Power Balance Sports Bracelets

Power Balance Bracelets are everywhere. You may have seen Power Balance bracelets being worn by David Beckham, on golfers such as Ian Poulter, by cyclists during the Tour de France or on Great Britain's athletes at the European Championships in Barcelona. F1 motor racing stars are wearing Power Balance, sometimes on both wrists! Power Balance Sports Bracelets are not only worn by athletes and global sports stars such as Christiano Ronaldo (watch the video), Rubens Barrichello, Shaquille O'Neal and many more. Kate Middleton also wears Power Balance as you may have noticed in a recent magazine feature.  These innovative Power Balance Wristbands are available in a full range of colours and sizes all with free delivery from Health and Care. 
Health and Care is an officially recognised authorised stockist of Power Balance Bracelets.


Health and Care is an authorised stockist of Power Balance products. If you do not see this symbol, the products may not be authentic Power Balance. Health and Care are dedicated to selling official products, with full manufacturer approval.

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