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Induction Loops

Allow clear and effective communication with our fantastic range of Induction Loops. Our experts have scouted this selection from trusted brands like Sarabec and Geemarc to offer you the most advanced induction loop technology. You can find induction loops with built-in amplifiers, microphones and external ear pieces with designs suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

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Geemarc LH102 LoopHEAR 102 Induction Loop
  • Portable induction loop to improve conversations with use of T-coil hearing aids
  • Ideal for public locations such as railway stations, banks, meeting rooms, and counters
  • Features a built-in amplifier and an external earpiece for optimal benefit
  • Adjustable tone control, magnetic field, and input level for the best possible sound

Sarabec LA240 Home Loop System
  • TV and Radio enhancer
  • Easy to use with compact design
  • Fixed system not suitable for use on the go
  • No direct connection necessary for total freedom of movement

Sarabec LA90 Portable Loop System
  • Ideal solution for hearing aid users
  • Speech clarity in noisy situations
  • Additional microphone
  • For meetings, checkouts, interviews

Geemarc LoopHEAR 150 Local Magnetic Loop with Mains Adapter and Lapel Mic
  • Local magnetic hearing loop system
  • Volume and tone adjustment
  • 2 microphone jack inputs
  • Optional wall mount available

Sarabec S/PDIF Digital Audio Converter
  • Sarabec Digital Audio Converter
  • To be used in conjunction with the Sarabec LA215 Induction System
  • Digital to Audio converter for audio signals
  • Great for use with analogue TV sets or Stereo systems

Hearing Aid Cleaner
  • Easy to use design;
  • Fast, easy and effective;
  • Works with all hearing aids;
  • Five tools for daily cleaning.

Hearing Aid Blower
  • Improves sound quality.
  • Removes dirt & debris for clear sound;
  • Helps keep device clear from moisture;
  • For ear molds/tubes/open fit hearing aids.

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