M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)
M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)
M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)
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M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)

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  • Comfortable crutches designed to reduce pressure on hands and wrists
  • Ideal for anyone who finds regular crutches uncomfortable
  • Arm cradles evenly distribute your weight along your forearm and elbow
  • Designed with hinged armrest and swing-away grips for ease of use
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M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches (Pair)

Traditional crutches leave much to be desired, and will often cause pain by putting extreme pressure on the hands, wrists and armpits – making them uncomfortable when used throughout the day. The M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches bring some much-needed innovation to the area, distributing pressure evenly along the user's forearms and elbows to make them the most comfortable lightweight crutches on the market.

The M+D Forearm Crutches are supplied in one size to fit everyone from 4'11" - 6'8" (149 - 203cm), and are available in either Black or White. Select your desired colour using the drop-down menu above.

How Do the M+D Forearm Crutches Work?

Improving on the archaic design of standard forearm and axillary crutches, the M+D Crutches greatly improve user comfort by evenly distributing weight throughout the forearms and elbow, all but eliminating the hand, wrist and armpit pain caused by most crutches. Incorporating a lockable hinged arm cradle, flexible armbands and shock-absorbing feet, the M+D Crutches are designed to remain comfortable throughout the day, and work for you in your daily life.

Who Can Use the M+D Forearm Crutches?

These crutches can be used by virtually anyone who can use regular crutches, and even some who can't! Those who find regular crutches too painful or stressful on their wrists, hands and armpits will find these crutches much more comfortable, which increases patient compliance and makes getting around a whole lot easier.

The M+D Crutches are especially suited to people with conditions such as arthritis or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which make it very uncomfortable to use standard crutches. By distributing pressure across the forearm, pain is lessened without inhibiting movement.

See the M+D Forearm Crutches in Action

Watch the video below for a short overview of the main features of the M+D Crutches.

Special Features of the M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches

These crutches are packed with innovative features to make them the most comfortable and convenient for your daily life, which can be seen in the diagram below. Some of the main features include:

  • Flexible Arm Bands: Easy to get in and out of, these arm bands will conform to the shape of the user's arm for a firm and secure fit
  • Lockable Hinged Arm Support: Designed to spread the weight evenly along your arm, the arm cradle can actually be unlocked to allow for easy reaching and other arm movements throughout your day
  • Rotating Handles: With the touch of the blue button on the end of the handle, it will swing down to allow full access for things like using keys, turning handles or shaking hands
  • Shock Absorbing Feet: These feet cushion the crutch's impact with the ground, providing minimal shock to your forearms with each step

M+D Comfortable Forearm Crutches (Pair)

Will These Crutches Fit Me?

The M+D Crutches are easily adjustable to fit most users, and suit anyone from 149 - 203cm (4'11" - 6'8") in height. This allows them to fit nearly anyone, and can be adjusted to fit multiple users.

Are These Crutches Lightweight?

Yes, these crutches are very light in weight, weighing in at just 1.3kg each. This light weight allows them to be used by people of all ages and strengths, and will increase patient compliance by allowing them to be used for each and every errand throughout the day.

How Much More Comfortable Are M+D Crutches Than Standard Crutches?

M+D Crutches don't just claim to be the most comfortable crutches on the market – they've actually done the research to back it up. In a survey of crutch users who have tried the M+D Crutches to replace their regular ones, M+D found a 373% improvement in reported pain to the hands and wrists, as well as a 124% improvement in pain to the forearms and elbows and a 67% improvement to shoulder pain. These numbers speak for themselves, and demonstrate the power of this innovative design!

How Do I Set Up the M+D Crutches?

This pair of M+D Crutches is supplied with everything you need to get started right away, and all you need to complete the setup process is a coin! Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to set your crutches up and ensure they are properly fitted to you for maximum comfort:

How Do I Walk with the M+D Adjustable Forearm Crutches?

