Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet
Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty FeetZederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty FeetZederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet
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Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet

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  • Natural cedar wood insoles for sweaty feet
  • Ideal for all shoes, with or without socks, on anyone who has sweaty feet
  • Moisture absorbing and antibacterial for reducing foot odour and bad smells
  • Naturally shoe deodorising for a pleasant cedar scene
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Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet

The Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet are 100% natural, antibacterial, moisture absorbing insoles that are designed to prevent bad odours, sweaty feet and fungus. The insoles are designed using cedar wood, and are proven to make your feet healthier with a nice cedar fragrant.

What Are the Zederna Original Cedarsoles For?

The Zederna Original Cedarsoles are designed to keep your feet fresh. It doesn't matter your problem; if your feet sweat a little more than you'd like, if they have a bad odour, or if they get too cold in the winter, these insoles are perfect for improving comfort and overall foot health. Made with 100% natural materials including cedar wood, these insoles eliminate the need for sprays, powders and creams in your quest to beat sweaty feet.

Key Features

  • Reduce Bad Smells: Cedar wood uses antibacterial properties to reduce any bad foot odour
  • Keep Feet Healthy: Designed to keep feet feeling fresh and healthy
  • Fresh Cedar Scent: Deodorise your feet to produce a subtle cedar smell
  • Thin and Flexible: Thin and flexible design means that they are comfortable and fit in all shoes
  • 100% Natural: Totally natural design makes for overall better foot health
  • Warm in Winter: Cedar wood can absorb heat better to keep the cold at bay
  • Eliminate Sweaty Feet: Tackle odour and absorb sweat for keeping your feet dry
  • With or Without Socks: Versatile and suitable for use with or without socks with most shoes

Which Size Should I Choose?

The Zederna Cedarsoles are available in a number of sizes so you should be able to find the right size for you. You do not need to trim these insoles. To find your correct size, please match your foot size to the table below before selecting your size at the top of the page.

EUR UK Women UK Men
35 2.5 3
36 3.5 4
37 4 4.5
38 5 5.5
39 6 6.5
40 6.5 7
41 7 7.5
42 7.5 8
43 8 8.5
44 9.5 10
45 10.5 11
46 11.5 11.5
47 - 12
48 - 13

Who Can Use the Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles?

Anyone can use the Zederna Original Cedarsoles. But we would recommend that they are generally used by those who want:

  • To keep their feet and shoes fresh
  • To prevent sweaty feet and bad odours
  • To stop using sprays, powders and creams
  • To treat athletes foot or nail fungus
  • To keep the feet warm

How Do I Wear the Zederna Cedarsoles?

Wearing your new insoles is easy, as they slide into your shoe just like you would any other insoles. Place them in your shoes with the wooden side facing upwards, and you should find that they wrap around your feet once you've taken your first steps.

How Do the Zederna Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet Work?

The Zederna Cedarsoles work by absorbing foot moisture. This keeps your shoe environment comfortable, dry and healthy, while the antibacterial properties tackles odour by neutralising any bacteria that appears. This helps to stop not just bad smells, but common foot conditions such as athletes foot and fungal infections too.

Why Should I Trust the Zederna Insoles for Sweaty Feet?

Without Zederna

Feet sweat naturally creating a moist in-shoe environment. This unsettles the natural balance of skin bacteria in an unhealthy way, resulting in foot odour, itchy skin, and fungal infections.

With Zederna

The Cedarsoles absorb sweat and moisture keeping the in-shoe micro-climate dry and comfortable. In addition, the cedarwood’s antibacterial/ antifungal properties protect the skin and feet. As a result, foot odour, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus are eliminated and prevented

What Shoes Can I Wear the Zederna Insoles for Sweaty Feet?

Thankfully, the Zederna Insoles can be used with most shoes, ranging from trainers and football boots to work boots and more. We would recommend that you use the insoles with closed shoes rather than open shoes, as open shoes such as high heels could cause the insoles to move during use.

Do I Have to Wear Socks with the Zederna Cedarsoles?

No, you do not have to wear socks with the Zederna Cedarsoles. It doesn't matter if you wear them with or without socks, they'll still keep your feet feeling fresh from the start to the finish of your day.

Why Do the Zederna Original Cedarsoles Also Keep the Feet Warm?

The Zederna Cedarsoles are designed using cedar. Cedar wood is known for its ability to soak up and retain heat, which means that they can use your own body heat to warm you.

How Comfortable Are the Zederna Original Cedarsoles?

The Cedarsoles are very comfortable because they are thin and flexible, meaning that they mould nicely to the shape of your foot. This means that you can wear the insoles all day long, even stood up, and retain a good level of comfort.

How Natural are the Cedarsoles?

The Cedarsoles are 100% natural, made from just a layer of cedar wood and a stabilising cotton layer for improved comfort. The cotton layer is designed to prevent splintering, ensuring outstanding levels of comfort.


The Cedar Insoles are designed using:

  • Cedar Wood
  • Cotton

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020  | 

Sadly did not allow me to go sockless, also difficult to trim slightly to fit shoe. Not for me.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016  | 

Using these with pure cotton socks has pretty much stopped my feet sweating in my workboots. Very pleased.

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