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Privacy and Cookies

Cookies are small text files that can be very helpful and enhance the experience when using a website. They can speed up your experience by remembering certain things, such as what you placed in your shopping basket the last time that you visited the site.

Cookies will not harm your computer. They can be active on your computer for different lengths of time. Some cookies only last until you close your browser, while others can last for several days or more.

We use cookies in several ways; to enable you to purchase items, to remember the contents of your shopping basket and to suggest products that may be of interest to you. We collaborate with partner sites that use information gathered by using cookies on our website. This enables them to keep advertising relevant to products you have already viewed on our site, to enable our affiliate sites to track performance and to ensure cashback sites work correctly.

Please find details of the cookies that we use below:

Cookie used : PHPSESSID (Contains a PHP "session ID", expires when the browser is closed). This enables items to be added to your shopping basket and remembered.
Cookie used : session (Contains a PHP "session ID", can also contain an email address and encrypted password, expires after one year). This cookie is for convenience and remembers shopping basket items from your previous shopping visit, along with user email and account details. By signing out from the site, your login details are removed from the cookie.

Cookie used : Google, Bing, Yahoo advertising cookies. 


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