Walking with the M+D Crutches is simple and intuitive, but it may take a few minutes to get used to the new crutch design. Watch the video below for a quick overview of all the functions of the M+D Crutches, as well as some useful tips to get you walking with comfortable support right away:

Are These Crutches Supplied As a Pair?

Yes, the M+D Forearm Crutches are supplied as a pair: one for the left, and one for the right. The right crutch features a single braille button located on top of the right crutch's handle release button, ensuring you will be able to tell the left and right crutches apart, even if you have to get up in the dark in the middle of the night.

How Do I Adjust the M+D Crutches?

As explained in the setup video above, all adjustments to these crutches can be made with the touch of a button, or with a coin or screwdriver. The adjustments are designed to be made with a coin, making it simple to make changes to your crutches – even when you're out and about!

How Do I Rotate the Handles?

Allowing you full freedom of movement with your hands, the handles of the M+D Crutches can be easily rotated away. To rotate the handles, simply push the button on the end of each handle. At this point, the handle will become loose, and you can simply let go as the handle swivels away to leave your hand free.

How Do I Detach the Armrest?

The armrests can be allowed to swivel upwards by pressing the unlock button beside the rest. This will allow you to reach out and grab items that other forearm crutches would block. To re-lock the armrests, simply press in the button on the other side of the rest.

Are These Crutches Suitable for Hospital Use?

Yes, the M+D Forearm Crutches are ideal for hospital use, and not only because they are easier and more comfortable to use. The armrests are antimicrobial and easy to wipe down, allowing these crutches to be safely disinfected in between use by multiple patients.

Key Information

  • Suitable user height: 149 - 203cm (4'11" - 6'"8)
  • Maximum user weight: 300lb (136kg)
  • Weight of each crutch: 1.3kg (2.9lb)
  • Shipping box dimensions: 84 x 25 x 15cm (33 x 10 x 6")
  • Weight when shipped: 9lb (4kg)

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Does what it says on the tin
Tuesday, 4 January 2022  | 

These crutches are a revelation. Once I got used to them and get the height right they are excellent and have helped me enormously to walk again

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Great crutches
Sunday, 17 October 2021  | 

The crutches arrived very promptly and were easily assembled. One of the forearm secure braces was broken. I contacted the company and there was no apology whatsoever, just a demand for me to provide photographic evidence for them to assess whether I qualified for a part replacement. Apparently I did and they contacted the manufacturer in America who sent the part, again with no apology on their part. The arm secure parts are tight and difficult to get your arm in. The crutches themselves are great.

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Not fully tested as yet...
Wednesday, 8 September 2021  | 

I have only recently purchased these crutches, the limitations in my mobility (due to muscle weakness in legs, following contracting Polio in 1949) has gradually increased over the past couple of years.
Unfortunately, during the past year or so, the weakness is so severe that I need significant support when getting about. Due to the restrictive affects of the covid situation I have, for many months stayed at home....given up driving, sadly.
I have yet to give the M+D Forearm Crutches a full workout - it's primarily a question of familiarising myself with this style of walking....the crutches are very well made and provide great stability - they're also pretty heavy; something I'll have to get used to.
So far...so good.

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They make my life so much easier!
Sunday, 22 August 2021  | 

I'm so happy I decided to buy these! I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and my regular crutches were causing me more pain in my upper body but these are a god send! I found them on an EDS support page and I'm so happy I clicked the link! They've really eased my shoulder issues by a massive amount and they're so much easier to lean on when I have to stand still now, not to mention all the movement these give my arms! Much more comfortable on the wrists and hands too! And grip much better than my regular crutches!

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Superb Mobility aid
Thursday, 8 July 2021  | 

Great and helpful firm to deal with. The crutches (my jet sticks) have solved the problem pains I was having in hands, wrists, elbows and upper arms have either gone or much reduced. The only problem has been the arm straps that pinched my extra long forearms. Problem solved by cutting elastic from old style eye shade masks leaving 4cms each side & using same screws & screwholes as arm straps secure to crutch. Now they are brilliant liberators of my freedom!

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