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Lerman Non-Invasive Halo
  • Provides cervical stabilization;
  • MRI Compatible;
  • Anterior-only vest assits prevention of posterior skin breakdown;
  • Bridges the gap between a halo system and CTO;

Lerman Minerva Cervical Orthosis
  • Cervical spine control for complete support
  • Forehead strap provides increased stabilisation
  • Completely MRI safe
  • For C3 - T2 stabilisation, stable fractures and more

Lerman Minerva Paediatric Cervical Orthosis
  • Cervical spine control for complete support
  • Forehead strap provides increased stabilisation
  • Chin pad for improved comfort
  • For C3 - T2 stabilisation, stable fractures and more

S.O.M.I. Brace
  • Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer;
  • Adjustabitily to immobilizes head in prescribed position;
  • Dorsal section allows patient to lie flat;
  • Chin support is easily removed as needed;

SOMI Brace
  • Provides maximum support whilst immobbilising the head
  • Controls spinal movement C2 to C5 for fractures and more
  • Removeabale chin plate makes eating easier
  • Lightweight design great for elderly users

Axis CTO Brace
  • Highly effective immobilisation of cervical and upper thoracic spine
  • Category-leading stabilisation and control of flexion/extension, lateral flexion and rotation
  • Coolmax liners keep patient comfortable in warm weather
  • Great adjustability, allowing universal one size fits all

Headmaster Cervical Collar
  • Bends to adjust for neck flexion or extension
  • Padded tubular design allowing access to a tracheal tube
  • Choice of sizes suitable for both children and adults
  • Optional pads can be purchased for additional support

TOT Torticollis Collar
  • Designed as a treatment for torticollis in adults and children
  • Helps correct head positioning to prevent further health problems
  • Provides an ongoing stimulus to maintain the corrected position
  • Ideal for use alongside stretching of the muscle for optimal results

L.A. Wire Frame Cervical Orthosis
  • Controls flexion and extension;
  • Washable foam padding wicks away moisture;
  • Molded polyethylene occipital component with adjustable aluminum stay;
  • Lightweight, comfortable and easily adjustable;

Thuasne Eclipse Universal Extended Cervical Thoracic Device
  • Moisture-wicking foam liner for improved comfort and breathability
  • Uses innovative ergonomics for an improved user experience
  • Simple height adjustment accommodates activities like eating
  • Quick-snap fitting disks ensure proper user application

Thuasne Eclipse Universal Standard Cervical Collar
  • Effortless chin height adjustment for easy fitting and maximum compliance
  • Allows you to perform daily activities like eating or lying down
  • Quick snap fitting disks ensure proper patient application
  • Frame is anatomically for superior strength and fit

Push Med Neck Brace
  • Anatomical fit provides full support for the vertebral column
  • Detachable element for additional support
  • Microfibre material helps to keep skin dry and comfortable
  • Easy to apply and to wash

XTW Extended Wear Cervical Collar
  • Open-cell liner designed to help prevent your skin from breaking down
  • High-density polyethylene collar for maximum rigidity and support
  • Helps restrict flexion, extension, lateral bending and axial rotation
  • Has shoulder and mandible contours for increased stability

XTW Extended Wear Paediatric Cervical Collar
  • Open-cell liner designed to help prevent child's skin from breaking down
  • High-density polyethylene collar for maximum rigidity and support
  • Helps restrict flexion, extension, lateral bending and axial rotation
  • Has shoulder and mandible contours for increased stability

Adjustable Cervical Collar
  • X-ray and MRI compatible for continual support
  • Breathable pads increase comfort
  • Secure hook and loop fastening for stable supprot
  • Suitable for post-surgery use, Motor Neurone Disease and more

Neck Pads for Headmaster Cervical Collar
  • Neck pads for the Headmaster Cervical Collar
  • Provides support for patients
  • Helps improve wearability of the collar
  • Can be purchased as additions or spares

Euro Collar
  • Limits neck movement;
  • Suitable for a range of conditions;
  • Available in a 6 sizes;
  • Black.

Thuasne PDC Neck Brace
  • Full immobilisation or left/right unilateral immobilisation
  • Neck brace for total or partial immobilisation
  • Anatomical shape with soft, rounded edges
  • Can be used for dynamic flexion therapy

Universal Two Piece Collar
  • Height adjustable;
  • Supports upper cervical spine;
  • Hook/loop closures for easy fitting;
  • Polyethylene shell with comfort liner.

