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Rehband Back Supports

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Rehband X Rx Neoprene Back Support (7mm)
  • Neoprene compression back support for powerlifting
  • Ideal for weightlifters, bodybuilders and crosstrainers
  • Provides warmth and compression, increasing blood flow and recovery
  • Increases stability allowing for maximised lifting power and safety

Rehband Power Back Support
  • High-stability back brace with two belts
  • Ideal back brace for heavy lifters
  • Two belts provide maximum support
  • Alleviates pain to help with recovery

Rehband Core X-Stable Back Support
  • Stabilising lower back support
  • For severe and chronic back pain
  • Removable splints for extra support
  • Ideal for athletes recovering from injury

Rehband Rx Original Neoprene Back Support (7mm)
  • Ergonomic neoprene back support
  • For heavy lifters and sufferers of back ache
  • Eases pressure and relieves pain
  • Improves posture and increases performance

Rehband Blue Line Back Support
  • Quality back support for chronic pain
  • Ideal for people lifting objects at work
  • Improves posture and coordination
  • Available in 5 sizes to suit most users

Rehband Core Back Support
  • Stabilising support for lower back
  • Eases mild pain
  • Neoprene fabric retains warmth
  • Ideal for athletes - helps treat strain and overuse

Rehband Active Line Back Support
  • Stabilising back support with breathable design
  • Suitable for people suffering from Lumbar pain
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Available in 2 sizes to suit most users

Rehband X Rx Lifting Belt
  • Adjustable weight lifting belt for heavy training
  • Ideal for heavy lifting and compound exercises
  • Helps achieve ideal form to avoid injury
  • Slip resistant and comfortable for long use

Rehband Basic Back Support
  • Support for back pain
  • Warms and improves circulation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in 4 sizes

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items