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Nutrition & Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating Educational Poster Pack
  • Colourful and enticing images with rhyming slogans
  • Encourages kids to think about why it's important to eat healthy
  • Ideal to hang up in any primary school classroom
  • Contains a pack of 10 individual A3-sized posters

My BodyBoard Emotional Health Magnetic Teaching Pack Bundle
  • Interactive learning tool for the classroom
  • Allows children to communicate emotions
  • Includes both the board and magnets
  • Visual aids permit easy communication

My BodyBoard for School Education
  • Educational board for teaching about the human body
  • Perfect for use in schools, especially in social and health classes
  • Visual presentation helps to engage children
  • Magnet packs available for hands-on learning

My BodyBoard Teaching Nutrition Magnet Pack
  • Over 90 picture-based and textual magnets
  • Educates students about good nutrition
  • Interactive way for children to learn
  • Includes a full lesson plan

My BodyBoard Teaching Nutrition Magnetic Teaching Pack Bundle
  • Interactive educational pack for the classroom
  • Teaches students about diet and nutrition
  • Features 54 picture and 44 textual magnets
  • Includes both the board and magnets

Nutrition & Eating Well Magnetic Teaching Pack with Double Sided Board
  • Includes full lesson plans;
  • 2 magnetic teaching packs & double sided board;
  • Covers Nutrition & Healthy Eating;
  • Visuals encourage students to engage & discuss nutrition and healthy eating.

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items