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LimbO Waterproof Protectors

Welcome to our range of LimbO Waterproof Cast Protectors. Find your LimbO Protector for your arm, leg, elbow, foot or finger below, bundle packs with suitable accessories and our LimbO Cast Protectors for Children collection below. If you've already got your Limbo Cast and need further information on how to use it correctly, take a look at our Introductory LimbO Blog.

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Find LimbO Waterproof Protectors for Foot Casts

Find LimbO Waterproof Protectors for Arm Casts

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LimbO Leg Protectors

Does your Shower Cast Protector go up to or above your knee? If your cast only goes above your knee, select the half leg, if not, select the full leg.

LimbO Arm Protectors

The LimbO Arm Protector also comes in a half or full arm. If the brace finishes before your elbow, please select the half protector.

LimbO Foot, Elbow and Finger Protectors

Below are three Waterproof Cast Protectors that are designed specifically for either your foot, elbow or fingers. 

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For children of ALL ages, find leg and arm Waterproof Cast Protectors.

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LimbO Cast Protectors

LimbO Cast Protectors

Keep casts and dressings dry when bathing.

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