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Vicore Ab Bench Pro
  • Smooth adjust mechanisms;
  • Durable equipment;
  • Safe to use on all floors;
  • Easily transportable.


Olympic Lifting Chains
  • Alloy steel;
  • Excellent for dynamic strength;
  • Provide progressive resistance;
  • Available in 3 weights.

Fitness-Mad Studio Pro Weighted Bar Rack
  • Convenient and stylish storage solution
  • Holds up to 60 Fitness-Mad Weighted Bars
  • Keeps your collection tidy, organised and ready to use
  • Some minor assembly required

Escape Fitness Competition Pro Kettle Bells (8kg - 32kg)
  • The ultimate choice in kettlebells
  • Colour coded weight identification
  • Uniform shape across the range
  • Durable steel build

Fitness-Mad Medicine Ball Rack
  • Compatible with all Fitness-Mad Medicine Balls
  • Provides storage for up to five medicine balls
  • Helps to keep your workout space or studio organised
  • Perfect for both home and studio use

Fitness-Mad Double Grip Medicine Ball
  • Increases control and ability to cope with heavier weight
  • Doesn't bounce, so you don't have to worry if you drop it
  • Remains a perfect sphere in spite of the handles
  • Easy to grip with either one or two hands

Rehband X Rx Lifting Belt
  • Adjustable weight lifting belt for heavy training
  • Ideal for heavy lifting and compound exercises
  • Helps achieve ideal form to avoid injury
  • Slip resistant and comfortable for long use

Fitness-Mad Studio Pro Weighted Bar
  • Solid iron core welded to steel outer tube
  • Nitrile rubber coating for excellent comfort and grip
  • Can be used for a wide variety of exercises
  • Available in five different weights

Fitness-Mad Kettlebell
  • Versatile total-body workout tool
  • Achieve improvements in strength, endurance, agility and balance
  • Vinyl skin provides an improved appearance and protects floors
  • Available in a variety of weights

Fitness-Mad Medicine Ball
  • Excellent tool for a complete body workout
  • Used to strengthen shoulders, back, arms and legs
  • Improves your core trunk strength and joint integrity
  • Available in six weights, from 1kg to 6kg

Fitness-Mad Weight Lifting Glove Wraps
  • Helps stabilise the wrist during lifts
  • Double stitched throughout for excellent strength
  • Piped edges provide additional comfort and reinforcement
  • Foam core absorbs vibration and provides maximum protection

Fitness-Mad Weight Lifting Support Belt
  • Sturdy neoprene weight lifting belt
  • Conforms to the lower back for comfort in use
  • Velcro closure and metal buckle for a secure fit
  • Available in four different sizes

Fitness-Mad Wrist/Ankle Weights
  • Snug, friction-free fit with even weight distribution
  • Can be used with the wrists or ankles
  • Attractive design with black piping
  • Available in two different weights

Fitness-Mad Women's Blue Cross Training Gloves
  • Ideal for weight lifting and general fitness training
  • Faux-leather palm with soft padding
  • Half-finger design with pull-on/pull-off tabs
  • Breathable two-layer stretch spandex back

Fitness-Mad Women's Pink Cross Training Gloves
  • Ideal for weight lifting and general fitness training
  • Faux-leather palm with soft padding
  • Half-finger design with pull-on/pull-off tabs
  • Breathable two-layer stretch spandex back

LP Weightlifting Support Belt
  • Provides support for the back without restricting movement
  • Designed to combine maximum support with great comfort
  • Ideal for weightlifting in the gym or lifting during work
  • Includes Velcro hook and loop closures for easy adjustment

Fitness-Mad Mesh Fitness Gloves
  • Padded leather palm for a comfortable and effective grip
  • Fingerless design, allowing improved dexterity and tactile feel
  • Improved safety and comfort during weight lifting or fitness training
  • Breathable cotton mesh back for improved comfort

Fitness-Mad Padded Lifting Straps
  • Provides secure grip;
  • Helps with heavy lifting;
  • Comfortable & heavy duty;
  • Length: 61cm (24") x 38mm.

Fitness-Mad Neoprene Dumbbells
  • Neoprene coating for a soft, reliable grip
  • Flat edges ensure dumbbell doesn't roll away on the floor
  • Ideal for barre, Pilates, aerobics, rehab or physiotherapy
  • Sold in pairs; available in seven different weights

Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Handwraps
  • Professional-quality stretch cotton
  • Integral thumb loops for easy thumb positioning
  • Secure Velcro fastenings for a reliable fit
  • Helps prevent a variety of boxing injuries

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