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AcuPrime's broad range of traditional therapeutic devices and tools are some of the most popular products in the circles of UK alternative medicine. Now you can browse our full selection of AcuPrime Products here at Health and Care, including products such as acupuncture needles, physiotherapy products, electrical devices and moxibustion supplies.

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PREMIO 10 Infared Electrical Moxa Device
  • Emits medium and long infrared;
  • Safe, effective and pleasant;
  • For muscle & joint pain/disorders;
  • Equivalent emission of burning moxa.

AWQ-105 PRO Acupuncture Stimulator
  • 5 channels;
  • Adjustable frequency & pulse width;
  • Timer selection for treatment sessions;
  • Shows sensitivity during acu-point detections.

AcuPrime Point-Mate Acupuncture Point Locator
  • Pocket-sized acupuncture point locator
  • Ideal for training acupuncturists who require assistance
  • Sound indicator and high pitch noise for accurate location
  • Locates both meridian and auriculo-acupuncture points

DONGBANG Long Acupuncture Needles
  • Pack of 1000;
  • Sterilised by Gamma ray;
  • Longer handles for firm grip;
  • 10 needles & 1 tube per bag.

Meridius Renew Detox Acupuncture Needles (1000 Pack)
  • Pack of 1000 acupuncture needles with silicone handles
  • Ideal for sensitive areas, such as the ears, scalp and face
  • Colour-coded plastic handles make them easily visible
  • Available in six different sizes for optimal usage

Ear Acupuncture Point Detector
  • Black and white ends;
  • Locate acupuncture points;
  • Determine energy value of points;
  • For use during acupuncture therapy.

Ear Acupuncture Pressure Feelers
  • Detect painful points of the ear;
  • 3 different weights available;
  • Ascertain sensitivity of points;
  • For use during acupuncture therapy.

DONGBANG Spring Handle Acupuncture Needles Pack of 1000
  • Pack of 1000;
  • Sterile & disposable;
  • Surgical stainless steel;
  • 10 needles & 1 insertion tube per blister.

DongBang Moxibustion Device
  • Screw type device for moxibustion therapy
  • Allows for quick and easy application of moxa materials
  • Height adjustable design for optimal fit
  • Prevents slippage and accidental burns

Choki Shoni-Shin Acupuncture Needle for Children
  • Teardrop shaped acupuncture needle
  • Ideal for trained therapists in treating children
  • Use for either scratching or stimulating the surface of the skin
  • Allows for varying intensities of cutaneous treatment

AcuPrime Moxa Stick Holder
  • Moxa roll holder for moxibustion therapy
  • Allows users to apply moxa sticks to the body
  • Made from Bakelite for heat control
  • Airy chamber for good ventilation

Soft Vinyl Ear Acupuncture Model
  • Soft vinyl;
  • With booklet;
  • Available in 2 sizes;
  • English & Chinese coded illustration.

Manaka Wooden Acupuncture Hammer
  • Acupoint striking hammer with dowel
  • Ideal for Manaka Tapping and other acupuncture derivatives
  • Made from durable, smooth cherry wood
  • Increases blood circulation and relieves tension

DONGBANG Spring Handle Acupuncture Needles Pack of 500
  • Pack of 500;
  • Sterile & disposable;
  • Surgical stainless steel;
  • 5 needles & 1 insertion tube per blister.

DongBang Regular Ion Pumping Cord (207cm)
  • Dr. Manaka-style ion pumping cord
  • For Manaka-style acupuncture treatments
  • Ideal for balancing ionic flows and concentrations
  • Black and red clips with a diode in the middle

Gua Sha Rod 80mm
  • Straight rod;
  • Length = 80mm;
  • For Gua Sha therapy & massage;
  • One rounded end & flat at other end.

DongBang Sterile Cotton Wool Balls (200pk)
  • Sterile cotton wool balls
  • Ideal for medical procedures and cupping therapy
  • Contents include 40 packs with five balls per pack
  • Sterilised in individual packs for user safety

Meridius Smokeless Stick-On Mini Moxa Tubes (180 Pack)
  • Pack of 180 stick-on moxa tubes for moxibustion therapy
  • Ideal for relieving body tension and encouraging flow of Qi
  • Smokeless and odour free for convenience
  • Hole allows insertion of a needle during treatment

Straight Ear Acupuncture Probe
  • Stainless steel probe;
  • Long octagonal shaped handle;
  • 15cm Length x 2mm diameter tip;
  • Locate & treat ear & body points.

AcuPrime Tiger Moxa Warmer Device
  • Handheld acu-point moxibustion device
  • Ideal for therapeutic moxibustion on smaller parts of the body
  • Portable size for easy storage between sessions
  • Excellent heat transmission and durability

AcuPrime Silver Acupuncture Derma Roller
  • Handheld stainless steel derma roller
  • Ideal for promoting healthy skin and general well being
  • Round handle for easy grip, allowing for optimal use
  • Can be used as an accompaniment to acupuncture therapy

DongBang Long Natural Moxa Sticks (Pack of 20)
  • Pack of 20 long moxa sticks for moxibustion therapy
  • Suitable for both therapists and clinics practicing indirect moxibustion 
  • Rolled from quality, natural mugwort leaves 
  • Relieves pain and tension across the body

DongBang Smokeless Gu Gwan Moxa Sticks (200 Pack)
  • Charcoaled moxa rolled into a tube with a hollow centre
  • Ideal for needle warming and moxibustion
  • Smokeless and odour-free moxa for reduced irritation
  • Pack of 200 sticks for optimal use

Metal Moxa Scoop
  • For use in moxa therapy;
  • 7.5cm length x 2cm wide x 2cm high;
  • With enclosed walls on three sides;
  • Removes moxa from needle handle.

