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Disabled Toilet Alarm Systems

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Soft Touch Chin and Facial Activation Disabled Alarm for MPPL Home Care System
  • Highly sensitive panic alarm system
  • Soft touch sensitive pad triggers alarm
  • Ideal for severely disabled patients
  • Includes transmitter and pager

Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System
  • Toilet alarm system for homes, care homes, swimming pools and public buildings
  • Audio and visual alarm alerts others if bathroom user needs assistance
  • Quick and easy installation can be set up by non-professional in ten minutes
  • Suitable for monitoring up to 15 pull cord devices

Desktop Alarm Station and Signal Booster for the Wireless Pull Cord System

Emergency Call Alarm Strobe Light for the Wireless Pull Cord Alarm System

Disabled Toilet Alarm System
  • Cost effective and reliable solution
  • Attractive modern design
  • Constant sounder and flashing light alarm
  • Self test fault finding indication

Main Alarm Controller/Indicator for the Disabled Toilet Alarm System
  • Replacement part for the Disabled Toilet Alarm System
  • Used to control and reset the system as well as indicate when the alarm has been activated
  • Integral power supply, making installation easier
  • Integral reset button with braille indication for ease of use

Emergency Call Alarm Strobe Light

Rondish Waterproof Wireless Disabled Toilet Pull Cord Transmitter
  • Transmitter with pull cord, call button, and wireless reset
  • Waterproof design ideal for use in disabled toilets
  • Compatible with a range of receivers and alarms
  • Wireless design for easy installation onto a wall

Pull Cord Transmitter for Emergency Call Alarm
  • Wireless nurse call alarm transmitter
  • Allows user to alert carer if assistance is required 
  • For use with the Emergency Call Alarm
  • Waterproof and battery operated

Ceiling Pull Cord Switch for the Disabled Toilet Alarm System
  • Ceiling cord for the Disabled Toilet Alarm System
  • Includes two handles – one at toilet height and one at floor height
  • Bright red design for easy visibility in an emergency
  • Ideal for hospitals, care facilities, public bathrooms, and businesses

Reset Button for Disabled Toilet Alarm Deluxe Full System
  • Reset button for Disabled Toilet Alarm Deluxe
  • Enables alarm to be reset
  • Slim design for discreet placement
  • Can be purchased as an additional reset button

Geemarc Amplicall 2 Push Bell with Emergency Cord
  • Long pull cord for easier reaching
  • Ideal for summoning help while in the bath or shower
  • Provides peace of mind for those prone to falling
  • Easily pairs with Amplicall 20 and Amplicall 50

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items