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Yoga is a fantastic way to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and general wellbeing. Find everything you need for comfortable, safe yoga practise in our range, including mats, resistance bands, belts and stretching aids. The products in our range are suitable for use in the home, gym, or during exercise classes.

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Sissel Yoga Relax Sitting Cushion
  • Yoga cushion for comfort and support
  • Ideal for exercise, relaxation and meditation
  • Easily portable, ideal for taking to classes
  • Available in 2 colours


Yoga Mat with Carry Bag
  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and aerobics
  • Durable, non-slip surface holds up to repeated usage
  • Suitable for home or gym use
  • Includes a stylish carry bag

BlackRoll Block Set with Mini Foam Roller and Ball
  • Includes: BlackRoll Block, Ball and Mini Foam Roller
  • All the essential fascia tools neatly packed in a single block
  • Free of propellant and any chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, water resistant, easy to clean and completely odourless

Sissel Pilates and Yoga Mat
  • High quality Pilates and yoga mat
  • For added comfort when training
  • Anti-slip and lightweight 
  • Non-toxic design

Pro11 Yoga Wheel
  • The ultimate piece of yoga equipment 
  • Assists with stretching and strengthening
  • Use to release muscle tension
  • Helps you get deeper into poses

Fitness-Mad Core Fitness Mat
  • Ideal exercise mat for those on the move or tight on storage space
  • Suitable for studios, clubs, gyms, home use or on the move
  • Includes a removable carry strap for easy portability
  • NBR foam offers excellent cushioning and memory

Fitness-Mad Core Fitness Plus Mat
  • Made from the same NBR material as the Core Fitness Mad
  • Provides extra cushioning and comfort at 15mm thickness
  • Perfect for Pilates and yoga studios, clubs, gyms and home use
  • Free from DOP, AZO, heavy metal, phenol and phthalate

Yoga-Mad Studio Wide Yoga Mat
  • High-density studio yoga mat for improved support
  • Wider design, ensuring body remains in contact with mat
  • Great cushioning, slip resistance and durability
  • Available in the colours blue or purple

Yoga-Mad Studio Pro Yoga Mat
  • High-density studio yoga mat
  • Great cushioning, slip resistance and durability
  • Oeko-Tex Level One certified for skin safety
  • Multi-buy discounts available

Fitness-Mad Pro Stretch Tri-Fold Aerobic Mat
  • Versatile folding exercise mat
  • Folds up into thirds for easy storage and transport
  • Reversible, wipe-clean design
  • Ideal for studios that are tight on room

FlipBelt Running Storage Belt
  • Won't bounce around or chafe while you run
  • Compatible with all phone models
  • Flippable with hidden money belt, for extra security while you travel
  • Stylish, lightweight and moisture-wicking design

Yoga-Mad Warrior II Yoga Mat (6mm)
  • Extra-thick mat in a choice of colours
  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and more
  • Great for use at home and in classes
  • Combines grip and cushioning

Pro11 Foam Trigger Point Yoga Roller
  • Self-massage roller with flexible massaging bumps
  • Releases muscle tension and increases circulation
  • Ideal tool for yoga, pilates and sports training
  • Suitable for treating sports injuries

Sissel Yoga Socks
  • Socks for yoga
  • Keep feet warm whilst exercising
  • Non-slip and comfortable 
  • Available in 2 sizes

Yoga-Mad Warrior II Yoga Mat (4mm)
  • Machine washable to ensure lasting quality
  • Phthalate-free for less irritation
  • Great value for money
  • Good grip and cushioning, perfect for yoga

Yoga-Mad Jute Yoga Mat Bag
  • Yoga mat bag with adjustable strap and internal pockets
  • Eco-friendly jute-and-cotton bag features a waterproof lining
  • Concealed zip helps keep mat and other belongings secure
  • Available in either a blue or natural colour to suit your style

Sissel Yoga Block
  • Yoga block to aid training
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Available in 2 different materials

Sissel Yoga Belt
  • Yoga belt to aid training
  • Helps extend your reach in particular exercises
  • 100% undyed cotton
  • Available in 2 different lengths

Pro11 55cm Yoga Ball
  • Inflatable 55cm exercise balance ball
  • Use for yoga, Pilates or weightlifting
  • Fantastic alternative to an office chair
  • Available in either black or orange

Yoga-Mad Hi-density Yoga brick
  • Safe and light weight;
  • Available in 2 colours;
  • Provides lift or grounding;
  • Size = 220mm x 110mm x 70mm.

Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block
  • Available in 2 colours;
  • First grade EVA foam;
  • Size= 305mm x 205mm x 50mm;
  • For use as cushioning in inversions.

Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band
  • Workout resistance band available in four different strengths
  • Enhances exercise regimes with toning and body sculpting
  • Suitable for rehabilitation, muscle repair, yoga, and Pilates
  • Cost effective, easy to use, and requires minimal space

Mambo Max Yoga Strap
  • Fabric yoga strap
  • Sturdy buckle allows for secure fastening
  • Hold stretches with ease
  • Improves flexibility

Yoga-Mad Half Yoga Block
  • Half size yoga block;
  • First grade EVA foam;
  • Offers cushioning for inversions;
  • Size = 305mm x 205mm x 25mm.

Pro11 Yoga Gloves and Socks
  • Non-slip yoga socks and gloves
  • Made from breathable organic cotton
  • Improve balance, traction and safety
  • Protect feet from foot fungus

Physioworx EVA Foam Exercise Roller
  • High-density EVA foam roller in a choice of sizes
  • Great for yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation
  • Helps with stretching and balance training
  • Ideal for home fitness routines or in classes

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