Neck Support Cushion
  • Helps to alleviate neck and upper back problems
  • Ideal for people who enjoy travelling, reading or watching television
  • Especially beneficial for people with neck problems
  • Made from pure new wool pile for extra comfort and warmth

Actiflux Magnetic Neck Support Collar
  • Magnetic neck support
  • 4 integrated therapeutic magnets
  • Compact, low profile design
  • Natural pain relief for neck pains

Thuasne Ortel C4 Vario Universal Cervical Collar
  • Easy-to-use dual height adjustment tabs for easy customisation
  • Has rigid posterior and anterior shells to stabilise the area
  • Cervical collar comfortably limits cervical range of motion
  • Provides pre and post-operative surgical immobilisation

Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar
  • Provides rigid immobilisation and reduces rotation
  • Collar also slightly hyperextends the cervical spine
  • Lightweight closed-cell material suitable for longer use
  • Easy application and removal with hook-and-loop closure

Atlas ACO-II/U Universal Neck Brace
  • Pre-formed collar with soft polyethylene foam lining for added comfort
  • For use following cervical spine injuries and conditions
  • Large tracheal aperture for airway management and other procedures
  • Supplied in a universal size that fits most adult users

Neck Pain Relief Bundle
  • Includes a TENS machine and neck support to relieve pain
  • Machine is compact enough to use while you're out
  • Neck collar offers mild control of the cervical spine
  • TPN 200's level and intensity can be controlled

Rolyan Two-Piece Collar
  • Ideal for emergency tracheotomies and quick access
  • Reduces rotation and lightly hyperextends the cervical spine
  • Easy application and removal with hook-and-loop closure
  • Shaped to conform to any patient

Actimove Vertabrace Extrication Collar
  • Immobilises the cervical vertebrae
  • Gives rigid support to the head, chin and skull base
  • Suitable for acute and emergency use
  • X-ray translucent for greater ease

Fireactiv Neoprene Thermal Neck Support
  • Stabilises joints
  • Eases arthritic pain
  • Offers heat therapy through retention of your body heat
  • Provides support following injury

Neo G Philadelphia Neck Collar
  • Helps immobilise the neck following soft tissue or disc trauma
  • Provides protection and cushioning to reduce pressure
  • Controls neck movement to reduce unwanted motions
  • Unisex and available in a choice of three sizes

Patriot Extrication Collar
  • One-piece collar for straightforward application
  • Provides cervical spine immobilisation
  • Can be applied in either sitting or supine position
  • Latex free with snap-locking tabs for improved convenience

Philadelphia Coolmax Liner for Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar
  • Individual Philadelphia Coolmax Liner
  • Improves comfort for patients during extended wear
  • Helps to keep the tracheotomy collar clean

Front Fastening Collar
  • Easy application
  • Pull through loop design
  • Suitable for night use
  • Available in 3 sizes

Thuasne Ortel C3 Rigid Cervical Collar
  • Features a chin support so you can rest when necessary
  • Padding around edges that are in contact with skin
  • Anatomically designed for improved comfort
  • Rigid cervical collar provides sturdy support

Neo G Soft Neck Collar
  • Great for recovery during the early stages of neck injury
  • Provides flexible support and cushioning to reduce pressure
  • Controls neck movement to reduce unwanted motions
  • Unisex and available in a choice of five sizes

Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Soft Collar Neck Brace
  • Anatomically-shaped brace with rounded edges
  • Analgesis support for the cervical spine
  • Structure is covered with compact foam
  • Has a semi-rigid internal structure

Thuasne Ortel C3 Classic Rigid Cervical Collar
  • Has a rigid, perforated polyethylene structure
  • Padding on the edges in contact with skin
  • Reinforced support of the cervical spine
  • Height is adjustable from 9 - 13cm

Philadelphia Collar
  • Two piece moulded collar;
  • Comfortable support;
  • Available in three sizes;
  • Stabiliser also available.

Bodymedics Philadelphia Collar
  • Provides moderate to firm control of the cervical spine
  • Two-piece contoured moulded foam shell for comfort
  • Rigid occipital and mandibular posts for firm stablisation
  • Bilateral front touch-and-close-fastening for easy fitting

Hard Adjustable Collar
  • Two piece collar.
  • Made from rigid polythene.
  • Palzote padded edges.
  • Trimmed with vinyl for extra comfort.

