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Stop Your Teenager Sleeping in This Summer with the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Thursday, 12 July 2018

We've all been there – summer's only just begun, it's approaching midday and you've yet to hear footsteps from upstairs which signals an end to your teenagers sleep. Biologically, teenagers need up to two hours more sleep than adults, and during school term up to 85% don't get the recommended sleep time of at least 8 and a half hours. Things change come summer when they can sleep in for as long as they want, and teenagers emerging from their room in the middle of the day becomes a common sight in most households.

Stop Your Teenager From Sleeping in This Summer

Prevent unhealthy sleeping patterns with the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sleeping in is natural for young people, however excessive sleeping can be sign that someone isn't getting to sleep early enough. Come school season, it's important to get in a positive sleeping routine early to prevent feeling tired, anxious and unmotivated. Introducing the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker, the foolproof, best heavy sleeper alarm guaranteed to wake up even the hardest of sleepers.

The Importance of a Healthy Sleep Pattern

Teenagers sleep in for a number of reasons, some related to not sleeping enough during school, and others related to staying up too late on electronic devices that can effect sleep quality. But having a bad sleeping pattern can effect mood, weight, mental health and when it comes to school, leave people feeling unmotivated with increased absenteeism. You can prevent a bad sleeping pattern from occurring during summer and prepare for school by buying the correct alarm clock. 

Why Choose the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is designed for those who struggle to wake up. This includes teenagers and kids, but also those hard of hearing and those with more serious long term sleep and health conditions. The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker prevents anyone from sleeping through their alarm ever again. 

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker

Main Features of the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

  • Volume can be as loud as a power saw or rock concert (113 decibels)
  • Fitted with a vibration pad that can fit under the pillow 
  • Multi sensory alarm ideal for those hard of hearing
  • Alarm comes turbo charged for enhanced sound
  • Features an explosive red display
  • Fitted with a snooze button, off button and time adjustment settings
  • Powered by a supplied AC power cord

​Multi Sensory Alarm Wakes Up Any Heavy Sleeper

What makes the Bomb Alarm Clock the best alarm clock for any heavy sleeper is its multi sensory alarm. A vibrating pad that fits under the pillow means that those hard of hearing can be shaken awake too. Furthermore flashing red lights explode in to life during the alarm, meaning the sleeper is faced with vibrations, noise louder than a power saw, and flashing red lights.

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock can be used by anyone who struggles to sleep in the morning. Perfect for the sleepy teenager faced with two months of summer, the student faced with exams, or the hard of hearing worker who has to be up for work in the morning.

Stop Your Teenager From Over Sleeping This Summer

Stop your teenager from sleeping in this summer with the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock that shakes yourself awake with noise and lights. Ideal for anyone who is heavy sleeping and hard of hearing.

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