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Silipos Digit Gel Pads (12 Pack)
  • Protects from friction and abrasion
  • Alleviates footwear pressure on toes
  • Use where corns cause discomfort
  • Versatile and 12 pads per pack

Darco Toe Alignment Splint
  • Elastic metatarsal band with soft toe straps for post-operative alignment
  • Ideal for conditions including hallux valgus, hammer toe, and tailor's bunion
  • Fits easily into most footwear and helps to reduce slippage
  • Free from latex to reduce the risk of skin irritation

GelSmart M-Gel Digital Strip
  • Digital strip to reduce friction between the toes
  • Ideal for conditions such as corns and bunions
  • Helps to alleviate toe pain and irritation
  • Available in three different sizes

Silipos Gel Toe Crest
  • Relieves pressure and pain 
  • Absorbs shock, even pressure
  • Releases mineral oil to soften skin
  • Held securely in place with a toe loop

Silipos Antibacterial Digit Gel Pads (6 Pack)
  • Protects toes and fingers from friction
  • Special antibacterial gel kills 99.9%
  • Mineral oil hydrates and comforts
  • Keeps wounded digits hygienic

Silipos Antibacterial Gel Digit Caps (Pack of 6)
  • Antibacterial hygienic coating
  • Mineral oil gel is soft and comfortable
  • Completely encloses the toe or finger
  • Suitable for wounds and injuries

Silicone Gel Toe Cap
  • Provides protection to whole toe
  • Soft silicone for improved cushioning
  • Pre-formed design for easier use
  • Ideal for protecting corns, blisters and more

Silicone Toe Crest Cushion
  • Raises and realigns toes for comfort
  • Eases pressure on metatarsals
  • Securely fits between ball of foot and toes
  • Suitable for hammer toes, claw toes and more

JuraGel Tubular Toe Protector
  • Silicone tubular toe protector
  • Ideal for calluses, blisters, soft corns and hammer toe
  • Easily cut to length for personalisation
  • Seamless elasticated outer layer reduces friction

Sidas Gel Toe Cap Protectors
  • Protects toenails from impact damage for better foot health
  • Absorb impacts to reduce pain from existing injuries
  • Made from washable and reusable silicone for a longer life
  • Trimmable design ensures a better fit

Sidas Gel Toe Wrap Protectors
  • Reduces rubbing between toes for better comfort
  • Help ease pain from corns and calluses
  • Made from washable and reusable silicone for a longer life
  • Trimmable design ensures a better fit

Ultimate Performance Toe Protectors
  • Pair of silicon toe protectors for abrasions and swellings
  • Ideal for pain relief and protection from blisters and corns
  • Silicon material stretches for perfect fit any toe on any foot
  • Two toe protectors included, allowing for protection on both feet

Active Gel Digital Cap
  • Relieves pain;
  • Soft & comfortable wear;
  • Protection for toes & the nail area;
  • Ribbed nylon for durability & elasticity.

Silipos Sandal Gel Toe Protectors
  • Fits onto toe stand of sandals to enhance comfort
  • Reduces pressure and friction for all-day use
  • Prevents the pain and blisters associated with flip flops
  • Clear and slim with easy peel and stick application

Pro11 Bunion Toe Corrector and Spreader (Pair)
  • Two-in-one bunion protector and toe corrector
  • Made from soft gel that moulds for a custom-like fit
  • Reduces friction between shoes and bunions/hammer toes
  • Realigns the big toe to reduce pressure on the joint

Therastep Gel Toe Protector with Spreader
  • Combines two great products in one
  • Relieves pressure and friction
  • Washable and reusable
  • Contains soothing vitamin E and Aloe

Silicone Toe Separator
  • Reduces pressure and friction to ease discomfort
  • Securely fits between toes
  • Trimmable for perfect fit
  • Suitable for corns, toe deformities and more

Active Gel Tubing
  • Cut to size;
  • Soft & comfortable wear;
  • Protection from overlapping toes;
  • Ribbed nylon for durability & elasticity.

Pro11 Flip Flop Toe Post Guards (Pair)
  • A single pair of discreet toe post guards
  • For flip flops and sandals with toe posts
  • Protect and massage between the toes
  • Non-slip design for enhanced comfort

Silipos Full Gel Finger and Toe Caps (2 Pack)
  • Protect your fingers and toes from pain caused by pressure and friction
  • Treat nail and skin problems and reduce discomfort caused by corns, blisters and ingrown nails
  • Constructed from mineral oil gel to cushion, moisturise and condition the skin
  • Viscoelastic properties help enable movement and prevent abrasion and discomfort.

Therastep All Gel Digital Cap
  • Cushion, protects and reduces foot pain and pressure       
  • Turn uncomfortable walks into soothing therapy sessions
  • Designed to reduce pain caused by various ailments 
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic

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