Rigid Cervical Collar
  • Cervical collar for neck support
  • Neck support collar ideal for neck pain, whiplash and post-op
  • Hook and loop fastening ensures a secure fit
  • Offers more support than a soft foam neck collar

Thuasne Ortel C1 Anatomic Cervical Spine Support
  • Brace is anatomically shaped with rounded edges
  • Uses compact support foam for analgesic support
  • Provides support to relieve pain and discomfort
  • Has a removable and washable cover

Bodymedics Mouldable Beaded Collar
  • One hundred percent cotton stockinette for comfort
  • Mouldable polystyrene beads for responsive and flexible support
  • Easy touch-and-close fastening at the back
  • Machine washable, allowing the collar to be kept clean and comfortable

Neo G Nelson Neck Collar
  • Great for recovery during the early stages of neck injury
  • Provides protection and cushioning to reduce pressure
  • Controls neck movement to reduce unwanted motions
  • Unisex and available in a choice of three sizes

Foam Neck Collar
  • Ideal for stabilising neck following trauma
  • Excellent for long-term night-time rest use
  • Fully washable
  • Will not collapse with prolonged use

Neck Collar
  • ideal to stabilise the neck.
  • For long term use.
  • Fully washable.
  • Available in four sizes.

Thuasne Ortel C1 Junior Cervical Spine Support
  • Has rounded, soft edges to ensure brace remains comfortable
  • Velcro closure can be precisely adjusted for an improved fit
  • Provides support to the cervical spine (i.e. the neck)
  • Has a removable rigid insert for adjustable stability

Thuasne Ortel Classic Light Cervical Collar
  • Comfortable and washable cotton cover
  • Analgesic support for cervical spine
  • Recommended for short-term use
  • Velcro strap for precise fitting

Dynamix Neck Collar with Soft Padding
  • Helps relieve pain;
  • Idela for neck injuries; 
  • Provides maximum support; 
  • High density PU foam for comfort.

LP Cervical Collar
  • Helps to relieve aches and pains associated with strains and sprains
  • Made of 17mm medium density foam covered with soft cotton
  • Features a contoured cut for the chin to enhance comfort
  • Prevents flexion and extension of the cervical spine

Pro11 Tourmaline Magnetic Heated Neck Support
  • Nylon and neoprene brace to treat neck strain and injury
  • Provides compression and heat to promote healing
  • Contains magnets to help relieve pain and discomfort
  • Relaxes neck muscles and prevents spasms

Standard Foam Cervical Collar
  • Standard neck brace for neck support
  • Can support the neck while sleeping
  • Comfy stockinette design is adjustable for all sizes
  • Can treat neck pain, arthritis, whiplash, herniated discs and more

Adjustable Rigid Collar With Chin Support
  • Two part construction;
  • Easy depth adjustment;
  • Perforated for ventilation;
  • Available in three sizes.

Vitility Cervical Collar
  • Provides neck support
  • Holds neck comfortably but securely
  • Velcro fastening makes it easy to put on and take off
  • Made from soft foam

Bodymedics Memory Foam Soft Cervical Collar
  • Neck collar offering mild control of the cervical spine
  • Made of soft memory foam with a cotton stockinette for comfort
  • Simple touch-and-close fastening for easy fitting
  • Hand washable to keep your collar clean and comfortable

Dynamix Soft Neck Collar
  • Comfortable;
  • Lightweight; 
  • Soft breathable foam padding;
  • Supports and immobilises neck.

Replacement Pads for the Atlas CO Universal Neck Brace
  • Spare part for the Atlas CO Universal Neck Brace
  • Replaces the padding that is supplied with the brace as standard
  • Available in standard and extra large versions

ProCare Adams Semi-Rigid Collar
  • Mouldable polystyrene beads for comfort and support
  • Semi-rigid support is ideal for soft tissue damage
  • Anatomically contoured to improve your safety
  • Loop contact closure allows you to adjust fit

Shaped Foam Collar
  • Anatomically contoured;
  • Suitable for night use;
  • Touch and close fastening;
  • Available in three sizes.

Universal Contoured Collar
  • Polyurethane foam collar for reliable neck support
  • Adjustable extended Velcro closure for easier application
  • Soft stockinette cover offers improved comfort
  • Ensures a proper fit for neck sizes between 32.5cm to 47.5cm

Actimove Cervical Neck Collar
  • Supports and stabilises the neck
  • Anatomical design for better support
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Different densities available

Semi Rigid Collar
  • Improved stability;
  • Shaped chin support;
  • Suitable for night use;
  • Available in a range of sizes.

Vulkan Medicollar Neck Collar
  • Medicollar neck collar suitable for minor injuries
  • Lightweight design to ensure no unnecessary pressure
  • Shaped collar fits more comfortably around the neck
  • Available in nine sizes for the most accurate fit

White Foam Cervical Collar
  • Soft white foam neck collar
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Straightforward to fit and remove
  • Provides appropriate degree of stabilisation

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