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Wrist Supports for Fractures of the Hand and Fingers

There are 28 different bones located in the hand and wrist, any of which can become damaged or fractured due to a number of different causes. Although the bones in the fingers are small, fractures in this area are not considered to be a minor injury. The bones in the fingers allow us to perform dexterous tasks such as gripping a pen or doing up buttons. Without that movement, our daily life is severely implicated and if not treated, the finger may never recover its fully functionality.

Wrist supports for fractures of the hand and fingers immobilise the damaged bone and hold it in position while the healing process is undertaking. Some splints are suitable for binding fingers together while others ensure the hand cannot move in an unexpected way and further aggravate the injury. Using a wrist support for fractures of the hand and fingers ensure the hand is held in a natural position and the finger can heal without complications as otherwise the bone may not knit back together properly. Wrist braces for fractures help to alleviate pain and provide gentle compression if required to control the swelling the hand may go through while healing.

There are a wide range of wrist supports for fractures of the hand and fingers available here at Health and Care, helping you to find the right one to suit your needs. If you require any additional information or wish to know more about wrist supports for fractures of the hand and fingers, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266.