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Aircast Walker Boots

Explore the Aircast Walker Boot range for boots moulded on over 30 years of patient care experience. Designed with comfort and improved mobility in mind, these are suitable for various indications. For more information or a personalised recommendation, please contact our Customer Care Team at

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Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot
  • Aircast boot that absorbs shock and dissipates impact forces
  • Ideal for metatarsal fractures, ankle sprains, bunionectomy and more
  • Ensures increased comfort during your recovery
  • Integrated inflation system allows an individualised fit

Aircast Tall Walker Boot Weather Cover
  • Open bottom improves stability and grip
  • Features easy-to-fasten Velcro straps
  • Protects your Aircast Walker Boot
  • Keeps your walker clean and dry

Aircast Walker Boot Replacement Sock (Pack of 3)
  • Absorbs sweat to reduce friction and increase comfort
  • Ideal for use with almost every type of walker boot
  • Creates a barrier between the boot and skin
  • Supplied in one universal size to fit most

Aircast Short Walker Boot Weather Cover
  • Keeps your walker clean and dry for added versatility
  • Protects your Short Walker Boot from the elements
  • Designed with an open bottom for stability and grip
  • Crafted with easy-to-fasten Velcro straps

Hygiene Cover for Aircast Walker Boots
  • Suitable for use with Aircast Walker Boots
  • Helps promote and maintain good hygiene
  • Easy to don and doff whenever necessary
  • Cover protects indoor carpets and floors

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