrated silicone reduces swelling
  • Protects against twisting (supination trauma), especially during exercise

Medi Mediven Plus Class 1 Beige Below Knee Compression Stockings with Open Toe - Money Off!
  • Soft and comfortable below-knee stockings
  • Class 1 RAL (18-21 mmHg) 
  • 5 cm wide comfort cuff for secure fit
  • Y shaped heel for easy donning

Medi Mediven Plus Class 1 Beige Right Leg Stocking with Waist Attachment and Open Toe - Money Off!
  • Soft and comfortable single leg stocking
  • Class 1 RAL (18-21 mmHg) 
  • Comfortable waist attachment for secure fit
  • Y shaped heel for easy donning

Meridius Adapta Kinesiology Tape - Money Off!
  • Comfortable to wear and sticks up to four days
  • Made with premium hypo-allergenic adhesive
  • Water resistant so you can use it day and night
  • Available in two lengths, 5m and 32m, and nine colours

Newel 90° Twist Grab Rail (Ex-Demo)
  • Curves around a newel post
  • Allows stairs to be ascended more quickly and easily
  • Supplied in a durable white epoxy-coated finish
  • Ex-demonstration model with superficial wear

Newel Post Grab Rail with Small Diameter Fixing Plates
  • Aids mobility and improves safety
  • Ideal for narrow diameter newel posts
  • Sturdy epoxy-coated steel construction
  • Available in left-handed orientation only

Oru Bay Plus Folding Kayak - Money Off!
  • Lightweight design allows you to carry board down the beach with ease
  • Folds down into a portable and compact box to fit in most car boots
  • Perfect for letting you enjoy sunny weather without a bulky kayak
  • Ideal for use by beginners and expert kayakers alike

Pressure Mat with Transmitter for MPPL Home Care Alarm System - Money Off!
  • Floor pressure mat alarm and transmitter
  • Can alert you when someone has left a room
  • Ideal for those caring for patients with dementia
  • Under rug non-intrusive design

Pro Sport Back Support
  • Lightweight;
  • Neo-Tex material and velcro closure;
  • Maintains warmth;
  • Flexible design.

Repose Boots Foot Protector (Pair) - Money Off!
  • Pressure relief boots to minimise the risk of pressure sores
  • Ideal for bed-ridden and immobile patients
  • May be used in bed or with feet elevated
  • Easy to clean for essential hygiene maintenance

Robinson Cotton Dental Rolls (Pack of 500) - Money Off!
  • Cotton Dental rolls for mouth packing
  • Suitable for a range of dental procedures
  • Manufactured with 100% quality cotton
  • Complies with European Pharmacopoeia monograph

RockTape RockWrap Rigid Tape (Pack of 10 x 1.25cm Rolls) - Money Off!
  • Add stability, strength, support or immobilisation to any area
  • EasyRip with no scissors needed for easy application
  • Contains 10 rolls of tape with 1.25cm width to fit any area
  • Incomplete pack at a reduced price to save you money!

Roho Mosaic Pressure Relief Cushion - Money Off!
  • Basic level skin protection, support and comfort
  • Suitable for low risk pressure risk patients
  • Easy to set-up, inflate and adjust
  • Help to relieve pressure sore pain

Rolyan Pronation/Supination Dynamic Splinting Polyform Wrist Splint and Foam Liner (Small, Right) - Money Off!
  • Polyform wrist splint with attached metal housing
  • Foam liner for the polyform wrist splint
  • Suitable as spare or replacement parts
  • For use with the Roylan Pronation/Supination Dynamic Splinting Kit

Strappal Hypoallergenic Rigid Strapping Tape (5cm) - Money Off!
  • Preferred choice of Zinc Oxide taping
  • Efficient stabilisation of joints
  • Hypoallergenic coating avoids reactions
  • Available in four sizes

Teyder Closed Knee Brace
  • Closed patella;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Adjustable compression;
  • Protects during exercise.

Teyder Reinforced Closed Knee Brace With Silicone
  • Polygel pad;
  • Reinforced knee;
  • Provides support to the area;
  • Pain relief from several conditions.

Teyder Reinforced Universal Knee Brace
  • Rubber patella support;
  • Adjustable compression;
  • Protects during exercise.
  • Comfortable to wear.

Teyder Shoulder Support
  • Aids recovery;
  • Supports the area;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Protects the area during exercise.

Teyder Thigh Support
  • Aids recovery;
  • Supports the area;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Protects the area during exercise.

ThinkBaby 9oz Bottle Twin Pack
Feed your baby the safe way with a medical grade type of plastic, which has been specifically formulated to be free of: PVC, BPA (bisphenol-A), nitrosamines, and phthalates.

Triggerpoint Massage Ball
  • Essential massaging product
  • Suitable for whole body use
  • Super portable, massage on the go!
  • Suitable for minor aches and pains

Triggerpoint SMRT CORE Level 3 DVD
  • Adds push-pull to many exercises;
  • Adds more focus to core muscles;
  • For use after mastering level 1;
  • Includes classes & exercises. 

Triggerpoint The Grid STK
  • Extremely useful hand held foam roller, created to relieve aches and pains
  • Supports healthy circulation of blood 
  • Easy-to-clean surface and water resistant
  • For use while seated or standing 

Triggerpoint The Grid STK X
  • Extremely useful hand held foam roller, created to relieve aches and pains
  • Supports healthy circulation of blood 
  • Easy-to-clean surface and water resistant
  • For use while seated or standing 

Urias Paediatric Inflatable Pressure Child Arm Splint - Money Off!
  • Inflatable arm splint available in four lengths
  • Designed specially for paediatric patients
  • Latex-free construction reduces skin irritation
  • Regular use can restore normal movement of the limb

VIP Electronic Cigarette Blueberry Bang E-Liquid - Money Off!
  • Blueberry flavoured e-liquid
  • Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg
  • VG: 30%, PG: 70%
  • Made in the UK

Vype eTank Strawberry Smash Refill eLiquid
  • From as low as £ a bottle
  • Available in 0mg, 6mg and 12mg strength
  • Sweet strawberry flavour with green fruity notes
  • eTank refills are free from tar, carbon monoxide and tobacco

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