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Beurer MG300 Extra Large Shiatsu Seat Cover
  • Shiatsu neck and back massage, roll or spot massage
  • Automatic body scanning for customised massage experience
  • Includes three automatic massage programmes
  • Three massage areas: neck, back, neck and back

AutoSlide Transfer Aid
  • Allows users to turn and move sideways easier;
  • Robust handle makes assistance easier;
  • Durable polyester construction;
  • Machine washable.

Beurer MG260 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover
  • Offers relaxing neck, back, spot or rolling massage
  • Two massage fingers and four heads for complete relaxation
  • Easy operation with manual control switch
  • Three massage areas: upper, lower, full back

Beurer MG295 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover
  • Penetrating 3D back massage, spot and shiatsu neck massage
  • Select clockwise or anticlockwise massage direction
  • Features four massageheads for complete relaxation
  • Comes with a switchable light and heating function

Car Assist Pack for Assisted Transfers
  • Specifically designed to help a person get into and out of the car
  • Contains everything you need in one handy carry bag
  • Only requires the help of one person
  • Ideal for home or community settings

Car Assist Pack for Unassisted Transfers
  • Specifically designed to help a person get into and out of the car
  • Contains everything you need in one handy carry bag
  • Helps the user remain independent
  • Ideal for home or community settings

Rota Swivel Cushion
  • Creates a safer environment during transfers
  • Especially suitable for getting in and out of cars
  • Easy to use independently or with carer assistance
  • Available in two sizes, Standard and Large

Car Caddie
  • Provides assistance when getting in and out car;
  • Made of durable long lasting nylon;
  • Portable design can be used in many vehicles;
  • Handle height can be adjusted.

Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion
  • Padded foam cushion enclosed in a soft fleece covering
  • Ideal for helping low-mobility users in and out of vehicles
  • Facilitates turning and positioning with a 360° turntable
  • Lets pain-sensitive users sit comfortably on long journeys

Handy Bar

  • Soft non slip handle;
  • Provides comfort and safety when travelling;
  • Built in seat belt cutter and glass breaker for emergencies;
  • Strong forged steel shaft.

Leg Lifter
  • Designed to help lift legs into and out of bed or car
  • Uses unique wipe clean base for better hygiene
  • Multicoloured handles help you maintain good posture
  • Can be used independently or with a carer

Panoramic Car Mirror
  • Installs easily;
  • Eliminates blind spots;
  • Panoramic rear view mirror;
  • Improves driving safety & visibility.

Door Shutting Strap
  • Easily attaches to the armrest on the car door and has a loop
  • Ideal for people who have difficulties shutting car doors
  • Reduces the need for stretching and over-reaching
  • Suitable for door handles with an open grip

Airogym Portable DVT Exercise Cushion
  • Inflatable exercise cushion
  • Increases blood flow in legs
  • Reduces risk of DVT.
  • Ideal for travel/elderly/pregnancy etc.

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