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Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley for Physiotherapy
  • Adjustable speed of movement for a more diverse treatment
  • Great for situations when space is limited
  • Reduced height and extended base of support provide greater stability when used
  • CE-marked equipment

Lojer Pulley for Physiotherapy
  • The most versatile piece of rehabilitation equipment on the market
  • Used to improve circulation, coordination, endurance and strength
  • Extremely versatile for precise training goals
  • CE-marked equipment

TheraBand Shoulder Pulley
  • Professional design great for shoulder recovery
  • Provides immediate feedback to users for better progress
  • Secure door anchor makes setup easy and safe
  • Adjustable rope length gives a custom fit for different needs

Rolyan Reach'N Range Overhead Pulley
  • Increases range of motion for weak shoulders
  • Dual pulley adds stability for safer use
  • Can be used with weights to counterbalance extremity strength
  • Overhead system enables greater range of motion patterns

Over Door Exercise Pulley
  • Ideal for post-CVA injury treatment and range-of-motion programmes
  • Perfect exercise solution for limited space and budget
  • Available in two models: Extended Metal Bracket or Webbing Anchor
  • Rope is easily adjustable for proper fit to meet user needs

Rolyan Reach'N Range Shoulder Pulley
  • Increases range of motion for weak shoulders
  • Easy to use design for effective recovery
  • Built-in ROM stop helps you control range of motion
  • Webbing strap or metal bracket for different mounting needs

MoVeS Shoulder Door Pulley with Hand Supports
  • Increase range of motion
  • Aids upper body stretching
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries
  • Hand support for patients without grip

MSD-Band Shoulder Tube Pulley
  • For rehab use only
  • Increases range of shoulder motion
  • Helps with rehabilitating shoulder injuries
  • Available in different resistances

Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley
  • Increases range of motion – great for shoulder injuries
  • Easy to use design for effective recovery
  • Ideal for home or clinic use – easily mount to a doorway
  • Suitable for both recovery and prevention exercises

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items