What Are You Reading At The Moment?

Thursday, 25 April 2013  |  Paul

This is such a common question that I hear a lot! I’m not much of a reader to be honest but I know the feeling of getting hooked and pulled in by a book which you can’t put down. 

What if (or when) your eyesight gets too poor that doing something you love, like reading, gets affected??!  Even if you don’t read books, you probably read the paper or follow recipes in cook books. Poor eyesight can turn your world upside down.

Fear not, as help is at hand.  Health and Care have a wide range of magnifiers which will make your everyday life easier. The Monomouse Magnifier helps you with reading as it connects up to your television using a scart cable and the text will show on the television screen making it much easier to read.

The Monomouse Magnifier is so easy to use and really lightweight which makes it so simple to manoeuvre around your newspaper, magazine, map or whatever you need to use it with.

The range of magnifiers is extremely varied; from portable magnifiers with LCD screens to optical grade acrylic dome magnifiers.  Have a look at our Magnifier Range to see which one catches your eye.