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Treat Your Own Neck by Robin McKenzie (3rd Edition)
  • Educates readers on how to treat their neck pain
  • Written by world-renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie
  • Provides effective exercises and pain prevention methods
  • Explains how to tell exactly where your pain is coming from

'Let's Talk About Dying' Communication Resource Flashcards
  • Essential guide for professionals
  • Understand importance of communication
  • Inter-professional working
  • Two stage guide to improve confidence

'Motivating The Teenage Mind' Programme
  • Guide for students to learn motivation
  • Techniques for encourging teenagers
  • Awaken curiosity and interest
  • Enables students to create vision for future

'Stillpoints for Children' Relaxation Guide
  • Guide for neutralising stress in children
  • Audio education for group activities
  • Handbook explains the rationale
  • Helps increase learning ability 

100 Creative Writing Activities to Promote Positive Thinking
  • Versatile guide promotes positive thinking
  • Encouraging creative writing activites
  • Useful guide for those working with teenagers
  • Encompases wide variety of writing styles

Active Learning Emotional Literacy Workbook
  • Provides an introduction to the other 12 titles in the Emotional Literacy PSHE series
  • Encourages children to actively participate in the classroom
  • Includes 50 activities and ideas for active learning
  • Suitable for students of all ages

An Introductory Guide to Aromatherapy by Louise Tucker
  • Approachably written, easy to read style
  • Comprehensive information of all aspects
  • History, techniques, storage and sourcing
  • Perfect for aromatherapy students, professionals

An Introductory Guide to Business by John Mann
  • Covers the main ideas on starting a business
  • Ideal for Business Studies students, professionals
  • Simple delivery of information for effective learning
  • Advise on all areas from marketing to planning

An Introductory Guide to Massage by Louise Tucker
  • Ideal for those studying ITEC massage syllabus
  • Covers all required information
  • Introduces different types of massage
  • 2 parts, from history of massage to application

An Introductory Guide to Reflexology by Louise Tucker
  • Essential textbook for students
  • Provides all information for syllabuses
  • Written concisely yet comprehensively
  • Useful thoroughly illustrated guides

Beginner's Guide to Circle Time Educational Book
  • A comprehensive guide to circle time
  • Explanations for all the games and strategies
  • Helps children to develop social skills and communication
  • Ideal for children up to the age of eleven

Behaviour Resilience Cards
  • Colourful cards used for teaching children coping strategies
  • Helps to teach resilience, teamwork and problem-solving
  • Ideal for children of all ages
  • Includes 40 full-colour cards and a 26-page booklet

Boyfriends and Girlfriends Emotional Literacy Workbook
  • Teaches students the biological and psychological factors of sex and relationships
  • Encourages young people to open an honest and meaningful dialogue about sex
  • Includes a 50-page book with 14 lesson plans
  • Suitable for students of all ages

Building Self-Esteem Discussion Card Game
  • Helps students discover personal qualities about themselves
  • Encourages young people to think about the patterns behind their behaviours
  • Suitable for students between the ages of 11 and 18
  • Includes 32 statement cards that can be used alongside the workbook

Building Self-Esteem Emotional Literacy Workbook
  • Develops insight on self-esteem and behaviour
  • Teaches students how to handle negative criticisms or put downs
  • Includes a 52-page book with 15 chapters and accompanying worksheets
  • Suitable for students between the ages of 11 and 18

Bus Story Test. Revised Edition By Catherine Renfrew
  • Testing system for children's language skills
  • Full colour, illustrated story book
  • Photocopiable scoring sheet included
  • Scores ability to coherently retain and recall information

Change Agents Leadership Activities
  • Promotes confidence, self-awareness, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Encourages children to make positive change through community action
  • Comes with a guidebook of leadership exercises and activities
  • Suitable for schoolkids of all ages

Circle Time and Learning About Feelings Activity Cards
  • Activity cards to help children learn about and manage their feelings
  • Encourages pupils to talk about what or why things are important to them
  • Contains a book of activities, lesson plans and 60 feelings cards
  • Ideal for school children up to the age of 11

Co-Operation Frogs Teaching Activities
  • Funny characters to help children learn about co-operation
  • Suitable for circle time discussions
  • Ideal for children between ages four and eight
  • Includes a CD-ROM and activity pack

Communication Teaching Cards
  • Engaging cartoons used to teach students effective communication
  • Activities that encourage thoughtful reading of verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Includes 38 full-colour cards and 42-page instruction booklet
  • Ideal for children of all ages

Complete Set of Emotional Literacy PSHE Books
  • Equips teachers with everything they need for a productive PSHE curriculum
  • Teaches young people life skills such as negotiation, empathy and critical thinking
  • Includes all 13 PSHE books in the Emotional Literacy series
  • Ideal for teaching secondary school-aged students

Creating Student Leaders Educational Activity
  • Breaks down the concept of traditional leadership roles
  • Creates better leadership opportunities for young people
  • Ideal for use in both primary and secondary schools
  • Contains a 160-page guidebook and a printable CD-ROM

Dealing with Conflict Emotional Literacy Workbook
  • Helps students identify different types of conflict
  • Encourages young people to repond to conflict in positive ways
  • Includes a 52-page spiral-bound book with 12 lesson plans
  • Ideal for schoolkids of all ages

Decision Making Emotional Literacy Workbook
  • Examines the extent and range of decision making
  • Helps young people develop the skills for making satisfactory decisions
  • Includes a 58-page spiral-bound book with 13 lesson plans
  • Ideal for students over the age of 11

Dermoscopy The Essentials 2nd Edition
  • Written by 5 dermatologists;
  • Clear and concise;
  • Explains dermoscopy;
  • Contains over 375 images.

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Page 1 of 5:    426 Items