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Heel Pressure Relief

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Silipos Gel Heel and Elbow Slip Over Sleeve
  • Can be positioned anywhere on the foot, heel or elbow;
  • Aids in the healing and skin conditioning of dry cracked heels and elbows;
  • Effective in helping to prevent pressure ulcerations;
  • Softens and moisturises the skin.

Foam Ring Foot Elevator
  • Foam ring raises foot from bed to reduce pressure
  • Ideal for promoting healing without adding pressure
  • Top opening makes the foam ring easy to use
  • With or without a wipe-clean vapour-permeable cover

Heelift Suspension Boot
  • Reliable pressure relief boot to prevent heel pressure ulcers
  • Ideal for high-risk patients, and those already suffering from ulcers
  • Available with two lining options: Smooth and Convoluted
  • Suitable also for bariatric patients

HeelPro Heel Protection Boot
  • Generous, low-friction cushioning for effective protection
  • Heel aperture for offloading and skin inspection
  • Secure strapping options for optimal positioning and prevention of foot drop
  • Universal sizing for easy application

Heel Pressure Relief Fleece Protectors (Pair)
  • Wool pile heel protectors
  • Add comfort and protection to heels
  • Soft strap for extra comfort
  • Supplied in a pair

Rehband QD Heel Wedges
  • Pair of heel wedges to reduce load and relieve discomfort
  • Ideal for athletes who suffer from pain caused by Achilles tendon issues
  • Innovative and unique Technogel material absorbs shock
  • Prevents injuries, improves existing injuries and increases stability

Fleece Pressure Relief Open Slippers
  • Thick lambswool heel protecting slippers
  • Adds comfort and protection to heels, ankles and feet
  • Ideal for nursing homes or extended hospital stays
  • Two soft and adjustable straps for extra comfort

Medline Heel Raiser Pro
  • Clinically proven to reduce pressure on the heel in bed
  • Offloads pressure back along the leg
  • Durable and washable for hygiene purposes 
  • One size fits most with adjustable straps

Real Sheep Skin Heel Protectors
  • Washable;
  • Hook and loop fastening;
  • Gives maximum protection;
  • Held in place with soft strapping.

Aircast Walker Boot Heel Support Wedges
  • Supplied in a pack of five so you can layer the wedges
  • Made in different version for the right or left foot
  • Designed for use with Aircast Walker Boots
  • Lifts the Achilles tendon for added protection

Leeder Ankle Contracture Pressure Relief Boot
  • Heat adjustable shell;
  • Fleece or breathable foam liner options;
  • Anti-rotation bar and toe rest;
  • Ideal for foot drop, wound care & pressure relief.

Rehband QD Bone Spur Pad Heel Wedges
  • Durable heel wedges relieve pain from heel spur and plantar fasciitis
  • Offers all-around support and shock absorption for athletes
  • Uses a unique PU-based gel for additional comfort and support
  • Self-adhesive for easy fixation in the shoes

Fleece Open Toe Slipper Booties
  • Open toe style booties;
  • Protects the foot and ankle;
  • Made in deep pile wool/polyester fleece;
  • Can be molded around an inflexible ankle.

Gelbodies Heel and Elbow Protectors
  • Provides superior relief from bedsores
  • Suitable for long-term hospital care
  • Pressure relief gel conforms to joints
  • Sleeve is machine washable up to 40°C

ProCare Silicone Heel Cups
  • Helps reduce discomfort caused by shock and vibration
  • Heel cups are sold in pairs to protect both your heels
  • Medical-grade soft silicone for added comfort
  • Softer centre in heel region to reduce strain

Repose DermisPlus Pressure Redistribution Heel Pads (Pair)
  • Pair of DermisPlus pressure redistribution heel pads
  • Also suitable for relieving pressure on soles and elbows
  • Durable yet suitable for cutting to size without fibre shedding
  • Suitable for washing with soap and water for hygiene control

Rolyan Elbow and Heel Protectors with Shock Absorbing Pads
  • Protects elbows and heels from pressure sores
  • Made from a stretch material for the perfect fit
  • Heavy duty Akton pads that absorb shock
  • Ideal for sedentary or bedridden patients

Rolyan Standard Elbow and Heel Protectors
  • Relieves pressure on bony prominences of the skin
  • Protects elbows and heels from pressure ulcers
  • Made from a stretch material for the perfect fit
  • Ideal to use in hospitals and nursing homes

Softform Pressure Relief Heelpad (Double)
  • Designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area
  • Made with two gel sacs to allow excellent pressure displacement
  • Controlled gel volume allows even weight distribution
  • Also available in a single size for only one heel

Ambulatory Pressure Relief Boot
  • Offloads pressure from heel
  • Soft, breathable, washable liner
  • Easily removed and reapplied sole plate
  • Anti-rotation bar for improved stability

Ankle Contracture AFO
  • Ideal for pressure sores;
  • Clear lightweight polycarbonate;
  • For foot drop/non-fixed plantar flexion;
  • Prevents of lateral/medial hip rotation. 

Bodymedics Pressure Relief AFO
  • Protects heel from friction and pressure
  • Tri-laminate material allows air circulation and wicks away moisture
  • Padded ankle strap reinforces foot position
  • Supplied with spare liner set

Cosy Wooly Merino Sheep Wool Footwarmer Slippers
  • 100% natural merino sheep wool;
  • Feet will always feel warm, dry and comfortable;
  • Can be used for travelling, as bed socks and indoors;
  • Available in 4 sizes;

Double Knee Bed Wedge
  • Comfortable bed wedge;
  • Reduces pressure on heels;
  • Vapour permeable wipe clean outer;
  • Prevents patient from slipping down bed.

Extra Small Repose Boots Foot Protector (Pair)
  • Pressure relief boots to minimise the risk of pressure damage
  • Ideal for bed-ridden and immobile patients
  • May be used in bed or with feet elevated
  • Easy to clean for essential hygiene maintenance

Extra Small Repose Foot Protector Plus Boots (Pair)
  • Pressure relief boots to minimise the risk of pressure damage
  • Easy to clean, ideal for bed-ridden and immobile patients
  • May be used in bed or with feet elevated
  • Adjustable strap for secure and comfortable use

Fleece Heel Protectors - Green
  • Ideal for those at risk from leg and foot ulcers;
  • Recommended for diabetic foot care;
  • Excellent for persons with poor circulation;
  • Ideal for post operative care;


Gelbodies Heel and Ankle Protectors
  • Provides superior relief from pressure sores
  • Large gel pad to protect bones in the ankle
  • Sleeve is machine washable up to 40°C
  • Suitable for extended care facilities
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