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Hip Models

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Flexible Model Skeleton Sam with Muscles and Ligaments
  • Life-sized anatomical model of the human skeleton
  • Suitable for education, professional use or display
  • Features fully flexible spine and ligaments
  • Labelled with over 600 anatomical details

Obesity Body Types Hip Model
  • A detailed model showing cross sections of the hip
  • Clearly demonstrates the fat distribution for both apple and pear shaped body types
  • Includes information card
  • Ideal for use in medical teaching scenarios

Anatomical Model of a Muscled Hip Joint
  • Muscled Hip Joint is full sized
  • Includes removable educational card
  • Has a plastic base to display the joint
  • Ideal as a visual aid for education purposes

Osteoporosis Femur Model
  • A model demonstration of the differences between a healthy femur and an osteoporotic femur
  • Incredibly detailed to highlight the effects of osteoporosis
  • Excellent for use in medical training scenarios
  • Disassemblable and mounted on a removable baseboard

Page 1 of 1:    10 Items