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Sub Bath Support
  • Supportive seating system for children;
  • Suitable for children with limited upper body stability;
  • Perfect for shallow water bathing.


Child's Bath Support
  • Provides child with freedom to play whilst seated;
  • Height adjustable;
  • Provides a stable support both in the bath or on the floor;
  • Available in three sizes;
  • Padded cushion also available.

Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair
  • Fully height and angle adjustable
  • Features padded support for extra comfort
  • Made with soft machine washable mesh fabric
  • Available in four sizes for babies to adolescents

Bariatric Shower Bench
  • Comfortable seat for bariatric users
  • Backrest can be adjusted in depth
  • Available with two different widths
  • Shower Chair is height adjustable

Penguin Paediatric Bath Seat
  • Provides safe support in a relaxed reclining position
  • Perfect for use during both bathing and play
  • Suitable for installation in most standard baths
  • Features adjustable sucker feet and abduction block

Paediatric Bath Corner Chair
  • Designed to provide safety to children in the bath
  • Made from tough ABS plastic that is easy to clean
  • Suitable for children aged from 6 months to 12 years
  • Available in two sizes to suit a range of children

Extra-Wide Bariatric Bedside Commode and Shower Chair
  • Has a cut-out seat for improved personal cleaning in the shower
  • Suitable as a chair, bedside commode and shower chair
  • Has 'butterfly' armrests so body doesn't get squeezed
  • Provides a comfortable seat for bariatric users

Invacare Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift
  • Reclining back for comfort and perfect positioning in the bath
  • Floating hand control provides easier operation
  • Allows for easy transfer during bathing
  • Folding design allows compact storage

Homecraft Ascot Combined Board and Seat System
  • Ensures correct alignment with no possibility of movement
  • Available with either standard or cut-away seat
  • Frame is adjustable for bath depth variations
  • Combines bath board with a bath seat

Otter Bath Chair
  • Five angle options for seat and backrest;
  • Slip Resistant adjustable legs;
  • Uni-Bars for one handed adjustment;
  • Folds flat for easy storage.

Myco Ultra Swivel Bather
  • Fits any standard bath.
  • No fixtures or fittings, easily removed.
  • Great for ease of handling and storage.
  • Max user weight rating: 25st (159kg).

Homecraft Aluminium Swivelling Bath Seat
  • Has side arms to enable easy transfer and provide further security
  • Available in three frame widths to suit a variety of bath sizes
  • Rotating seat locks at each 90° interval for added security
  • Holes in the seat's design help aid water drainage

Soft Fabric for Otter Bath Chair (Large)
  • Soft fabric add on for use with the Otter Bath Chair
  • Keeps children secure while in the bath or shower
  • Supplied with trunk straps and leg straps
  • Extra padding between the fabric and chair frame

Homecraft White Line Swivelling Bath Seat
  • Made from aluminium and holds maximum user weight of 20.25 stone (130kg)
  • Has a plastic seat with a horseshoe front cut-out for personal cleansing
  • Small holes in seat to aid water drainage and improve user comfort
  • Supplied flat packed with tools and is very easy to assemble

Etac Staple Hygiene Stool
  • Reliable stool or step.
  • For stepping in and out of the bath.
  • For use as a footstool when using the toilet.
  • Plastic removable top for easy cleaning.

Vitility Folding Bath and Shower Seat
  • Adjustable height 37cm - 40cm to suit most people
  • Gives support and safety in the bath or shower to those who need it
  • Non-slip seat and feet stop you or the chair from sliding about
  • Aluminium legs hold up to a maximum of 113kg (249.1lbs)
  • Foldable for easy storage

Headrest and Lateral Supports for Otter Bath Chair
  • Wedges and adjustable strap for additional lateral support
  • To be used with the Otter Bath Chair
  • Provide extra support to the upper body
  • Attached at different heights to suit your needs

Coopers Merlin Showerboard
  • Made of highly durable reinforced PVC
  • Wider than the standard Merlin Bathboard
  • Provides a seated platform to assist shower entry
  • Unique self-locating fixing system ensures secure positioning

Slatted Bath Seat 8''
  • High quality design;
  • Comfortable seat;
  • Four suckers in each leg;
  • Slatted design provides easy drainage.

Coopers Merlin Bathseat
  • Provides a comfortable intermediary seat in the bath
  • Fixes securely with suction pads that incorporate easy-release tabs
  • Can be used in combination with bath boards
  • Features tapered slats to encourage rapid drainage

Bathboard Seat
  • Makes bath time safe and easy;
  • Provides a secure, comfortable seat;
  • Simply place on the existing bathtub;
  • Adjustable in width for optimal fitting.

Coopers Merlin Bathboard
  • Made of highly durable reinforced PVC
  • Provides a seated platform to assist bath entry
  • Can also be used as a seat for over-bath showering
  • Unique self-locating fixing system ensures secure positioning

Homecraft Lightweight Suspended Bath Seat
  • No assembly or adjustment necessary; simply position seat when required
  • Made from aluminium and plastic so corrosion resistant and lightweight
  • Soft caps on arms protect edge of bath and prevent seat from moving
  • Supports a maximum weight of up to 15.75 stone (or 100kg)

Bathing And Showering Seat
  • Sturdy moulded plastic construction
  • Slatted design allows drainage
  • Strong suction cups for stability
  • Can be used with other bathboards

Savanah Slatted Bath Seat
  • Resistant against corrosion because fittings either stainless steel or plastic
  • Provides a strong, comfortable seat suitable for bathing and showering
  • Bath seat is available in three different heights to cater to your needs
  • Four strong suction cups hold the bath seat securely in position

Slatted Bath Seat - 150mm (6'')
  • Slatted seat that makes bathing safer
  • Ideal for users who have trouble bending
  • Supports users up to 30 stone (190kg)
  • Four suction feet ensure the seat stays in place

Cosby Bath Seat
  • A fantastic lightweight robust white polypropylene bathseat
  • Large sitting area 18"/45cm wide and 10"/25cm deep
  • Secure and appealing to the eye
  • Polypropylene can be autoclaved

Nuvo™ Grab Handle
  • Optional handle for the Nuvo range;
  • Unique soft moulded grip;
  • Comfortable design;
  • Aid ease of transfer in bath or shower.

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