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Wrist Supports for Flexor Tendon Injury

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Intrinsic Wrist Brace
  • Elastic wrist brace for robust support
  • Padding provides a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable resting splint for fingers and wrist
  • Comfortable dorsal closure for fingers

Padded Functional Resting Splint
  • Preformed plastic shell for durability
  • Ideal for long term use
  • Removable padded cover
  • Comfortable closure straps

Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Support
  • Opening at thumb column prevents unwanted pressure in the area
  • Maintains wrist range of motion and allows grip movement
  • Uses a patented wire thumb frame to immobilise the joint
  • Lightweight, antibacterial 3D knit to wick away moisture

Rehband Core Wrist Support
  • Stabilising wrist support
  • Integrated aluminum splints
  • Encourages circulation
  • Reduces pain caused by overuse

Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Open Wrist Support
  • Provides firm wrist support for post-traumatic incidents
  • Fully opens to accommodate swelling and oedema
  • X-ray friendly with a radio-transparent stay in palm
  • Lightweight and comfortable anti-bacterial 3D knit

Dynamix Wrist Thumb Stabiliser
  • Prevents injuries
  • One size fits most
  • Adjustable compression
  • Aluminium strip for extra support

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

A deep cut on the side of the hand can damage the tendons, making it impossible to bend or flex one or more of the fingers or thumb. Flexor Tendons are located near the surface under the skin and so can easily be damaged by a cut. Flexor tendon injuries are common amongst sports, especially if the hands such as climbing or you grab another player, tearing the tendons from the bone. The risk of flexor tendon injuries is increased with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis as it weakens the tendons and makes them more susceptible to damage.

Wrist supports for flexor tendon injuries are an essential part of the recovery process, regardless of whether surgery is required or not. The damage cannot heal if the ends of the tendons are not touching. Using a wrist support immobilises the area and keeps the tendons in the correct position while they are given the chance to heal. Flexor tendon wrist supports prevent further damage from occurring by stopping the wrist from bending and tearing the tendon further. Using a wrist support for flexor tendon injuries also helps to control the pain and assists with rehabilitation if surgery is needed.

There are a wide range of wrist supports for flexor tendon injuries available here at Health and Care. If you require additional information or help choosing the right wrist brace for your needs, please contact our support team on 020 7720 2266 and they will be happy to assist you further.