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Telephone Flashing Ring Indicators

Ringing and flashing indicators by Amplicomms and Geemarc are ideal for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. If you just require a ring and flashing indicator for your phone, why not choose the Amplicomms Ring Flash Indicator 100.

The Amplicomms Ring Flash 200 offers, in addition to the Amplicomms Ring Flash 100, a wireless doorbell button, and therefore is ideal if you or a friend or relative have difficulties hearing the doorbell. The top-of-the-range Amplicomms Ring Flash 250 allows you to keep your existing doorbell, while providing the same great features as the Amplicomms Ring Flash 200.

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Bellman Care Alert System
  • Flashing light ideal for anybody with hearing impairments
  • Can be connected to a telephone for alerts with incoming calls
  • Wireless connectivity to doorbells to indicate when somebody arrives
  • Provides peace of mind that calls and visitors need never be missed

Bellman Ringer Flash
  • Ringer which flashes brightly when the telephone rings
  • Robust and durable for lasting quality
  • Portable for use around the house or office
  • Can be used with Bellman Outdoor Speaker to emit sound

Geemarc Amplicall 20 Doorbell and Telephone Ringer Amplifier
  • Extra loud ringer (up to 95dB)
  • Different rings for doorbell and phone
  • Camera flash ring indicator
  • Wall and desk mountable

Geemarc Amplicall 6 Smart Bulb
  • Offers visual warnings for those who are hard of hearing
  • Available in two brightness levels: low and regular mode
  • Compatible with other Amplicall doorbell amplifiers
  • Supplied with a remote control (15m range)

Visutone Ring/Doorbell Indicator for the Hard of Hearing
  • Flashing ring or doorbell indicator
  • Great for hard of hearing
  • Connects to BT phone line for accurate detection
  • Compact design for portable use

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