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Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band
  • Workout resistance band available in four different strengths
  • Enhances exercise regimes with toning and body sculpting
  • Suitable for rehabilitation, muscle repair, yoga, and Pilates
  • Cost effective, easy to use, and requires minimal space

FlipBelt Running Storage Belt
  • Won't bounce around or chafe while you run
  • Compatible with all phone models
  • Flippable with hidden money belt, for extra security while you travel
  • Stylish, lightweight and moisture-wicking design

Pro11 Yoga Gloves and Socks
  • Non-slip yoga socks and gloves
  • Made from breathable organic cotton
  • Improve balance, traction and safety
  • Protect feet from foot fungus

66fit Yoga Mat & Carry Bag - 3.5mm X 60cm X 173cm - Blue
  • Carry bag included. 
  • Good quality with anti-slip surface.
  • Easily cleanable. 
  • Material: PVC

BlackRoll Blackbox Massage Set

BlackRoll Block Set with Mini Foam Roller and Ball
  • Includes: BlackRoll Block, Ball and Mini Foam Roller
  • All the essential fascia tools neatly packed in a single block
  • Free of propellant and any chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, water resistant, easy to clean and completely odourless

BlackRoll Yoga Block
  • A multipurpose tool that can be used as a yoga block
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Water resistant, easy to clean and completely odourless
  • Great in combination with other BlackRoll products

Fitness-Mad Core Fitness Mat
  • Ideal exercise mat for those on the move or tight on storage space
  • Suitable for studios, clubs, gyms, home use or on the move
  • Includes a removable carry strap for easy portability
  • NBR foam offers excellent cushioning and memory

Fitness-Mad Core Fitness Plus Mat
  • Made from the same NBR material as the Core Fitness Mad
  • Provides extra cushioning and comfort at 15mm thickness
  • Perfect for Pilates and yoga studios, clubs, gyms and home use
  • Free from DOP, AZO, heavy metal, phenol and phthalate

Fitness-Mad Pro Stretch Tri-Fold Aerobic Mat
  • Versatile folding exercise mat
  • Folds up into thirds for easy storage and transport
  • Reversible, wipe-clean design
  • Ideal for studios that are tight on room

Mambo Max Yoga Strap
  • Fabric yoga strap
  • Sturdy buckle allows for secure fastening
  • Hold stretches with ease
  • Improves flexibility

Physioworx EVA Foam Exercise Roller
  • High-density EVA foam roller in a choice of sizes
  • Great for yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation
  • Helps with stretching and balance training
  • Ideal for home fitness routines or in classes

Pro11 55cm Yoga Ball
  • Inflatable 55cm exercise balance ball
  • Use for yoga, Pilates or weightlifting
  • Fantastic alternative to an office chair
  • Available in either black or orange

Pro11 Foam Trigger Point Yoga Roller
  • Self-massage roller with flexible massaging bumps
  • Releases muscle tension and increases circulation
  • Ideal tool for yoga, pilates and sports training
  • Suitable for treating sports injuries

Pro11 Yoga Wheel
  • The ultimate piece of yoga equipment 
  • Assists with stretching and strengthening
  • Use to release muscle tension
  • Helps you get deeper into poses

Sissel Pilates and Yoga Mat
  • High quality Pilates and yoga mat
  • For added comfort when training
  • Anti-slip and lightweight 
  • Non-toxic design

Sissel Yoga Belt
  • Yoga belt to aid training
  • Helps extend your reach in particular exercises
  • 100% undyed cotton
  • Available in 2 different lengths

Sissel Yoga Block
  • Yoga block to aid training
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Available in 2 different materials

Sissel Yoga Relax Sitting Cushion
  • Yoga cushion for comfort and support
  • Ideal for exercise, relaxation and meditation
  • Easily portable, ideal for taking to classes
  • Available in 2 colours


Sissel Yoga Socks
  • Socks for yoga
  • Keep feet warm whilst exercising
  • Non-slip and comfortable 
  • Available in 2 sizes

The Yoga Set
  • A full set comprising ball, strap, mat
  • Helps enhance flexibility and strenth
  • Ideal for home use or in class
  • 36" gym ball, 173 x 61cm mat

Yoga Mat with Carry Bag
  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and aerobics
  • Durable, non-slip surface holds up to repeated usage
  • Suitable for home or gym use
  • Includes a stylish carry bag

Yoga-Mad Evolution Mat with Carry Strap
  • Excellent grip;
  • Available in 4 colours;
  • Soft touch & lightweight;
  • Co-ordinated carry string.

Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block
  • Available in 2 colours;
  • First grade EVA foam;
  • Size= 305mm x 205mm x 50mm;
  • For use as cushioning in inversions.

Yoga-Mad Half Yoga Block
  • Half size yoga block;
  • First grade EVA foam;
  • Offers cushioning for inversions;
  • Size = 305mm x 205mm x 25mm.

Yoga-Mad Hi-density Yoga brick
  • Safe and light weight;
  • Available in 2 colours;
  • Provides lift or grounding;
  • Size = 220mm x 110mm x 70mm.

Yoga-Mad Jute Yoga Mat Bag
  • Yoga mat bag with adjustable strap and internal pockets
  • Eco-friendly jute-and-cotton bag features a waterproof lining
  • Concealed zip helps keep mat and other belongings secure
  • Available in either a blue or natural colour to suit your style

Yoga-Mad Lightweight Yoga Belt
  • Length = 2m
  • Ideal for normal use
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Chrome metal D Ring closure

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