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Stan Skeleton A10

Saturday, 8 November 2014  |  Paul

Anatomical model skeletons are extremely useful in teaching students about the human anatomy. They are perfect for numerous settings, such as schools, hospitals, practices, universities and laboritories. With so many model skeletons on the market, it can be a daunting task to decide which is the most appropriate. Indeed, there are many fantastic model skeletons, which we have available on the Health and Care website. Today I would like to tell you about one of these: Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10. The Stan A10 is an excellent model and that is demonstrated by the fact that he is the world’s best selling skeleton! There are many advantages of using the A10, and these are:

Advantages of the Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10

Here are some of the numerous reasons why Stan Skeleton is so cherished:

  • Appreciated throughout the world for decades
  • Stan offers high quality and robust construction
  • The A10 is great value for money
  • Made from a durable, unbreakable synthetic material       
  • Close to the realistic weight of around 200 bones
  • Individually inserted teeth
  • Stan offers a high level of textural detail and has an accurate weight for its height.
  • The life-size skeleton features detailed bone structure
  • Most of Stan’s bones connect with metal pins that allows for flexibility
  • Anatomically correct, making this articulated skeleton a good fit for any medical or classroom atmosphere
  • Includes a handy stand

Assembly of the Stan A10

As in all models, Stan Skeleton requires a small amount of assembly. However, Stan requires a little more assembly than most anatomy models like it. With the Skeleton Stan, the arms, femurs and tibias come disassembled, but all you'll need to do is attach Stan's bones with the included screws, and customers have testified in the past to how easy this is, on average it takes less than 20 minutes. Once assembled, Stan’s arms and legs detach as easily as they attach, making it easy to move from one place to another. Other parts, such as the calvarium are removable. You can look into Stan's skull to view foramina and other structures in the skull floor, for added educational value. Once you're done, the calvarium connects back to the skull with quick-release hooks.

Technical details of the Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 7.6 kg

A life-like height makes the A10 even more educational.

Customer reviews for the Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10

Sally said: “Great item, just what I wanted, thanks”.

“Stan’s the Man” Jennet        

Mandy was overjoyed when she said: Well-made product. Excellent delivery - arrived day after ordered & good packaging. Really easy to put together”.

Ange enjoyed the structure and said: “Very strong and well designed” (10 out of 10 people found that review helpful!)

Average rating for the Anatomical Model Skeleton Stan A10? 5 Stars!

It’s easy to see why customers turn to Stan for their anatomical model skeleton needs.