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Pulse Press Compression Therapy Pump Units

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Pulse Press Lymph 12 Pro Compression Therapy Unit
  • Newly developed Pulse Press Lymp 12 Pro Pump Unit
  • Ultimate system for treating Lymphoedema
  • Cyclone compressor
  • Multi-Mode Pump Unit

Pulse Press Physio 3 Pro Compression Therapy Unit
  • Adjustable inflate and deflate times
  • Powerful Cyclone compressor
  • To treat both venous and arterial leg ulcers
  • Optional Compatible Garments available

Sissel Press 4 Compression Therapy System
  • Compression therapy kit for home and clinical use
  • Alleviates symptoms of poor circulation and venous disease
  • Available as a full kit or just for leg compression
  • Size, duration time and pressure all adjustable

3-CH Universal Hose for the Pulse Press Lymph 12 Pro Compression Therapy Unit
  • Universal hose for the Pulse Press 12 Pro Therapy Unit
  • Allows you to replace damage parts on your unit
  • Ensures that you can continue to use your therapy unit
  • Part of the ultimate system for treating lymphoedema

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items