What are the best magnetic golf bracelets?

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Golf is a sport of inches, where single blades of grass can mean the difference between a round-saving par and a frustrating bogey. With these tiny margins for failure and success, it's no wonder that the best players look for advantages everywhere they can, and for the rest of us, all we can do is take note and follow suit. While we can't all spend an extra few hours per day at the driving range like the pros, we can emulate their equipment, which is why magnetic golf bracelets are so intriguing.

Best magnetic bracelets for golf
Magnetic golf bracelets have become a popular accessory for touring professionals

You'll see magnetic golf bracelets all over the professional golfing tours, with countless players wearing them and claiming reduced joint pain, better circulation and even boosted balance. While many of the effects are still not fully understood, we can't argue with results, and professional golfers certainly show those round after round. If you feel like boosting your game and taking a line from the pros, you'll be happy to see that our experts have put together a list of the Best Magnetic Golf Bracelets, giving you an edge you never knew you lacked.

Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo Magnetic Bracelet

Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo Magnetic BraceletWe'll start with one of the most popular magnetic bracelets for golfers, from a brand that has outfitted thousands of pros to enhance their well-being. The Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo Magnetic Bracelet uses the principles of ANSPO magnetic therapy, and is equipped with four 1000 Gauss magnets, producing over 1500 negative ions per second. Discreet and sporty, this bracelet claims to reduce joint pain while increasing mobility.

Key Features: From the trusted Trion:Z brand; contains four 1000 Gauss magnets for powerful magnetic therapy.

Sabona Trio Cable Black and Silver Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Trio Cable Black and Silver Magnetic BraceletWith its very simple design and five 1200 Gauss Samarium Cobalt magnets, the Trio Cable Black and Silver Magnetic Bracelet will go with all your golfing attire to provide you with the edge you need. A perfect magnetic golf bracelet for the smart-casual look, this bracelet contains five 1200 Gauss magnets, and is designed for those suffering from osteoarthritis. Made with stainless steel with silver-plated links, this bracelet resists rust to stay working for you as long as you need it to.

Key Features: Contains five 1200 Gauss magnets; available in four sizes; black and silver design.

Trion:Z Colour Palette Magnetic Bracelet

Trion:Z Colour Palette Magnetic BraceletDesigned for active people, this next Trion:Z entry lets you have your magnetic golfing bracelet in any colour you'd like. The Trion:Z Colour Palette Magnetic Bracelet is lightweight with a snug fit, ensuring it moves with you without getting in the way. Made from beta titanium, this ultra-strong bracelet is strong and waterproof so it can stand up to anything you can.

Key Features: Available in four colours; alternating magnet orientation for maximum field flow.

Sabona Black Carbon Fibre Stainless Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Black Carbon Fibre Stainless Magnetic BraceletWe all know that a smart look can be important for some days on the golf course, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from magnetic therapy as well. The Sabona Black Carbon Fibre Stainless Magnetic Bracelet is both stylish and powerful, with two 1200 Gauss Samarium Cobalt magnets in each of its links, ensuring maximum therapeutic benefit. Made from stainless steel with three black carbon inlays on each link, this bracelet is just as attractive as it is strong, and perfect for anyone looking for a discreet and stylish magnetic bracelet for golf.

Key Features: Two 1200 Gauss magnets in each link; available in five sizes, smart stainless steel design

Trion:Z Maxi Loop Magnetic Bracelet

Trion:Z Maxi Loop Magnetic BraceletWhen it comes to sporting performance in a magnetic golf bracelet, it's hard to beat Trion:Z, which is why the brand both starts and finishes our list. The Trion:Z Maxi Loop Magnetic Bracelet is made with flexible, waterproof silicone, making it a perfect choice for golfing and other accuracy-based sports. Delivering over 1000 negative ions per second, the two 1000 Guass magnets in this bracelet make it ideal for increasing joint mobility while staying sporty.

Key Features: Uses patented ANSPO technology, delivers over 1000 negative ions per second, flexible and waterproof materials.

These are some of our favourite magnetic bracelets for golf, and while we can't guarantee they'll turn you into a scratch golfer, they certainly can't hurt. If you suffer from arthritic pain, or are just looking for an extra psychological boost to keep your cool on the green, take a tip from the pros and try a magnetic golfing bracelet on for size. If you're interested in a golfing magnetic bracelet but want to take a look around, check out our entire selection of Magnetic Bracelets for Golf, with dozens of options to choose from!

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