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Medicine Balls

Medicine balls can be used for a variety of different exercises to build stamina, flexibility and muscle strength. Many of the sets in our range come with a selection of differently sized weights, ranging from between 1kg and 10kg. You can slowly increase the weight of your medicine ball as your fitness level increases.

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Medicine Ball Display Stand
  • Safely and easily store medicine balls
  • Takes up minimal floor space ideal for smaller clinics
  • Holds up to five medicine balls of various size
  • Easy assembly for faster setup

Double Grip Medicine Balls
  • Versatile medicine balls great for a range of exercises
  • Eight weights available to meet different needs
  • Colour-coded weights for easy identification
  • Two handles for secure and safe use

Fitness-Mad Double Grip Medicine Ball
  • Increases control and ability to cope with heavier weight
  • Doesn't bounce, so you don't have to worry if you drop it
  • Remains a perfect sphere in spite of the handles
  • Easy to grip with either one or two hands

Fitness-Mad PVC Slam Ball (4 - 10kg)
  • Slam ball to strengthen core and coordination
  • Ideal for HIIT, circuits or strength training
  • Provides full body conditioning
  • Available in 4kg, 6kg, 8kg or 10kg (sold separately)

Fitness-Mad PVC Medicine Ball (1 - 4kg)
  • Weighted exercise medicine ball 
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and workouts
  • PVC is waterproof and easy to grip
  • Available in weights from 1 - 4kg

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