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Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt
 Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-ShirtBody Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt 
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Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt

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  • T-shirt that promotes proper posture as you wear it
  • Helps to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Ideal for use during work and exercise
  • Works to correct posture through muscle memory
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Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt

The demands of everyday life can cause our posture to suffer, leading to the slouching and slumping that causes back, shoulder and neck pain. The Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt has been designed to condition your body to maintain a proper posture, helping to alleviate the common aches and pains that poor posture can cause. By providing your body with perfect posture when the t-shirt is on, muscle memory is enhanced, leading to the promotion of proper posture when the shirt is removed.

This t-shirt is available in seven sizes. Select your desired size using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Relief from Pain

It's no secret that poor posture leads to back, neck and shoulder pain, as countless people in the UK suffer from these conditions as a result of slouching, slumping or improper lifting form. After three years of painstaking research, the Body Partner team developed the ideal shirt design to help promote proper posture and reduce posture-related pain.

The shirt applies subtle pressure to help you maintain proper posture subconsciously, allowing you to get on with your day knowing your back, neck and shoulders are in the correct position. This makes it ideal for relieving pain related to:

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Over kyphosis
  • Disc pressure
  • Forward head
  • Anterior pelvic tilt
  • Scoliosis
  • Hunchback

Enhanced Muscle Memory

By wearing the Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt, your body will learn the correct posture for sitting, standing and moving in a healthier position. After wearing the shirt, your muscles will remember the correct postural position, leading to maintenance of proper posture through all your daily tasks.

How Should I Wear the Body Partner T-Shirt?

As it may take your body some time to get used to assisted proper posture, we would recommend gradually increasing the time you wear your posture corrector, starting with one hour at a time. To avoid muscle fatigue and ache, we would recommend that you wear your Body Partner for no more than four hours at a time.

Ideal for Work

The tasks we carry out in our occupations are often a leading cause of poor posture, whether they involve repetitive lifting, or hours slouched over a keyboard. This t-shirt includes a restrictive band that wraps around the shoulders, reminding the muscles to avoid the forward drop and roll that causes head and neck slumping. This band works throughout the day to ensure your back is straight, healthy and pain-free.

Great for Athletes

Without good posture, sporting performance is diminished, and exercise can actually be doing more harm than good. The posture that this shirt promotes helps to make movements more efficient, leading to less wasted energy, better performance and a reduced risk of injury. Whether you wear the Body Partner Spine Align Posture T-Shirt during your work day, or while playing sports, the postural maintenance it provides will help you in all the movements you make.

Key Features

  • Promotes proper posture throughout your day
  • Helps to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain
  • The result of three years of research and design
  • Ideal for use during work and exercise
  • Conditions and educates the body to promote posture
  • Works to correct posture through muscle memory
  • Should be worn for no more than four hours at a time

Sizing Guide

The Spine Align Posture T-Shirt is available in seven sizes, corresponding to European standard sizes. We recommend that you choose the smallest comfortable size for maximum efficacy.

T-Shirt Size European Size
XX-Small Size 34
Extra Small Size 36
Small Size 38
Medium Size 40
Large Size 42
Extra Large Size 44
XX-Large Size 46

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Customer Reviews
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Monday, 8 April 2019  | 

Comfortable to wear - hopefully will help in time to correct posture

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Spine align Posture T Shirt
Saturday, 16 March 2019  | 

I have a 40.5 inch chest measurement. I phoned the company and was advised that I should purchase a large size.

This sized T shirt certainly has pulled my shoulders back to some extent but I wonder if a medium size would have been more beneficial.

Future customers might like to consider this option.

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Definitely an improvement
Saturday, 13 October 2018  | 

Bought this for my husband who slouches! Has made him realise more often that he is doing it, and prompts him to correct his posture, which can only be a good thing.

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posture t shirt.
Thursday, 26 April 2018  | 

Bought this as I occasionally ride horses side saddle. Good posture is important on the horse but can be tiring (especially when you don't ride aside often!) this helped to "remind me" a different way of riding can be tiring...used this t shirt at a show where I was mounted on horse for 3 hours. I am sure it helped!

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7 of 8 people found this review helpful.