Best Heat Pads for Back Pain

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Heat pads are becoming an increasingly popular way to tackle back pain. Heat therapy isn't new and has been used successfully across the world for centuries, with different people developing different methods to tackle pain using heat. It works by dilating the blood vessels in the muscles in the back which helps to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area and encourage damaged tissue to heal.

Heat Therapy to Tackle Back Pain
Heat pads are a discreet way to tackle back pain directly

Heat pads are generally small, sometimes portable and more often than not discreet, meaning that they fit into 21st century life easily by allowing users to tackle pain at work, at home or while travelling. At Health and Care we have a wide choice of heat pads designed specifically for back pain. This article demonstrates which heat pads we think are the best, taking into account different styles, sizes, uses and the position of the pain.

Beurer Mobile Heat Pad HK72

Beurer Mobile Heat PadA major benefit of the Beurer Mobile Heat Pad HK72 is that it is battery operated, meaning that you can provide effective pain relief wherever you are during your day. Providing mobile heat for up to four hours, the rapid heat-up function improves blood flow and delivers a soothing effect to stiff joints and sore muscles.

With turbo heating and an easy-to-read and use light up temperature control system, this Mobile Heat Pad is a versatile, effective and user-friendly heat therapy product. Automatic switch-off prevents overheating and its wide rubber strap with hook and loop fastener keeps you comfy during use. 

Key Features: Simple to read four illuminated temperature settings; hooks around the body to keep securely in place; ensures mobile heat for up to four hours.

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Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad

Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat PadEco-friendly and easily disposable, the Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad is ideal for users on the go. The Pad is designed to be simple, quick and lightweight promising to warm up within a few minutes. Self-adhesive in design, the Hotteeze brings powerful pain relief and provides heat for up to 12 hours.

Superb for back pain, the Heat Pad produces an average of 50°C (122°F) during use therefore helping damaged muscles to recover. It is odourless, ultra-light and discreet in nature, perfect for active individuals.

Key Features: Biodegradable construction can be thrown away; provides heat for up to 12 hours; small, lightweight and discreet.

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Sissel Vinotherm Hot Pad

Sissel Vinotherm Hot PadTargeting muscle pain around the upper back, this tri-sectional product is filled with grape seeds meaning it delivers unparalleled comfort. The Sissel Vinotherm Hot Pad provides alleviation from aching muscles, while relieving tension and aiding relaxation. It is easy to use too, and after a short amount of time in the microwave it is ready to use.

With a 100% recyclable design, this eco-friendly hot pad uses a cotton cover to deliver total comfort. Perfect after a long day at work, the Vinotherm Hot Pad targets aching muscles directly.

Key Features: Microwavable and suitable for oven warming; targets muscles on the upper back; cotton cover provides comfort during use.

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Beurer HK55 Heat Pad

Beurer HK55 Heat PadOur second product from Beurer is the Beurer HK55 Heat Pad, that provides not just warmth and relief to your back, but your abdomen, joints and neck too. Ergonomically designed for nearly every user, this comfortable, breathable and user-friendly heat pad comes with three different illuminated temperature settings to bring effective pain relief.

The HK55 Heat Pad fits around the stomach, hugging the body to ensure that it is actually comfortable to use. Temperatures can be increased up to 75°C, while turbo heating promises relief within a short amount of time.

Key Features: Turbo heating brings effective pain relief fast; allows healing in the back, abdomen, joints and neck; automatic turn off prevents device from becoming too hot.

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Cherry Stone Back Hot and Cold Pack

Cherry Stone Back Hot and Cold PackLastly is the versatile, lightweight and comfortable Cherry Stone Back Hot and Cold Pack. Suitable for use in a microwave or oven, this heat pack soothes and relaxes sore muscles. Releasing a moist heat, this pack is well suited for rubbing on skin to increase blood flow to affected areas.

Unlike any of the other products here, the Cherry Stone Pack can also be cooled down, perfect for use after sports and for reducing inflammation that comes with injury. Small and comfy, the Hot and Cold Pack can be transported to wherever you are going.

Key Features: Can be heated and cooled; lightweight, versatile and extremely comfortable to use; helps to increase blood flow to affected areas.

We hope that you've found what you're looking for here. If not, we have an excellent range of Heating and Warmth products and Back, Neck & Shoulder Warmth products on our website. If you're still stuck, don't hesitate to call our customer care team on 020 7720 2266 where someone will be delighted to help.

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Beurer Mobile Heat Pad HK72
  • Cosy and skin-friendly back warmer
  • Provides mobile heat for up to four hours
  • Automatic switch-off function for safer use
  • Rapid heat-up function for a quick relief

Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Heat Pad
  • Easy-to-apply self-adhesive heat pad
  • Ideal for easing muscle soreness, menstrual cramps and back pain
  • Ultra-light and odourless for discreet warming
  • Eco-friendly and easily disposed after use

Sissel Vinotherm Hot Pad
  • Heat pad to relieve muscle pain
  • Tri-sectional to fit around neck and shoulders
  • Filled with grape seeds
  • 100% natural and recyclable

Beurer HK55 Heat Pad
  • Ergonomically shaped for abdomen, back and joints
  • Can be used rolled up as a neck heating pad
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings
  • Automatic switch-off function for added safety

Cherry Stone Back Hot and Cold Pack
  • Hot and cold pack for versatile therapy
  • Retains heat for longer than other packs
  • Designed to provide therapy to the back
  • Can be heated in microwave or cooled in freezer