Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace
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Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace

Ligament / Length / Leg:  
£399.99   (£333.33 Exc. VAT)  
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  • Ideal for moderate to severe ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities.
  • Perfect for sports including skiing up to amateur level
  • Suitable for everday use
  • Donjoy's lowest profile knee brace

Brand:  Donjoy

Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace

The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace is suitable for all levels up to amateur skiers and other sports players aswell as for everyday use. This Donjoy knee brace is suitable for ACL injuries and also PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace is also suitable for a combination of ACL and PCL instability known as Combined Instability. The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace is Donjoy's lowest profile knee brace and is also lightweight making it the ideal knee brace for everday use.

The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace includes Donjoy's 4 Point of Leverage System which can be found in the majority of Donjoy's top knee braces. Donjoy's 4 Point of Leverage significantly reduces ACL strain and provides a constant dynamic load on the knee. The Donjoy 4Titude comes in 7 sizes and also 2 different lengths making it a suitable knee brace for men or women and for people of all different heights. The shorter length of this Donjoy Knee Brace has been desgined for wearing with boots such as ski boots. This Donjoy Knee Brace is a solid and versatile support that can be worn for skiing aswell as daily living activities.

The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace is part of the Donjoy Active Lifestyle Knee Brace range. These Donjoy Knee Braces have been desgined to accomodate the majority of people. The Donjoy 4Titude is made from aircraft grade aluminum which can be formed to match the users thigh or calf shape. The Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace helps them users to regain natural motion.

Benefits of the Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace

  • Suitable for amateur skiing and other sports.
  • Ideal for everyday use.
  • Desgined for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries.
  • Suitable for Combined Instability.
  • Low profile knee brace making it ideal for daily activities.
  • Available in 3 lengths ideal for people who are short or tall.
  • Shorter length is ideal for ski boot clearence
  • Provides Donjoy's 4 Point of Leverage System reducing ACL strain. 
  • Constructed from malleable aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Can be formed to match the users thigh or calf

Features of the Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace

  • Removable thermal-formed liners and strap pads
  • Patented 4-point dynamic leverage system
  • Numbered straps
  • Mouldable cuffs for custom-fit
  • Low-profile, lightweight design (500 g / 18 oz.)
  • Flexion/extension stops
  • ACL, PCL and CI versions available
  • 7 sizes and 3 lengths
  • Supra Condyle Suspension—Zero Migration Guaranteed

Which size is right for me?

To decide which size Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace is right for you measure the circumference of the thigh 15 cm (6 inches) above the centre of the knee cap. Please ensure that your knee is slightly bent when taking the measurement so that the muscles become taught. This will ensure that the measurement is correct for your thigh.

Donjoy 4Titude Size

 Size in cms*     Size in inches*


 33-39 13-15,5


 39-47 15,5-18,5


 47-53  18,5-21


 53-60  21-23,5


 60-67  23,5-26,5


 67-75  26,5-29,5


 75-81  29,5-32

 Knee Zone Support of the Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace

  • ACL injury
  • PCL injuryCombined instability (ACL + PCL)
  • MCL injury
  • LCL injury
  • Hyperextension

To read more about Donjoy Knee Braces and Donjoy Knee Brace Technology click here

Donjoy Knee Brace Technology Explained

Donjoy knee braces have a reputation as the ultimate knee supports, providing stability through the Donjoy 4-Points-Of Leverage-System, giving you confidence to ski and run, once again putting your knee through its paces.

Who Are Donjoy and What Makes Their Knee Supports and Braces So Special?

Donjoy are based in California in the USA, and are manufacturers of knee supports and braces such as the Donjoy Armor, Donjoy 4Titude, Donjoy Legend and Donjoy ACL Everyday. The technology Donjoy use to create their braces is constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of modern sports and activities. The development of a Donjoy brace requires extensive strength, functional and cycle testing of all materials and components.

Donjoy use their Biomechanics Laboratory to develop their braces by using a robotic knee. This was vital in the development of the Donjoy 4-Points-Of-Leverage system. The robotic knee uses pneumatically actuated cables to simulate various states of the human knee providing a testing environment for the different loads and positions a knee may be subjected to. The robotic knee is able to simulate loads that vary from the swing phase of gait, where very little load is going through a joint, up to the massive compressive loads which are forced across a joint when coming of a jump. Donjoy can further manipulate the ACL cable to replicate common sports injuries. The use of the Biomechanics Lab and the robotic knee allow Donjoy to assess how much the tibia moves without a brace and then repeat the testing process with a Donjoy brace to perfect the reduction in tibial translation.

Donjoy 4-Point-Of-Leverage System

Through the 4-Points-of-Leverage™ rigid cuff and strap configuration, a posterior force is applied to the tibia preventing anterior movement.

The 4-Points-of-Leverage™ brace design:

  • Significantly reduces ACL strain*
  • Provides a constant dynamic load


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