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Hip Supports and Braces

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Donjoy X-Act ROM Hip Orthosis Brace
  • Features a compression belt to support the lower back
  • Lightweight in design for improved comfort during use
  • Designed to support your hip following an operation
  • Universal sizing adapts to the left or the right hip

Hip Abduction Orthosis
  • Low profile design for ease of use
  • Complete kit with pelvic, thigh and joint sections
  • Flexion and extension ROM hip joint
  • Suitable for Total Hip Replacement rehab and more

Venum Hybrid Soft Hip Abduction Brace
  • Features a cable pulley system for extra lumbar support
  • Ergonomic arthritic grip can be customised to your size
  • Ideal for pre- and post-operative support of the hip
  • Breathable fabric wicks away perspiration quickly

Charnley Hip Positioning Abduction Wedge
  • For use following hip operations to support hip abduction
  • Hook-and-loop straps prevent unwanted movement
  • Made from combustion-modified foam for added comfort
  • Vapour-permeable cover provides improved hygiene

Hip Control System
  • Suitabel for Post-Op Hip Revision/THR;
  • High Quality;
  • Combination Joint;
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Ottobock Tubingen Abduction Orthosis
  • For infant hip dysplasia
  • For unstable/decentred hips
  • Infants from 1-12 months
  • Customisable flexion

Rolyan Abduction Pillow
  • Pillow designed to provide hip abduction
  • Complete with foam straps for reliability
  • For individual patient use to increase hygiene
  • Available in a choice of sizes for effective support

Ottobock Dosi Symphysiolysis Pelvic Support
  • Pelvic dysfunction/low back pain
  • Supports the pelvic joints
  • Acts as a pain-relieving brace
  • Easy to wear during any activity

Safehip AirX Hip Pad Hip Protector Underwear
  • Underwear with built-in hip protection to prevent fractures
  • Ideal for those who are at risk of falls around the home
  • Comfortable and breathable with a discreet design
  • Available in four versions for men and women

Paediatric Pavlik Harness
  • Helps strengthen muscles and tendons
  • Soft straps ensure comfort
  • Integral booties keep feet in place
  • Suitable for subluxation, hip dysplasia and more

Rolyan Knee Separators
  • Knee separators designed to assist with hip abduction
  • Distributes pressure over the thighs while holding abduction
  • Available in a comfortable polyester or wipe-clean vinyl
  • Positions thighs 10cm apart with a 117cm strap length

Fabric Post Operative Hip Spica Support
  • Elasticticated pelvic section and thigh wrap;
  • 8 removable aluminium T-Bar stays;
  • Helps control abduction/adduction;
  • For post operative use or following hip orthosis removal.

Thermoskin Hip and Groin Support
  • Hip support and thigh support for hip pain relief
  • Hip support brace is ideal for strains, displacement and tendonitis
  • Uses compression, support and heat to enable a faster recovery
  • Lightweight and breathable design suitable for groin, hip and thigh

Cold Compression Therapy for the Hip
  • Gel cold pack with frost-free liner to allow direct application to the skin
  • Adjustable chamber provides contouring and compression to injury site
  • Delivers both cold and compression therapy simultaneously
  • Ideal following hip replacement operations

ProCare Podous Ankle Injury Boot
  • Ideal for a range of injuries and conditions, including trauma
  • Free from natural rubber latex to prevent allergic reactions
  • Adjustable toe extension helps protect toes from bedding
  • Features an anti-rotation bar to prevent painful rotation

Paediatric Multi Podus Ambu Assist
  • For Multi Podus AFO systems
  • Ideal for extended abulation
  • Perfect for gait training
  • Adds stability and protects AFO

Compression Hip Support Belt
  • Hip support providing compression to the pelvic cradle and sacroliac joints
  • Ideal for providing relief from hip pain and support for instability
  • Reduces swelling following abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, or Pfannenstiel incision
  • Can be worn to reduce pain and swelling following hysterectomy

Oppo Hip Stabiliser
  • Stabilises the pelvis;
  • Comes in various sizes;
  • Can be reversed for left or right;
  • Offers controllable compression.

Neo G Groin Support
  • Ideal for groin strains and sprains.
  • Adjustable groin support shorts allowing variable compression.
  • Enables you to customise the level of support.
  • Ensure good blood flow to the groin.

Shim Kit for the Hip Abduction Orthosis
  • Shim kit outsets hip joint by 0.25 inches
  • For the Hip Abduction Orthosis
  • Provides additional support
  • Universal size fits all configurations

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