Moxa Burner
  • Moxa burns inside;
  • For indirect moxa treatment.;
  • Cover encloses brass chamber;
  • Must not be in any contact with the skin.

Rectangle Gua Sha Board
  • 2 different shapes;
  • For Gua Sha therapy;
  • Can be used to aid a number of conditions;
  • Can be used for acupuncture massage.

ASP Original Gold Auricular Acupuncture Needles
  • Pack of gold-plated steel acupuncture needles
  • Designed for auriculotherapy and auricular acupuncture
  • Highly sterile design, suitable for use up to 5 years from DOC
  • Available in a pack of 8, 80 or 200 needles

ATEX Sportstex Kinesiology Tape (5cm x 5m)
  • Suitable for use on different body parts
  • Helps to minimise muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Supplied in a 5cm width on a 5m role
  • Available in five attractive colours

DongBang Acupuncture Needle Injector
  • Spring-activated needle injector for acupuncture needles
  • Suitable for acupuncture therapy procedures in clinics or at home
  • Adjustable to control depth of insertion, while magnets secure needles
  • Designed for the AcuPrime DongBang Hand Foot Needles

AcuPrime Stainless Steel Moxa Spoon
  • Stainless steel spoon for moxibustion therapy
  • For removing moxa (mugwort leaves) from needles
  • Split in the middle for added traction
  • Safe and easy to use for painless removal

Ariang Mild Rolled Moxa Sticks (Pack of 200)
  • Pack of rolled moxa cylinders for moxibustion therapy
  • Ideal for improved circulation and natural pain relief
  • Made from natural Korean mugwort leaves
  • Traditionally used to improve Qi flow aorund the body

DONGBANG Spring Handle Acupuncture Needles with Tube
  • Pack of 100;
  • Sterile & disposable;
  • Surgical stainless steel;
  • One needle & insertion tube per blister.

Meridius Moxa Sticks for AcuPrime Tiger Warmer Device
  • Thin moxa sticks for moxibustion therapy
  • Ideal for moxibustion with the AcuPrime Tiger Warmer Device
  • Includes 20 moxa sticks rolled from 100% mugwort leaves
  • Smaller size makes these sticks ideal for small warming devices

OS Moxa Balm 20g
  • Tin of mugwort/moxa balm (20 grams)
  • For direct moxibustion, infrared heating & massage
  • Easy to use and apply to the body
  • Made from natural ingredients for your comfort

DongBang Gu Gwan-Long Moxa Sticks (80 Pack)
  • Pack of 80 rolled smokeless moxa sticks
  • Ideal for indirect moxibustion therapy via acupuncture needle
  • Dried for three years for optimal burning temperature
  • Made from 100% natural mugwort leaves

Meridius Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors (18cm)
  • Pair of 18cm long steel scissors
  • Ideal for cutting bandages and physiotherapy tapes
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for longevity
  • Safely lifts bandages away from the skin for easy cutting

Tai-Yi Rolled Moxa Sticks (Pack of 10)
  • Pack of ten rolled moxa sticks for moxibustion therapy
  • Ideal for relieving pain, tension and congestion
  • Filled with moxa and a mixed variety of other herbs
  • Traditionally used to improve Qi flow around the body

DongBang Vaccaria Acupressure Ear Seeds
  • Pack of 100 acupressure ear seeds
  • Ideal for auriculotherapy and restoration of Qi
  • Made from natural vaccaria plants for quality
  • Surgical tape backing allows for easy application

AcuPrime Replacement Magnet Plasters (13mm)
  • Replacement plasters for reapplying acupressure magnets
  • To be used with press pellet magnets and Accu-Band products
  • Allows for quick and painless acupressure therapy
  • Pack size of 96 plasters for optimal use

ASP Original Classic Steel Auricular Acupuncture Needles
  • Pack of steel dart-shaped acupuncture needles
  • Ideal for auriculotherapy i.e ear-based acupuncture therapy
  • Attached to hypoallergenic plasters for safer use
  • Available in packs of 8, 80 or 200 needles

Meridius Crepe Bandage
  • Elasticated bandage roll for sprains and strains
  • Ideal for injuries across knees, legs, arms, wrists and calves
  • Allows for a natural range of motion without reducing compression
  • Available in two widths for different limbs: 5cm and 10cm

Meridius Non-Woven Cohesive Bandage
  • Cohesive gauze bandage roll for bleeding wounds
  • Ideal for fist aid kits at gyms and sporting events
  • Can easily be torn with your hands for quick use
  • Available in three sizes and four colours

Meridius Woven Cohesive Bandage
  • Cohesive bandage roll for bleeding wounds
  • Ideal for first aid kits and sport facilities
  • Doesn't adhere to skin for pain-free removals
  • Available in two sizes to choose from

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