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Induction Loops

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Geemarc LD3 Commercial Magnetic Loop Amplifier
  • Covers a medium to large 1,000m² room
  • Highly efficient Class D amplifier
  • Three inputs: two lines or microphone and one priority 100V
  • Capable of monitoring and detecting the power default, amplifier and loop with NO-NC relay

Geemarc LD2 Commercial Induction Loop Amplifier
  • Guarantees a 450m² room installation
  • Able to monitor power default, amplifier and loop from the same device
  • Compact design which allows you to integrate two amplifiers
  • High efficiency Class D amplifier

Geemarc LH102 LoopHEAR 102 Induction Loop
  • Portable induction loop to improve conversations with use of T-coil hearing aids
  • Ideal for public locations such as railway stations, banks, meeting rooms, and counters
  • Features a built-in amplifier and an external earpiece for optimal benefit
  • Adjustable tone control, magnetic field, and input level for the best possible sound

Sarabec LA240 Home Loop System
  • TV and Radio enhancer
  • Easy to use with compact design
  • Fixed system not suitable for use on the go
  • No direct connection necessary for total freedom of movement

Sarabec LA90 Portable Loop System
  • Ideal solution for hearing aid users
  • Speech clarity in noisy situations
  • Additional microphone
  • For meetings, checkouts, interviews

Geemarc LoopHEAR 150 Local Magnetic Loop with Mains Adapter and Lapel Mic
  • Local magnetic hearing loop system
  • Volume and tone adjustment
  • 2 microphone jack inputs
  • Optional wall mount available

Sarabec S/PDIF Digital Audio Converter
  • Sarabec Digital Audio Converter
  • To be used in conjunction with the Sarabec LA215 Induction System
  • Digital to Audio converter for audio signals
  • Great for use with analogue TV sets or Stereo systems

Geemarc Table Microphone for LoopHEAR 150 and 101 Magnetic Loops
  • Microphone for LoopHEAR 150
  • Ideal for table use
  • Enables hearing aid users to hear conversations
  • Provides clear and audible sound

Hearing Aid Cleaner
  • Easy to use design;
  • Fast, easy and effective;
  • Works with all hearing aids;
  • Five tools for daily cleaning.

Hearing Aid Blower
  • Improves sound quality.
  • Removes dirt & debris for clear sound;
  • Helps keep device clear from moisture;
  • For ear molds/tubes/open fit hearing aids.

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items