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Grooming Aids

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Mason Pearson Luxury Military Hair Brush for Fine Hair
  • Luxury hair brush with traditional military design
  • Suitable for reviving thinning or fine hair
  • Maintains visibly healthy and glossy hair
  • Ideal to use at home or professionally 

Step-Two White Bath Step
  • Central lifting hole so you can move the step easily
  • Strong, lightweight step has a large textured area
  • Step rests on non-slip pads for improved safety
  • Reversible design provides either 4" or 6" step

Adjustable Height Bath Step (Pack of 4 Layers)
  • Four layers so step can be adjusted to your needs
  • Step is easy to wipe clean for improved hygiene
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility or flexibility
  • Assists with getting in and out of the bath

Hands-Free Hair Dryer Stand
  • Holds the dryer steady for one-handed styling or drying
  • Secure foam-padded clamp for extra stability
  • Ideal for hemiplegics, arthritics and others with limited mobility
  • Promotes self-reliance and independent living

ShowerSandal to Wash Your Feet
  • Suitable for those requiring special foot care
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility
  • Requires no bending or stretching
  • Designed to clean your entire foot

Reacher Backscratcher
  • Helps reach your lower and upper back effortlessly
  • Ideal for people with a limited range of motion
  • Bendable handle for scratching hard-to-reach areas
  • Promotes independence and self-reliance

Soapy Soles Foot Brush
  • Ideal for people with back pain or limited movement
  • Has hundreds of soft little fingers to clean your feet
  • Gentle massage pad washes feet without bending
  • Suction caps secure brush to bath or shower floor

Prima Bath Step
  • Built-in non-slip pads makes step safe and secure
  • Supplied as a set so you can adjust the step
  • Large, flat surface area to suit most users
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility

Homecraft Long Handled  Comb or Brush
  • Assists those with limited arm or hand mobility to reach behind their head
  • Promotes self-reliance and independent living
  • Can be folded when not in use for easy storing
  • Available as a Style Comb or a Brush

Homecraft Suction Brush for Nails or Dentures
  • Lightweight, small design allows brush to be carried in bag
  • Allows for one-handed cleaning of nails and dentures
  • Can be attached to smooth, non-porous surfaces
  • Suction Brush mounted on two rubber suckers

Vitility Dalton Lotion Applicator
  • Enables people with limited mobility to apply lotion to hard to reach parts of their body without unnecessary strain
  • Long handle adds range without sacrificing control
  • Rotating balls massage muscles
  • Helps you regain your mobility and independence

Vitility Tick Tweezers
  • Desinged especially for the removal of ticks
  • 13cm long handle makes it easy for those with limited dexterity to operate
  • Includes two swabs for after the tick is removed
  • More accurate than conventional tweezers

Homecraft Plastic Shoehorn
  • Plastic moulded shoehorn with a long handle
  • Supplied with a hanging loop for easy storing
  • Eliminates the need for bending over to put on shoes
  • Super lightweight and easy to use

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items